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– Last time we intruded into Tiarozety’s main stage and received a significant penalty. 

“I know.”

Lexion snapped in a stern tone as if to tell it to cut to the main point.

Ignoring this, the guide continued to explain.

-The accumulated penalties were added up and processed collectively.

“Is the penalty being dealt with I didn’t feel anything.”

– Your role has been decided.

The fixed role by penalty cannot be changed.

“Tell me exactly what you mean.”

– This means that the traveler’s role has been fixed in a negative direction due to repeated penalties.

In the meantime, the book only gave a ‘warning’ even when you received a penalty.

But now they’re added up

For a moment, Lexion felt a chill in his back.

It was like an animalistic intuition that the idea of something wrong stuck in his mind.

Lexion asked.

“The role is fixed in a negative direction Was it not enough to disqualify the main character”

– The role assignment has been delayed because the setting value of ‘Lexion Sparrow’ has been flexible.

The guide responded with a muffled voice and continued speaking with a hum, a small sound.

– As a result of analyzing your behavioral patterns so far, you have been too focused on ‘Tiarozety Esol’.


– and locked into roles with similar behavioral patterns.

“Similar behavior patterns…”

– This is a role you’ve experienced once when setting values ​​were already flexible.

“A role I’ve experienced…….

What the hell is that”

Lexion was unaware that his role had changed several times.

All this time, he was only moving for the comfort of Tiarozety.

In the meantime, he never dreamt that his role would continue to change.

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At that time of confusion, the guide asked a question in a sullen tone.

― Do you remember the last time you attacked the evil dragon’s capital, you suffered a leg injury

Lexion paused at the guide’s question.

If it was an injury from the attack on the evil dragon’s capital, it seemed to mean when he landed incorrectly while trying to save Tiarozety.

“Why did I get injured that day”

– The leg injury that day was no accident.

It was a debuff based on the temporarily granted role value. 


Lexion’s eyes rippled shallowly.

At that time, recovery was slower than usual and the main character’s buff was over, so he overlooked it.

‘But that was a debuff of my role momentarily What the hell is this…’

Lexion couldn’t finish his thoughts.

It was because the role that came to mind at the end was the worst.

Eventually, the small ripples in his eyes transformed into a violent storm.

“Don’t tell me…!”

TL/N: Omg the tension as I’m translating this is UNREAL AHHH

Lexion was about to ask a question, but the book was shaking.

After a while, his role was written on the white page.

[The fixed role of Lexion Sparrow due to the penalty is ‘Evil Dragon’.

From now on, your enemy is Tiarozety Esol.]



TL/N: This illusion/flashback part will be in italics bold.

The illusion of the hidden stage continued.

Countless people insulted and threatened me, and sometimes begged me.

“You bastard bitch.”

“Hurry up and heal! A fallen knight is worth more than your life.”

“Keep in mind that your worth is only that power.”

It’s started.

It is ‘Evil Dragon’.

“Help me! Please save me!”

As the humiliation experienced in my previous life, as well as the unbearable death was repeated, I grew tired little by little.

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This is inside the evil dragon’s mind.

A place where even worse nightmares are reproduced with delusions if you do not face them.

I couldn’t avoid it, so I stared straight ahead, aiming for a gap.

Because the contradiction in the fantasy is the core of the evil dragon’s thoughts.

‘It’s more terrifying than I thought.’

I tried to calm down my trembling body.

The reproduction of people’s opinions I had experienced in the past was more corrosive than I thought.

Now I understand why those who were trapped in the evil dragon’s thoughts became crazy.

The illusion of cleverly mixing the past and delusion was enough to exhaust the opponent’s mind.

‘At this point, it should feel like a contradiction.’

I sighed briefly as I watched another illusion shatter. 

It was about time I thought about how long I should be locked up.

“Titi, can you hear me”


I let out a shallow exclamation at the friendly voice calling me.

Lexion, who suddenly appeared, wrapped my shoulders around me and stared at something.

The evil dragon flapped its wings in the sky.

Beasts were infested everywhere, and the Black Knights who came with Lexion were busy looking for someone.

I was choked by the frustrating past in front of me.


Hurry up and run away.

Seirin’s not here.

Only your loved ones will die or get hurt for nothing.

