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Chapter 64


During the night walk with Gregory in the middle of the night, I was just bashing at the book’s deterrence.

The night air was cool.

As I got closer to the artificial lake, my body felt chilly.

If I knew this would happen, I would have worn another coat.

I didn’t know that the temperature outside was this low because I was only in the room.

Gregory asked when I rubbed my shoulders with my hands.

“Are you cold”

“A little.”

“Do you want a coat”

“No, you’re cold too.”

“That’s true.”

Gregory pretended as if he was going to take off his coat and gave me a mischievous expression.

I laughed because it was rather funny.

Then something fluffy wrapped around my shoulder.

“Aren’t you cold”

“You’re a patient.

Well, it’s okay if I catch a cold, it’s just whatever.”

“That’s a very burdensome favor.”

“I’m asking you to feel pressured.”

“Take it.”

“Hey, I can’t even play a joke.

Just wear it.

Don’t be stubborn.”

When I tried to give him the coat back, Gregory tied the sleeves so I couldn’t take it off.

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“I’ll just walk around here and go back.

It’s cold.”

“Yeah, okay then.”

Gregory said so and trudged along the path of the artificial lake.

We stopped when an open space appeared in the middle.

He hesitated for a moment, then opened his mouth.

“You know, I’m just curious.”

“What is it”

“What happened to Lexion”


“Well, he’s in very bad shape.

I know him well because I’ve seen him for a long time.

I was wondering if it had something to do with you because he looked like he was having a hard time.”

Gregory spat out the words and laughed.

After all, Gregory was a person who liked Lexion for a long time.

When Lexion was being treated like an idiot, he even came out and got angry. 

“Did you two fight”

“No, we didn’t fight.

I’m just avoiding him.”

“Avoiding, why”


I was just about to say that it was because I saw Seirin and Lexion kissing.

A beast popped out of the bushes and rushed to me.


I was so surprised that I blocked my view with my hand.

The back of my hand stung when the cat ran over and bit my hand. 


“Wait a minute…! Lady, you can’t move! The lake is behind…!”

Gregory didn’t even have time to hold onto me.

I staggered back and my foot got caught in a rock.

Gregory grabbed and reached for me as I was about to fall backward.

However, it was not enough because my body was already leaning toward the lake.

With a plop-

It was a coldness that I didn’t want to go through.

The lake water was as cold as ice.

On the surface, I could see a bewildered image of Gregory.

I was about to swim up quickly, but I suddenly fell and got a cramp in my leg.

Of course, it must have been the book that made this whole situation dramatic.

‘Ah…this is why I hate the water.’

I closed my eyes in anticipation of Gregory’s rescue.

It’s really hard to survive as a female lead. 

Evil dragon or what… Should I just let this world fall to ruins 

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It was around that time when my body began to sink as I thought of such a cruel thought. 


Someone jumped into the water.

Naturally, I didn’t open my eyes, assuming it was Gregory.

I felt his arms grab hold of me, and something soft touched my lips. 

Breath came in through the gap of my open lips. 

Did he think I passed out from drinking the lake water

The breath that touched me was hot.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t even open my eyes.

He quickly grabbed my waist and started swimming upwards. 

When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t say anything.

It wasn’t blonde but black hair that saved me.

It was none other than Lexion.


PR/N: abt damn time

* * *

Gregory circled around when he saw Tiarozety drowning.

He had to follow her in and save her right away, but he couldn’t get in.

His fingertips became cold and his body trembled shallowly. 

It had been a while since she sank in the lake, but Tiarozety did not come out. 

‘You jerk, is this the time to be afraid of water’

Gregory was just about to enter the lake, beating himself up, until someone rushed past Gregory and jumped into the water. 

Unlike Gregory, it was a move without hesitation. 


Gregory called out his name in a daze.

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He didn’t know when he came running.

After a while, the calm water seemed to have a big wave again, and Lexion came out of the lake with Tiarozety in his arms.

The moist eyes of Lexion were chilly.

Looking at him biting his lower lip, he seemed to be quenching his anger. 

It was when Lexion fixed up Tiarozety and hugged her.

Gregory suddenly came to his senses and approached Tiarozety.

“Miss, are you okay!”

“Cough cough!”

Perhaps because the air was cold, her wet hair froze immediately.

Lexion said, holding her even tighter. 

“I have to change her clothes first, so move aside, Greg.”

“Oh, yes, I see… You’re wet too, so make sure to…”

Before Gregory finished speaking, Lexion strode out of the garden.

Gregory looked at the two of them with a bit of embarrassment and ruffled the back of his head. 

“A pathetic guy.”

