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Chapter 71


The book seemed to completely define Lexion as my enemy.

It seemed to think all the more so because he tried to stop my ending.

Frustrated, I asked the guide.

“Is there no other Awakened in the world”

– Not at the moment.

“That means there’s always a chance.”

– It’s possible if you find yourself like Lexion Sparrow.

“You used to say it’s absolutely impossible to find yourself.”

– Mostly yes.

“The Awakened” is very rare. 

The guide’s answer was relentless.

To say something like this that you’ve never said previously as if you’re turning the palm of your hand*.

TL/N: Apparently this is a Korean saying:

As if turning the palm of your hand- Changing one’s attitude suddenly and easily

‘As expected, the book only explained to me in a way that was favorable to it.’

I couldn’t help but feel cheated.

The guide said I shouldn’t trust Lexion, but it was the opposite. 

I can’t trust what the book says anymore.

As questions arose over the obvious, the confusion grew.

“On the other hand, what if I refuse to do the ending”

“The world is destroyed by the evil dragon, and Tiarozety goes back to the beginning.”

TL/N: Btw, Tiarozety is the one that says both of these.

‘It means that I end up doing infinite loops, just like Lexion did.’

I have already heard from Lexion that he has returned for many years. 

His shadow, which was occasionally seen, must have been tired of repeated regression. 

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I carefully reviewed my situation. 

If the ending is blocked by Lexion, the soul will be destroyed with the world. 

If I reject the ending myself, I will regress infinitely until I complete the ending. 

No compromise was found in any given situation.

At least, the option of returning to the world when the ending was completed was hopeful, but now I was not happy with it.

I felt a burning sensation in my throat and picked up the teacup on the table.

I didn’t drink a sip throughout the meal, so it was already cold.

The color was just like barley tea.

It seemed to be the same tea as it smelled like the one Daisy gave me when I fell into the water before. 

‘Did she say it was made with Uji mushrooms’

It was the moment I took a sip thinking about it. 


As soon as the tea passed my throat, my stomach churned. 

I felt like I drank poison.

As soon as I spit it out, the pain stopped.

Seeing that it ended like this, it didn’t seem like poison.

However, it seemed that this was not an ordinary tea, and my face hardened.

‘Come to think of it, I felt nauseous after drinking this previously.’

At the time, I thought I caught a cold from drowning.

Now that I see it, I thought it might not be the case.

‘I shouldn’t let someone else eat it.’

I pulled the rope straight away.

Then Daisy entered the room. 

“Did you call me, miss”

“Daisy, is there anyone else who drank this tea besides me”

“No, you were the first to drink what we kept in the warehouse.”

Reassured by Daisy’s words, I ordered. 

“Bring it to me right away.”


“Hurry up!”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Daisy bowed her head at my pestering and left the room.

After a while, Daisy came with a bag of herbs.

And when I opened it, there were well-dried Uji mushrooms.


I swallowed my words in surprise. 

It was because the Uji mushrooms were filled with black energy. 

“What’s wrong with it Is it damaged”

Daisy did not seem to notice the condition of the Uji mushrooms.

The mushrooms themselves are black and dry, so she didn’t feel any abnormalities.

‘There was a big riot in the market soon after you were sick.’

I asked, remembering what Daisy had said.

“Did you buy this at the market”


Daisy answered vaguely, tilting her head.

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She didn’t do the shopping at the market herself.

But even this answer was enough. 

‘This was the cause.’

I closed the bag of Uji mushrooms again.

Then I got up immediately and said. 

“I must go to the Duke.”


The search party that went to Carmel Forest found a hut. 

There was a dark and humid atmosphere in the collapsing hut.

Aiden intuitively sensed the danger and gave a brief order.

“Everyone follow me with a sword.”


The knights were ordered to stick behind Aiden.

Aiden took the lead and entered the hut first. 

The first thing he saw was a girl. 


The girl crawled on all fours and let out a cry like a beast. 

A dark energy lurked around her. 

And behind her-

“It’s a dead body.”

“Yeah, It looks that way to my eyes.”

Aiden sighed briefly.

Due to the cold weather, there was no sign of decay.

It was only stiff and the skin color was tanned black.