There were so many things I wanted to say, but nothing I could say.

No, they were just words that shouldn’t be said.

If I react here, what I endured so far would be in vain.

I was holding out well.

I kept my lips shut because if I touched the past, I might not be able to find the core forever.

Lexion wiped his lips and said.

“I told you not to follow me, but you came.

It is dangerous to be here.

It can be difficult for me to protect you.”


“But… have you seen Seirin”


It’s a lie told by Kronos.

Seirin isn’t here.

I held back the words that rose to my throat.

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There were quite a few instances when Kronos drove Lexion to his extremities.

And among them, this moment was the worst.

‘Lexion survived, but he had to lose half of the Black Knights who were with him.’

The reason why Lexion recklessly went to the colony of evil dragons was because of Kronos’ lies.

Seirin was captured by the evil dragon, but Lexion wasn’t one to stay still.

It was, in fact, a scheme by the imperial family in fear of the growing power of the Sparrow family.

It was a time when evil dragons were on the rise day by day.

Even in such an emergency, it was the imperial family that showed a sense of jealousy.

However, Lexion prioritized Seirin’s safety over its authenticity.

He jumped in, not knowing whether or not there would be.

Alone too.

I knew this in advance and informed the Knights and followed Lexion.

As a result, many of the knights who went with him had to lose their lives.

I knew very well how much Lexion suffered under the weight of the lives that were sacrificed at that time.

‘Because he was a person who did not appreciate his own life, but cherished the lives of others very much.’

And I was in a position where I could not alleviate his pain.

Because I wasn’t the heroine.

“First, go to Chris.”

Lexion pushed me to Chris and ran into the evil dragon again.

And at that moment.


I stared blankly at the evil dragon and Lexion, and found the distortion beneath them.

As I stared persistently, I saw Hegel through the warp, and I began to run without hesitation. 

“Where are you going!”

I heard Chris calling from behind, but I didn’t stop.

I hurried even more, fearing that Hegel might disappear from my sight.

Then I grabbed Hegel’s back and he groaned.

“Let go of me!”

This is Hegel’s consciousness.

No matter how much the evil dragon had been transformed into a human being, the body of a sick person was very weak.

I grabbed him and hugged him, trying to find the core.

Then the guide said.

– Destroy the evil dragon’s core.

“I’m looking for it too!”

Can’t you see that I’m struggling like this because I don’t know where is that right now

Did it get stabbed by my glaring eyes

The guide provided a clue.

– It is important to look for signs to find the core.

“A sign”

I looked up puzzledly and the guide continued.

– Mainly the area around the core has the characteristics of destroyed skin.

Pay close attention to the host’s skin! 

‘Skin is destroyed’

I pondered over the clues provided by the guide.

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At that time, Hegel, who had been twisting his body steadily, twisted his body with all his might.

As a result, the buttons on his thin pajamas ripped open and escaped from my grasp.

Hegel did not miss the moment and ran.


Just as I was trying to grab him in a hurry.

My gaze turned to Hegel’s exposed white shoulders.

‘Your skin…!’

At first glance, it looked as if the skin had been rotted in an ugly way.

To be precise, the skin was rotting around his left shoulder.

A dark spot was visible in the center.

“That’s it!”

The evil dragon’s core is related to the evil dragon’s life.

I grabbed back Hegel as he was about to run away.

Without hesitation, I pulled out a dagger and stabbed Hegel in the shoulder.

It was the same dagger that Lexion had given me to use in case of an emergency in the capital.



Hegel collapsed and let out a painful scream.

The blue light flickered under the influence of Asta and wrapped around Hegel.

“It hurts…!”

Hegel made a last-ditch effort, but it wasn’t enough to get away.

After a while.


I wondered if I could hear something crumbling, and the malice that had spread in Hegel’s body began to be absorbed into my body.


Even worse malice than when purifying John entered my body and moved everywhere.

As soon as I endured and purged until the last handful, the unconscious world began to collapse. 

The guide spoke brightly and cheerfully.

– Congratulations.

Hidden Stage Completed.

This prevented the summoning of the evil dragon.

“Ha… I did it.”

I sank with a smile of relief.


TL/N: I literally whined nOOoOoOOOO irl when the book made the announcement!!


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