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‘Everything is faster than planned.

Did the evil dragon become stronger and the case was advanced’

I was worried that the evil dragon was moving faster than before.

If this is the case, it will not be long before the Imperial Family orders Lexion to subdue the evil dragon.

When my thoughts reached the end, my mind was confused.


I let out a sigh that came out of nowhere.

It was because there was an indisputable ominous feeling of foreboding going on.

Thinking of the news this morning gave me a headache.

‘Prince Kronos is coming to Bael with the Knights.’

‘All of a sudden’

‘The passageways are all blocked this time.

We’re barely preserving the North.

That’s why the Crown Prince will bring Princess Seirin, who was stranded by this incident, to the capital.’

Daisy continued, unable to interpret the political implications of it.

‘I don’t know why Prince Gregory is here.

It’s just that the atmosphere of the castle doesn’t get better……’

Daisy couldn’t pinpoint exactly why Kronos was coming.

As she said, there was no reason for the crown prince to pick up Seirin when Gregory was there.

As long as the purpose is to take Seirin.

‘I’m sure he has something to do with Lexion, using Seirin as an excuse.’

It was a reasonable doubt considering that Kronos milked Lexion dry, little by little in his previous life. 

‘What the hell are you up to Is he trying to convey the imperial order to subdue the evil dragon’

Since the case had been moved forward, there was a possibility that the formation of Lexion’s subjugation group would be accelerated.

It was difficult to predict the future because the situation was different from my previous life.

Of course, the current Lexion will not follow the royal order as it is, but if the deterrence of the book is activated, there is nothing that cannot be done.

‘It’s all right, it’s still going to take a while for the Kronos to arrive.’

Since the whole area is under control, so it’s better.

If we defend ourselves here before Kronos arrives, we won’t be easily harmed.

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‘I think I’ll have to talk to Lexion first to come up with a plan…’

When I thought of Lexion, I sighed again.

It was because I hadn’t had a serious conversation with Lexion since the incident.

It must be natural because he has a lot of work here and there, but I was a bit skeptical because he used to show his face no matter how busy he was before.

‘What happened in the evil dragon’s thoughts’

At that time, Lexion’s condition seemed precarious, so I was worried the whole time.

It seemed like he was struggling with something on his own, but I didn’t even have a chance to ask, so I was annoyed.

I guess my expression continued to darken as Daisy asked at that time.

“Do you have any concerns” Why are you sighing like that”

“Oh, just.

It’s hard to see the Duke these days.”

“Come to think of it, you haven’t seen him much lately.

He often leaves the castle.”

“He’s going out again today, right”


He’s stopping by a refugee shelter.

That’s what’s causing a stir in and out of the castle these days.”

“That’s true….”

Daisy asked as I muttered somewhat dispiritedly.

“Do you want to see him”

“Ung Oh, oh no! That’s…”

Daisy smiled as I strongly denied it.

“I met Theo in the morning and he said he would come to the castle today.”


Daisy gave me a slight nod with a chuckle as I was visibly pleased.

‘We can discuss it today.’

I smiled softly with a relieved face.


Seirin waited quietly for Betty to come with the news.

A serene face as usual.

But in her heart, a war-like feeling was boiling over.

‘Why don’t you get rid of Tiarozety I know Esol’s fatal weakness.’

Emelia’s devil-like whispers had long been ingrained in Seirin’s mind.

She didn’t know if it was before she listened, but Serin was full of anxiety at the information she already heard.

That may be why she couldn’t overcome her curiosity and ended up committing it.

Even though she wanted to give up even now, she kept repeating it to herself to let her anger flare up.

Seirin remembered the whisper she had with Emelia that day.

‘Remember the magician who used to fight evil dragons’

‘If it’s a magician, it’s already an extinct profession.’

‘No, they still exist.

I know a guy.’

‘…What does that have to do with Esol’s weakness’

‘There is a fatal power to Isol during the sorcery.

Kind of a curse or something.’

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It was not known where Emelia heard the information.

So she instructed Betty to find out if there was a magician in the place she told me.

‘What if there’s a real magician What do I want to do’

Betty knocked while Seirin rubbed her throbbing forehead.

“Princess, it’s Betty.”

“Come on in.”

When Seirin’s permission was granted, Betty entered the room.

As Seirin blinked as she approached, Betty walked up to her and reported.

“As I checked, it is true that Alois Beth is staying at the Lavita Village Inn.”

