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TL/N: Moving forward, I will be soloing this novel! Feel free to comment if there’s anything confusing or if there’s any glaring errors!

My deepest appreciation to Jassie who has helped the newbie and noobie me to proofread the chapters so far!


I ended up with a terrible cold.

In the daze, the faces of those nursing me were dimly visible.

I had a dream while I was unconscious.

It was a very strange dream.

In my dream, I became someone.

I didn’t know who it was.

I couldn’t see his face because I had borrowed his sight. 

The feelings he felt came to me as if they were mine.

He was wandering aimlessly like a lost man.

It was a dream that made me want to cry somehow. 


It was about to be dawn when I woke up.

Deep in the night, the bedroom was still.

The lamp on the bedside lamp was emitting a light enough not to disturb sleep. 

‘How sick was I’

My whole body was as heavy as wet cotton.

Seeing that it was not uncomfortable, someone seemed to have wiped my body the whole time I was lying down.

I gently touched my lips.

It wasn’t something I did because I remembered the touch.

Even though it was an act of survival rather than a kiss, my cheeks burned as if they were on fire. 

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After a moment’s hesitation, I closed my eyes and got up.

It was because I felt cramped and my waist was sore.

As I got up, stretched, and slowly walked, I saw the Bible on the table and thought of Daisy’s words. 

“Oh, right.

The note.”

Daisy’s note was left on the cover.

After removing it, I carefully opened the book.


The note that had been stuck in the book fell to the floor.

I was just about to pick it up.

The book shimmered and murmured an unfamiliar sound. 

It was a slightly weak voice.

– Synchronization requires contact with the other person’s book.

I paused while picking up the note.

It was because the word synchronization was quite unfamiliar.

I picked up a note and sat down on a chair.

“What do you mean I need contact with the other person’s book”

– Lexion Sparrow became a traveler.

Contact with the book is urgent to understand their intentions. 


My eyes widened at the guide’s words.

I was flustered all of a sudden because I didn’t know what the guide was talking about.

Lexion is a traveler.

He was definitely a character, wasn’t he 

“What do you mean What do you mean Lexion Sparrow is a traveler”

– Lexion Sparrow has found himself.

He’s destroying this world.

We have to stop him.

“…was that possible”

– He has a book.

Fossilized books are dangerous.

It needs to be disposed of quickly.

“What are you talking about all of a sudden”

– He’s trying to change the story.

The story of the book is going out of sync.

It’s dangerous.

The guide repeatedly said that it was dangerous.

“Guide, what’s wrong with you all of a sudden Why does your voice keep stuttering”

– …….

The guide did not answer.

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It seems that something went wrong with the book while I was sleeping.

“What do you mean I have to steal the book…”

As I pondered over the guide’s words, my confusion increased.

Then, I noticed that I had crumpled the note without realizing it and opened it belatedly.

“This is…”

I was speechless after reading the note.

It was because of what was written in it.

[The duke had a nightmare in the villa and screamed, making wailing sounds. 

In a flash, I heard him say “Guide”, but I don’t know exactly what the word is. 

It’s too fragmentary and something trivial, but here’s what I’ve investigated. 

Other than this, there was nothing special.]

“Guide… So what the guide said is true”

My lips trembled.

Obviously, at first, it was the guide who said that Lexion was not a traveler.

However, only travelers knew the guide and could call it.

Because the characters in this world don’t even recognise the book at all.

If so, it means that the book has only just caught on to the identity of Lexion.

“Why do you know that Lexion is a traveler now”

– …

The guide remained silent on my questions.

The condition of the book was strange.

The red color seemed to have faded a bit.

I remained stiff a while, then jumped out of my seat.

I had to check right away.

The condition of the book was strange, which made me more anxious.

I was nervous because I thought something was going to happen.

As a result, I ran down the hallway without even knowing that my indoor slippers were removed.

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The place I headed to was Lexion’s study.

The private space where he spends the longest time in.

I thought the book would be hidden there.

The study was empty because it was late at night.

Relying on a small lamp, I began to wander in search of the book.

I searched everywhere from the bookcase to the drawer, but the body of the book was nowhere to be seen.

It was around the time I was rummaging.

Suddenly, the light in the study lit up and someone spoke to me.