He was saying it to himself.

* * *

“Put me down.”

“Just stay.”

Lexion walked down the hallway without a word.

Perhaps because the party was still in full swing, the sound of the music could be heard in the distance.

‘It was definitely time for Gregory to save me…’

Before I knew it, the book stopped being active and disappeared.

It was normal for it to make a lot of noise when development goes awry, saying it’s an error, but it was strange. 

Lexion took me straight to the bathroom.

I wondered if his mood dampened as he wasn’t saying a single word, but he opened his mouth and began to speak.

“I’ll bring some clothes to change, so first soak in hot water.

You can’t catch a cold.”

“Before that, Lexion needs to change.

You’ll catch a cold.”

“Alright, so come on.”

Lexion pushed me towards the bathtub and closed the door. 

I dipped my hand in and out of the bathtub.

The water in the bathtub was very hot.

Maybe it was because of my cold body that made me feel that way. 

I took off my clothes and immersed myself in water.

It felt like my stiff body was loosening up. 

I thought it was noisy outside, but Daisy said with a knock.

“Miss, may I come in”

Fortunately, Lexion seemed to have gone to wash up without being stubborn.

“Yes, come on in.”

After permission was granted, Daisy entered the bathroom.

She greeted me cautiously and opened her mouth.

“You could have been in big trouble.

Wouldn’t it be bad to drown in this weather”


“I’m glad the Duke passed by.

What would you have done if he hadn’t What the hell was the Prince doing”

Daisy was even more grumpy because she knew I went for a walk with Gregory.

“He’s afraid of water.”

“A grown-up”

“It’s even scarier because he’s an adult.”

Because the older you get, the more afraid you become. 

As I smiled bitterly and lowered my head, Daisy’s mouth twitched.

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After a while, she changed the subject.

“Oh, I put a note in the Bible on the table.”

The Bible was the main body of a guide.

I asked curiously.

“Why a note”

“Well, you know, what you asked Vector to do before.”


I thought I didn’t have any gains because I didn’t hear much after a long time, but Vector seems to have worked hard.

“I’ll check it out later.”

“Vector will get in trouble if he gets caught, so please dispose of it after you read that .”

“Yes, I will.”

Indeed, the owner’s guest asked for an investigation of the owner’s background, so his heart would have been pounding.

After a while, I got out of the bathtub, changed clothes, and went back to the bedroom. 

Gregory, who was waiting in front of the room, came to me and asked.

“Are you okay”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’m sorry.

I should’ve saved you…”

Gregory was clenching his hands so tightly that they turned white. 

I said with a soft smile. 

“It’s really okay.

It was just water.”


Gregory had a blank look on his face when he realized what I meant.

I said goodbye with a light courtesy.

“I’m going to rest now.

Please don’t worry anymore and enjoy the party comfortably.”

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Daisy then opened the door and urged.

“Miss, please come in.”


I bowed once more and went into the room.

Daisy made my bed and carefully laid me down on it.

I was suddenly drowning in cold water, so even though I was immersed in the warm water, I felt a chill. 

After a while, she brought a cup of tea and asked.

“It is tea made with Uji mushroom.

Drink this and get a good night’s sleep.” 

After drinking tea, I covered myself tightly with a blanket.

I thought I felt nauseous for a moment, but it calmed down.

‘Did I catch a cold… I don’t feel good.’

Then I remembered the note and tried to get up. 

“Oh, right.

The note…”

However, Daisy laid me back down and dissuaded me. 

“Where will the note run You’d better take a rest first.

You look very bad.”


“Take a rest, miss.”

Daisy comforted me a couple of times and left the room.

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I also closed my eyes because I didn’t have energy.

Chapter 9.

Two Travelers

When Tiarozety was sleeping deeply, Lexion entered her bedroom. 

The book shone brightly as his hand touched it. 

The guide murmured softly in the quiet bedroom.

– The story has changed due to another traveler’s intrusion.

If you proceed as it is, I am concerned that the background may be disrupted 

The murmuring voice did not reach Tiarozety, who had already been deeply asleep.

– There are two travelers in this world.

Lexion Sparrow is no longer a character.

– The world defines Lexion Sparrow as a dangerous element.

We must stop his choices as soon as possible.

– The setting value of Lexion Sparrow has been confirmed.

The role of Lexion Sparrow as a traveler…

However, the guide’s words were cut off without continuing.

The color of the cover was fading away.

– The role is… The role is…

PR/N: the role he’s given makes me wanna burn the guide over and over

The guide seemed to stutter like buffering, but then slowly lost its light.

Without being able to complete its sentence.


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