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TL/N: Everything is in Tiarozety’s POV unless stated otherwise.

[Lexion’s POV]

Meanwhile, Lexion was furious with the guide’s explanation.

“Are you kidding me right now…!”

His voice became unusually loud.

It was because what was just written in the book felt very unrealistic. 

He couldn’t believe he became an evil dragon.

The evil dragon was the evil of this world, something that had to be eliminated, and was his nemesis throughout his last life. 

Lexion couldn’t shake the feeling of being deceived by the book.

The reason he decided to become a traveler himself was to get back Tiarozety.

But she and himself are enemies.

Lexion’s face didn’t know how to straighten out, knowing that Tiarozety’s ending was to eradicate the evil dragon.

He intended to prevent her from completing the ending, but that didn’t mean he wanted to become the evil dragon himself.

‘What will happen if this happens’

Everything seemed to be a mess, so Lexion ground his teeth.

Then the guide scratched his insides in a calm tone.

– I don’t play pranks.

I have already warned of the risk of penalties several times.

“If I were her enemy, what would happen to my ending Obviously, blocking her ending was my reward.” 

When Lexion pointed it out with a stiff face, the guide flashed.

― Go to the Rewards page.

Eventually, the page unfolded with a slow response.

[Reward content: Tiarozety Esol does not go back and stays with you.

Reward conditions: Destroying the world of Tiarozety.]

“…Wait, this is different from before.”

Lexion widened his eyes when he saw the reward conditions. 

It was because the reward conditions he saw before and the current conditions were very different.

Obviously, before, it was only written that he would prevent the ending of Tiarozety.

All of a sudden, he’s ruining the world of Tiarozety. 

There was no way Lexion could accept such an ending.

I didn’t want her to go back.

I didn’t want her to be ruined.

Then Lexion asked coolly. 

“Did you lie to me” 

– I didn’t lie. 

“Then why did the reward conditions change”

-I never said that the contents and conditions of the compensation are unchanged.

It may vary according to the desire of the traveler.


TL/N: Same Lexion same..

HA They just can’t catch a break man T_T

Lexion chuckled at the guide’s brazen answer.

He felt like he was caught in the book’s trap in the first place.

She’s someone he barely met after retracing those many times*, but to get her, I have to give up on this world where I’ve lived my whole life.

TL/N: His repeated regressions to find Tiarozety

It was also in the form of an evil dragon that he hated terribly.

What was precious to her was also precious to him.

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When Lexion was silent, the guide said.

– You and the evil dragon are now one.

If you don’t stop Tiarozety from killing the evil dragon, you’re dead.

“……what a beggar.”

Lexion glared at the book with a fishy smile.

It’s a relationship where the ending can only be completed by turning each other into enemies.

He thought the book was terrible, but when he felt it in person, he felt utterly empty and miserable.

Lexion asked with a confused face.

“What happens if I get a penalty in the future”

– The more you receive a penalty, the more you become assimilated into the evil dragon and the stronger the evil dragon becomes.

Attention is required. 

“To be assimilated…”

– There is a possibility that you will once again lose your ego and become the evil dragon itself, leading the world to the end.

“Damn it…”

It was the moment when Lexion clenched his fists.


The sudden pain caused him to cough.

At the same time, he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder.

Lexion frowned as it was not enough to get blood out of nowhere, and his shoulders were tingling.

Without asking, the guide said.

– Tiarozety Esol found the core and broke it.

The space is about to collapse.

The core of the evil dragon’s thought is the alter ego of the evil dragon.

Destroying it will also affect the evil dragon’s body.

And now the evil dragon is Lexion himself.

As the role is currently fixed due to the accumulation of penalties, so the damage of the evil dragon was entirely the responsibility of Lexion.

TL/N: Meaning he gets the full impact of whatever damage the evil dragon gets.

“Ha ha ha.”

Lexion let out a short, disappointed laugh.

Everything was as the guide said.

TL/N: omg the pain!!!


I saved the Brandt family after finishing the Hidden Stage safely.

Hegel, whom I met in my thoughts, was in poor condition, so after using Asta, I finished treatment with Egis.

In the first place, there was no hesitation in using Egis because the condition of the option was to save all three. 

Thanks to the destruction of the core of thought, the vitality was quite full, so there was no burden on the body.

After Hegel’s treatment, the subspace began to collapse.

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It was when I was just getting out of the thought.

