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“Duke, it seems that the Uji mushroom was the cause.” 

“Yes, certainly.”

Lexion responded lightly to Aiden’s words.

Meanwhile, I approached the girl and asked.

“Where did you find Uji mushroom”

“I was in the Carmel Forest.”

“Did you take them all”

“Yes, I sold half to Aunt Anne in the market and kept half for my brother.” 

“If it’s Aunt Anne, it’s the vegetable store that was the root cause of the riot.”

Aiden immediately grasped the context of the girl’s words.

Lexion nodded and affirmed.

All the rioters were customers who had stopped by the vegetable shop.

“As expected, everyone ate Uji mushroom and went crazy.”

“What shall we do”

“First of all, I’m going to reverse-check the people who bought Uji mushrooms at the vegetable store and retrieve them.”

“All right.”

“In the meantime, I’ll call the elders and let them know what’s going on.”

Lexion took out the communication device straight away and connected it to the chairman of the elders.

I glanced at the book.

Since the dying child was purified, it had to react, but the book was just floating.

‘You’ve been speaking clumsily and strangely slowly since last time.

Is something wrong’

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That was the moment I was thinking about it.

The guide rushed me with a warning sound.

– Please hurry up and purify the dying child! We don’t have much time left!

What is this sound

Confused, I stared at the book.


Arnold, who arrived at Brandt Castle after a long time, was puzzled by the completely different atmosphere in the house.

It was because the butler, who was always waiting, was nowhere to be seen and the house was so quiet.

Arnold was just about to call the butler.

“Marquis, are you here”

Belatedly, the butler ran to meet Arnold.

For some reason, the color of his face was not very good.

In particular, age spots appeared on his face as if he had grown old in a few days.

“What’s wrong with your face It looks like 10 years older.”


Maybe it’s because I’ve been working too hard lately, and age spots keep blooming on my face.”

The butler scratched his cheek and smiled awkwardly.

Apparently, the butler was very tired from the work of Hegel and his wife while he was away.

‘I’ll have to let you go on vacation later.’

Arnold looked around and asked.

“What about Emelia”

“She heard that Princess Seirin is leaving soon, so she went to the Villa of Sparrow Castle.”

“How about Hegel”

“He fell asleep after taking his medicine.

He’s been getting a lot of sleep lately.”

“But I’m relieved to see that the seizures have decreased.

How’s my wife”

“Madam is now standing up and moving.

She’s in the room of Master Hegel.

Would you like to go”


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Arnold followed the butler’s lead and headed to Hegel’s room.

Then, suddenly, seeing the faces of the servants, he felt a sense of alienation.

‘It’s weird…’

The condition of the servants seemed very bad.

It was strange to see them walking around in a fiddling manner.

Besides, everyone, regardless of age, has age spots on their faces.

‘You say it’s because of your age, but why that young servant’

It was very strange unless they ate something wrong as a group and got hives. 

When he thought about it, his heart was pounding strangely and he was anxious.

It was as if something was about to happen.

Just as he was about to enter Hegel’s room after trying to erase his anxiety.

The communication device flickered.

It was a call from Sparrow Castle.

“Hold on.”

Arnold pushed the butler back and received the communication.


– Arnold, I’m sorry, but you have to come back.

I figured out the source of the thoughts.

“Is that true”

– Yes, it was because of Uji mushrooms.

It seems that the thoughts in the Carmel Forest disguised themselves as Uji mushrooms and deceived people.


Arnold’s heart sank.

If it was Uji mushrooms, Hegel had been taking it for a few days.

His fingertips trembled when he remembered his wife, who liked that Hegel’s condition improved a lot because of the medicinal effects.

‘No way… I don’t think so.’

When he was trying to keep his composure, the duke struck a wedge.

– Yes.

We have now purified the first infected person and confirmed the circumstances.

I’m sure it’s Uji mushrooms.


Arnold couldn’t say anything.

He just quietly grabbed the purifying stone in his arms.

It was a purification stone that the Duke gave to the Sparrow elders for emergencies.

Arnold stealthily glanced at the butler.

Other servants were no different.

‘Maybe that’s why there were so many black spots on their bodies.’

Arnold was silent.

Perhaps Hegel was also completely tainted by thoughts.

The servants looked like this, but there was no way the person who ate the Uji mushroom could be healthy.

‘I thought you were getting better.

Were you actually getting tainted by it’

If so, the moment he opened this door, even Arnold himself was highly likely to be tainted with thoughts.