“What about his identity”

“He’s a wandering traveler, and he’s been in Lavita Village for quite a while.”


Seirin tapped on the table and was lost in thought.

As Emelia said, it was true that Alois Beth lived in the village.

But –

“Was there any suspicious movement Like doing strange magic.”

Magicians do not reveal their identities.

This is because there is a precedent of being treated like a witch and burned at the stake for practicing bizarre magic.

Of course, it was the royal family of the Arden Empire who set the precedent.

After the Great War, they were afraid that the power of the magicians would increase, so they weakened their power with false pretenses,

As a result, it has been a long time since everyone fled or lived in hiding.

“The evil dragon is on the rise again, so it seems like he will leave a trace.”

Of course, he could save himself because he didn’t want to repeat the past of being used again and being killed like a hunting dog*.

TL/N: In the raws it’s 토사구팽. I don’t think there’s an english equivalent for this phrase so here’s the replacement I thought of.

토사구팽- KILLING THE DOG AFTER HUNTING: An expression used to indicate the situation of using something when necessary and throwing it away unsympathetically when not.

From its literal meaning of ‘After a rabbit hunt is over, the now-useless hunting dog is boiled and eaten’

“Well, he’s popular with the villagers.

I guess he’s good at medicine.”



Last time, when the evil dragon’s thoughts were raging, he saved an old man in the village.”


“Until up to that point, everyone was silent.”

‘I guess you’re a magician.’

The details were probably hidden in detail to protect the benefactor of life.

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‘As expected, I think it’s better to meet him.’

Seirin made up her mind and told Betty.

“I’d like to see him.”

“These days, it has become very difficult to travel between the territories and the duchy.

Luckily Lavita belongs to the North, so I barely went there.”

“I may go myself.”

“Oh my! Really, Princess! How can I take you to a dangerous place”

“Then bring him to Bael.”

“It is said that an unknown person cannot enter Bael…”

“It’s okay if you create an identity.”

Seirin became uncomfortable with Betty, who couldn’t understand her at once and kept rebutting.

Betty noticed she was offended and quickly bowed her head.

“I’ll check for the identity that can be used as a disguise.”


And on the day that today’s events spread to the vassals of Sparrow…”

“Don’t worry.

I have sworn allegiance to the Princess.

There will never be anyone like the Princess.”

“Yes, I trust you, Betty.”

Then Seirin smiled and took out a finger-sized diamond from the drawer. 

Betty waved her hand.

“It’s too much for me.”

“I’m giving it to you because I want to.”

“Thank you, Princess.”

“When I return to the capital, it would be nice to arrange a meal with Count Diason.

I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

“If it’s your invitation, my father will agree right away.”

When Betty mentioned her father, her cheeks blushed with joy.

Seirin shook her head and smiled softly.

But her eyes were very cold.

TL/N: Seirin needs to be GONE asap *shakes fist


When I opened my eyes familiarly, it was in the dream of the evil dragon.

This is a phenomenon that has always happened when I use Asta, so I stared at the evil dragon insignificantly.

It was because the evil dragon I met in the dream was not as threatening as the real evil dragon.

Again, the evil dragon just stared at me and showed no movement.

The golden eyes stared at me without blinking.

In the beginning, the evil dragon in my dreams was always helpless to me.

Like you really want me to kill you. 

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As I approached slowly, the evil dragon curled up and groaned. 

At that time, the evil dragon flinched as if it were limping in one wing.

The movement seemed more uncomfortable than before.

‘Are you hurt’

Entering the evil dragon’s thoughts and destroying the core seemed to have had a significant impact.

As I carefully touched its wings, the evil dragon trembled without resistance.  

Its raised head seemed to be staring at me pitifully.

And then.


Without realizing it, I blinked blankly at the dripping tears.

‘Why am I crying’

The reason was unknown.

Just seeing the powerless figure of the evil dragon made me cry a little.

Also, it was strange to feel that I didn’t want to hurt the evil dragon.

Obviously, the evil dragon is my enemy.

It was a very strange feeling.

The flowing tears fell on the evil dragon’s eyes.

The transparent liquid flowed indifferently on the black leather.

That just made it look like the evil dragon was weeping.

Am I crying or is it crying

I couldn’t stop crying until I woke up from my dream, hugging my unknown emotions.

Even after I woke up, I was so overwhelmed that I stared blankly at the ceiling for a long time.


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