“Miss Tiarozety…”

Chris called with a wary expression and put his hand on the scabbard.

It seemed like he was trying to confirm the possibility that I was crazy or tainted with thoughts.

I answered quickly.

“Sir Chris, I’m fine.”

“But those who are trapped in thoughts…”

“I found the law of destruction.”

“Is that… is that true”

Chris asked questioningly.

It was not so simple to find, so it still seemed suspicious.

However, I have already proven that I am not crazy when I can communicate.

I nodded lightly and Chris rubbed his face.

“Did you happen to see the Duke there”

“What do you mean, Duke”

 “No way…”

“He followed right after the lady was sucked in.

Just in case, come to me…” 

While Chris was speaking, Lexion appeared within a twisted space.

Chris quickly snatched me away and widened the distance.

He was instinctively protecting me even though I knew he would never deal with Lexion if he had a problem. 

”…Your Excellency”

Chris called Lexion while being on alert.

Lexion didn’t respond.

He just took a deep breath and made a confused expression.

There was tension all around.

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I became worried about what had happened to him while I was breaking the core of the thought.

“Zion, are you okay”

When I asked carefully, he looked at me.

His black eyes looked dull and dry.

But they didn’t feel alive.

I approached him cautiously, noticing that he was fine just by looking at him.

Chris tried to catch me.

“Miss! Not yet…”

“It’s all right.

The duke is fine.”


At the same time, Lexion called me softly.

I approached him and held his hand.

His fingertips were exceptionally cold.

Did he have a lot of bad dreams just like I had a hard time inside

I fiddled with his hand with worry.

“Why did you follow me”

“I’m worried about you…”

“I already knew how to break it down.

I saw it in a book.”


Lexion struggled to reply and leaned his head on my shoulder.

I gently stroked his back with my other hand.

I was a little worried about his unstable appearance.

“What happened inside”


He answered slowly, giving strength to the hand he was holding.

His hands seemed to tremble slightly.

‘What do you mean no.

Something happened.’ 

He seemed to want to hide it, so I wanted to wait for him to tell me.

It’s not too late to talk later.

For now, I was just grateful for overcoming this situation.

I spoke in a low voice.

“You worked hard, Zion.”

Lexion made eye contact with the brief consolation and smiled softly.

For some reason, his tired face was full of anguish.

I was puzzled by that and opened my mouth, Lexion said.

“First of all, I need to clean up afterwards.”


Unconsciously, I grabbed the hand that was moving away from me.

It was because he looked precarious.

I didn’t even know why I caught it myself.

It just felt like he was about to run away.

As my shoulders twisted because I was holding on to it, Lexion trembled and removed his hand.

I also flinched at the obvious rejection.

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“Oh, I’m sorry.

I was surprised.”

Lexion responded ramblingly and swept the corners of his mouth.

As the arm I was holding trembled, he grabbed it with his other arm and smiled, trying to calm himself down. 

I frowned and asked.

“…Are you hurt” 


“But why…”

 “I’m really okay.

These are common ailments for people who hold swords.”

Lexion denied it and seemed to move his shoulders repeatedly.

Unlike before, the shaking had stopped. 

I replied reluctantly. 

“……I’m glad to hear that.” 


 “But just in case, go see a doctor.” 

“I will.” 

Talking more here would be nagging.

I nodded my head lightly to him saying that he would do so.

Afterwards, he began to restore Brandt Castle.

Chapter 11.

The Appearance of a Sorcerer

After all the episodes of [A Dying Child] ended, tensions arose in Bael.

This was because the evil dragon’s thoughts spread not only in Brandt Castle and in the Carmel Forest, but also outside the territory, causing an uproar. 

The situation outside the territory was more serious than that of Bael.

In some areas where colonization has already taken place, there was a large number of refugees in the area.

Therefore, the lords gathered to discuss how to protect the refugees, but the negotiations were slow.

There were a lot of people who wanted to join Bael, who had suffered less damage.

However, it was not enough to protect the people of Bael. 

Currently, due to a breakdown in negotiations, all gates of Bael have been closed to restrict access to the outside world.

Those who managed to get in before were lucky in a way.

The situation changed rapidly, and people’s faces were filled with anxiety and fear.

The Northern Union, which used to be just a name*, was moving properly behind the scenes.

TL/N: Meaning the organization used to be just for show.

It seemed as if there was a sense of war looming in the air.



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