However, even if they tried to escape, there were servants who were tainted with thoughts everywhere.

Even if he only gets a glimpse, the situation will be a threat and his complexion will change.

Even if he ran away from everyone, his beloved wife and son were here.

He could not escape leaving his wife and son.

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Arnold quickly grasped the situation and spoke to the Duke.

“Duke, I don’t think I can make it back.”

– Sir Arnold

“There will be Emelia in the Villa of Sparrow Castle.

Perhaps that child is also tainted with thoughts.”

– Arnold, explain it properly.

As Lexion’s voice calmed down, Arnold said quietly.

“Hegel has been stabilizing with Uji mushrooms recently.”

– ……!

“If Emelia is also tainted, Princess Seirin may be in danger.

Go there first.”

– Are you all right 

“So far, yes.

Sir, if you can afford it, please send reinforcements to Brandt Castle.”

– What are you doing You can escape if you’re not caught up in it yet.

Before Lexion could finish speaking, Arnold refused.


I have a purification stone, how can I leave Hegel behind I might be able to buy some more time with this.” 

– Arnold.

 “The duke said earlier.

It’s okay to take care of your family more.” 

– That’s… 

“Following the Duke’s advice, I’m going to take care of my family more this time.” 

Arnold’s voice didn’t waver.

It seemed like he had already made up his mind.

After a while, Lexion respected his will and spoke. 

-…I’ll be there in a minute, so hang in there until then.

You can’t die.

This is an order.


Arnold laughed bitterly.

It was unclear how long he could hold out.

After the communication ended, Arnold spoke casually.

“Let’s go in.”

The butler turned the doorknob.

As the door opened, there was a black fog in the room as he predicted.

Arnold slowly entered the room and looked at his lovely wife and son on the bed.

They had a darker complexion than the servants outside.

Fortunately, both were breathing together.

Hegel woke up to Arnold’s presence and called him.

“Father When did you get here”

“I’m sorry.”


Hegel got up rustling and called Arnold.

Arnold hugged his son tightly while holding the purification stone.

“It’s okay now, Father is here.”


‘What are you talking about The dying child has already been cleansed!’

I was shocked by the guide’s prompting and shouted inwardly.

As the guide said, I had purified the beggar girl, who was a dying child.

But hurry and purify the dying child.

That meant that the dying child had not yet been purified.

It had already been a long time since Daisy took the girl out to check her health. 

‘What What’s wrong’

It was then.

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After completing the communication, Lexion urgently pressed the button connected to the training ground.

Then the alarm went off with a wail–

It was an alarm that sounded when something big happened to the estate.

Then he raised the magic tool and remotely spoke to the knights at the training ground.

“Find Emelia in the villa now, arrest her, and protect the princess.”

“Capture Emelia What the hell is going on, Zion!”

Lexion didn’t stop giving orders even after I asked him urgently.

“Also, the 1st and 2nd Army, prepare to go with me to Brandt Castle.

We must hurry before the Brant family can become a colony of the evil dragon.”


I was shocked by the last remark and my eyes widened.

‘No way, is the dying child Hegel Brandt’

Come to think of it, there was a time when Emilia was delighted, saying in a letter that he was recovering healthily after changing the medication.

My eyes turned white when I remembered celebrating together, saying, “I’m glad.”

‘Uji mushroom was the medicine he changed to…!’

When my thoughts reached that point, I grabbed Lexion as he was about to finish the broadcast.

“I’m going too!”

“No, I can’t take you with me when I don’t know what’s going on there.” 

When Lexion flatly refused, I repeated my words. 

“No, I have to go.

Purifying Hegel won’t work with purification stones alone.” 

“What do you mean What do you mean you have to go” 

Lexion asked, unable to understand the meaning of the words.

I pointed to the book and said.

“The book said while Zion was communicating earlier.

Hurry up and purify the dying child.”

“But the dying child was that girl earlier.”

“I thought so, too.”

“No way…”

“That’s right.

I’m sure the dying child is Hegel Brandt, not her.

If you don’t save him on time, Bael will be in danger.”

As soon as my words were finished, the book rushed.

– Hurry up, please! We don’t have much time left.

At this, Lexion’s and my eyes turned to the book and met again.

Lexion said.

“Instead, promise me you’ll stick by my side.

I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Yes, I promise.”

When I agreed with firm eyes, Lexion nodded lightly and went outside.

I hurriedly followed him.

TL/N: Wewww feels like the plot is gonna move forward again!


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