‘He died because he was weak and couldn’t stand the evil dragon’s thoughts.’

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On the other hand, the girl was holding up quite a bit despite being tainted by the evil dragon’s thoughts.

As if protecting the boy’s body, her reasoning didn’t seem completely dead yet. 

Aiden took out the purification stone and held it. 

The girl suddenly tried to run away instinctively. 


Aiden struck the girl in the back of the neck with a sword. 


The girl slumped down with a shrill cry.

Aiden immediately tried to purify her.

Just as he thought the black energy in her body was being sucked in.


The hard purifying stone cracked.



In the meantime, the girl bit Aiden’s arm and ran away quickly.

It was too fast of a pace for a young child to run.

TL/N: Unnatural / demon-like speed

“Chase her! Don’t miss her!”

Aiden held his arm and shouted, and the knights followed the girl in unison.

The spot bitten by the girl turned black. 


Aiden quickly took another purifying stone from his bosom and placed it on his arm. 

The purification stone hummed and absorbed the thoughts spreading through his body. 

The darkened skin gradually returned to its original color, and only the traces of the girl’s teeth remained. 

Aiden hurriedly walked towards the body. 

A boy was sleeping with a comfortable expression. 

When he looked at the pulse, he was already dead.

The boy’s skin was unusually blotchy and dark. 

Just like Aiden’s own arm had just been. 

“I think there’s a reason here somewhere…”

Aiden looked around.

Then suddenly, a basket on the table caught his attention. 

Next to it was a cup. 

As he sniffed the cup, he could smell a faint scent of Uji mushrooms. 

It was when he reached out to check what was in the basket. 

“I got the girl!

Aiden’s head turned in the direction of the sound of the knight’s cry.

It was that moment.

Black energy swelled from the Uji mushroom in the basket and then exploded like a firecracker. 


As a result, the hut collapsed.

The knight who had captured the girl shouted in surprise.

“Sir Aiden!”

The hut collapsed and the smoke was thick.

But there was something black mixed between the white smoke. 

It was the evil dragon’s thoughts.

The knights did not notice this and tried to rescue Aiden and approach the hut.

Then something jumped out of the wreckage.

“Everyone, back up!” 

Aiden shouted as he wrapped his body in an Auror.

Fortunately, he sensed the danger just before the explosion and protected himself with an Auror.

However, because of the sudden attack, blood dripped down his right arm, which was close to the basket. 

The knights were astonished to see him injured.

“Are you all right!”

“Everyone come round to protect yourself with Aurors and lift the purification stone! Now, this fog is the evil dragon’s thoughts!” 

Aiden exclaimed urgently without thinking about how messed up his body was.

At his command, those who were masters surrounded themselves with Aurors.

Those who fell short of it protected themselves by using magic tools.

Then, straight away, they raised the purification stones toward the thick fog.

At a rapid pace, the black fog was sucked into the purification stones.

It would not have been possible without enough purification stones.

When all the fog disappeared, only the completely collapsed hut and Aiden were visible.

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Aiden found a basket among the rubble.

It was obviously the reason for the explosion in the basket.

Inside the broken basket, there were the remains of the Uji mushrooms.

Mushrooms darkened like the skin of the dead boy.

Aiden instinctively knew that it was the cause of the ruin of the boy and the girl.

He packed a piece of Uji mushroom in his pocket.

“Is that the cause”

“Yeah, I think they were attacked by the evil dragon after eating this.

Someone find the dead child’s body and bury him, and the rest come back with me with the girl.”


“Sir Aiden, I think you should stop the bleeding first.”

“It’s okay.”

Aiden smiled lightly and paused as he tried to take the handkerchief out of his pocket.

‘I’ll meet you safely in Bael, Aiden.

I won’t let you go if you get hurt.’

It was the handkerchief Daisy gave him when she found out he was going to stay in Hakun.

He was grateful and happy when she spat terrible words with a very anxious face.

Daisy has always been like that.

When he went on a dangerous mission somewhere, she made a handkerchief like this.

It meant to come back without getting hurt, and to Aiden, it was like a talisman.

He didn’t want to get blood stained on it because it was so precious that he always kept it.

Aiden did not take the handkerchief out of his pocket and asked the knight standing by.


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