“Are you looking for this”


I turned my head in a creaking motion.

There stood Lexion.

And there was a book in Lexion’s hand.


“I guess so.”

Lexion turned the book lightly with a strange smile.

In his hand, he held the faded white-faced ‘Attack of the Evil Dragon’.

Considering that the background was originally black, it was similar to the book I had in my previous life. 

“Since when did you start”

My voice trembled naturally.

I didn’t notice I wasn’t speaking to him in honorifics.

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His cool eyes looking at me looked somewhat empty.

“Since when”

Lexion’s lips lifted up in a smirk as if my question was funny.

Did something happen while I was sick

His cold appearance was very strange.

After a while, he slowly approached me.

I hesitated but without realizing it, the bookshelf was already blocking my back.

Lexion leaned his hand on the bookshelf as if he were caging me in with open arms.

Then he reached out his other hand and lifted my chin to meet his gaze. 

His black eyes felt as deep and dark as an abyss. 

Lexion said coolly.

“It was you from the beginning.”


I was taken aback by his words.

Just as I was about to say that’s not what I asked.

I recalled that he said something similar to me before.

‘I wanted to dance with you from the beginning.’

‘It wasn’t you who tried to take the seat, it was the Princess.’

It was definitely similar to what he said to me at Seirin’s debutant.

My heart thumped when I thought that the “first” that I didn’t understand at that time might be older than I thought.

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He gently swept my face, which had hardened in surprise, and whispered. 

My fingertips were cold.

“I tried to wait until you were ready.”


“But the damn world keeps trying to tie you up with Greg.

What am I supposed to do”

Lexion’s voice was murky and low.

A dreary voice like a person who endured something and then burst out.

I couldn’t say a word and when I opened my mouth, he smiled self-deprecatingly. 

“Are you afraid I’ve changed, Titi”


“In fact, if I say this is who I really am, will you run away from me”


“I tried to stay by your side, pretending to be nice and righteous.

But you left me, Titi.” 

Lexion’s voice trembled.

I realized what he meant and covered my mouth with my hand.

It was clear that Lexion knew what happened before the regression.

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Asking if I was afraid that he had changed was like knowing the life before the regression. 

“Lexion, you…”

I didn’t know what to say.

He already knew everything.

I expected it to be the case, but when it came to reality, I was shocked. 

Lexion grabbed the hand around my mouth and held it.

The hard hands were hot, and the strength of the hands was quite strong.

“Were you going to leave me behind To the world where you were originally from”

Lexion was dying to have my confirmation.

He was aware of the existence of the book.

Also, the fact that I was about to return to the original world. 

“Since when did you know that”

At my question, Lexion kept laughing.

It was a behavior that might seem like a crazy person, but I didn’t mind it.

I was just curious about his answer.

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It was that moment.

He growled, putting my hand on his chest.

It seemed as if he was crying.

“If you’re still thinking to leave me behind, I’d rather you kill me here, Titi.”

Contrary to what he said brutally, his wet eyes shook like a child’s.

It felt like he was saying, please don’t go, stay by my side.

I knew why he put my hand on his chest.

It was me who knew Asta.

He was really telling me to kill him.


There’s no way I can kill him.

Even if I left for the original world, I wanted him to live well here. 

As my lips were about to part.

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He pleaded imploringly again.

“Titi, choose me.

Not this damn fate.”


“Choose me, even if the path is rough.

Because I’m ready for anything.”


With the words, Lexion devoured my lips.

An unannounced kiss was distinctly different from the brief touch and fall when I was drowning in a lake.

The moment the moist lips met, his mouth opened without a doubt.

Lexion’s tongue pushed in through the gap in my mouth. 

My breath was entangled and my lips were bitten.

Lexion grabbed the back of my head to prevent me from running away. 

But I had no intention to refuse his kiss. 

His words, asking me to choose, made my mind go blank. 

Lexion found himself.

And he wants me.

That alone made my blood boil.

I could no longer push or reject him.

I put my arms around his neck.

My heart was pounding. 

When Lexion confirmed that I had no intention of rejecting him, he picked me up and sat me down at the desk.


Did not expect a real kiss right after the cpr kiss but i ain’t complaining.

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