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Time went by and it was the day of the banquet.

I decided not to attend the party on the pretext of not feeling well.

The book didn’t show any signs.

I thought it’d urge me to partner with Gregory, but it was rather quiet.

It was a bit of a strange situation for someone who was willing to bear the penalty. 

‘Come to think of it, when I went boating with Gregory, there was going to be an event, but there wasn’t much of an incident…’

The belated realization of the facts increased my doubts.

I’ve never seen the book miss out on development like this. 


– What can I do for you, traveler

“Why did you skip the boat game event”

– It was not omitted.


I tilted my head at the guide’s clear answer. 

There was nothing special that day. 

Gregory said he was afraid of water, so I thought he would fall into the water, but we just came back.

However, the following guide’s answer relieved me.

– The main stage is still ongoing.

Gregory will arrive soon.

“What are you talking about”

I was just about to protest to the guide.

Suddenly someone knocked and spoke.

“Miss, are you awake”

‘You’re really here!’

When I realized that Gregory had come, I glanced at the book. 

Before I knew it, the book was suddenly displayed in active mode. 

It must be time to enjoy the party in full swing, but he came all of a sudden. 

I floundered and laid in bed in a hurry to pretend to be sick. 

“Come on in.”

Moments later, Gregory opened the door and entered. 


The banquet was noisy.

A party attended by most of the people living in Bael.

What was unusual was that the partner rule was removed from this banquet. 

This made Seirin feel very unhappy. 

Gregory recalled what Seirin had asked for a few days ago.

‘My brother, please partner with Miss Tiarozety.

I’m supposed to be with Lord Lexion.’

‘Did Lexion say that’

‘…Yeah, so you’ll be Miss Tiarozety’s partner.

She doesn’t have a suitable partner.’

‘Well, that’s not hard…’

No partner rules for the banquet.

It was a tremendous blow to the social world.

Well, it seemed to have made the atmosphere a little freer. 

‘Seirin knows how to lie too.’

Gregory laughed lowly.

He recalled Seirin who told him that she had spoken to Lexion.

It was a fit of cute jealousy for Gregory, who already knew that Seirin had feelings for Lexion. 

However, he felt that it might be a bit burdensome for Lexion.

‘I’ll have to try to soothe her later.’

Gregory approached Lexion, who had just finished talking to another person.

“Why can’t I see her”

“She’s not feeling well.”

“Really Is she in a lot of pain”


Lexion simply remained silent on Gregory’s question. 

His gaze met briefly and then fell. 

“I think she’s been under a lot of stress lately.”


“Princess Seirin called her almost every day.” 


Gregory was a little surprised to find that out for the first time.

Seirin already had plenty of maids.

He heard that she needed a companion, but he couldn’t believe she called her everyday.

He was worried that she might have been subtly bullied out of jealousy. 

‘That’s not right…’

Then Lexion said.

“So when are you going back”

“Well, I don’t know…”

Gregory hesitated as he recalled the Emperor’s orders.

Besides, it seemed that Seirin had a special order, but he didn’t know exactly what it was.

Gregory told Lexion what he had guessed. 

“Actually, the evil dragon made a second attack on the capital and it failed.”

“I see.”

“The response is more lukewarm than I thought.

You knew it already, didn’t you.”

Gregory quickly noticed Lexion’s reaction.

Moreover, even though the capital had been attacked, it was even more strange that there was no word that they would send assistance.

The character Gregory, who had originally planned to stop him, simply rolled his eyes.

At this, Lexion asked.

“Why You thought I’d send a support team”

“I was going to stop you if you did, man.”

Gregory replied, poking him in the ribs with his elbow.

It was always a pity that he was too loyal to the Emperor, so Lexion’s change was welcome to him.

It was the imperial family that had to protect the empire before the Sparrow family.


Just like now, be loyal while taking your share, Zion.”

“It’s funny to hear that from a member of the royal family.”

“What kind of royalty am I… Anyway, I feel relieved that you’ve come to your senses.

I was worried that the royal family might be sucking you dry.”

“Originally, it was supposed to be like that.”


“Gregory, don’t you ever feel like the world is stuffy sometimes”

Gregory tilted his head at Lexion’s out-of-the-box remark.

Then Lexion comforted him on the shoulder, thinking that he might have some difficulties.

“It’s not just frustrating.

Sometimes I want to abandon the castle of Arden and go into exile.”

“I didn’t ask that…”

Lexion was about to speak, but Chris Martin approached.

“Duke, I have something to tell you.”



At Gregory’s words, Lexion sighed lightly and followed Chris.

Gregory sipped the champagne for a moment and sneakily slipped out of the hall.

Soon, he picked flowers from the garden and headed to the Myersotis room.


“What are you doing here”

I stared at Gregory, leaning against the head of the bed.

He quietly set the flowers on the bedside table.

“Why did I come I’m visiting you.”

“What about the party”

“I came out for a second.

Can I sit down”

Gregory flopped down on a chair with a question.

It doesn’t seem like he was asking for permission.

Gregory said.

“I heard Seirin has been bothering you lately.”


“No But your face is full of tiredness.

The shadows under your eyes have gotten very dark.”

“It’s not because of that…”

I rubbed the corners of my eyes for no reason.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t tired of Seirin’s constant calling, since it wasn’t too hard either.

Rather, it was only difficult to keep up the tension with Lexion due to her visits.

It was then.

“I think Seirin is jealous of you.”



She lied to me, saying that she decided to partner with Lexion.”

“Huh He didn’t have a partner”

My eyes widened at the unexpected information.

Then, Gregory’s eyes widened at the same time and then smiled and lightly brushed my hair.

“What Don’t tell me that made you feel worse.”


“Oh my God.

Seirin lied to you too.

She should be scolded for this.”

“No, it’s my fault for not checking.”

I waved my hand quickly, but it was a bit of a shock.

I couldn’t believe Seirin lied.

I never thought about it.

She had always been honest and sincere.

‘Did some of her settings change during the regression’ 

When I thought about it like that, there was nothing I couldn’t understand.

On the contrary, it was even more disconcerting that I hadn’t doubted it until now. 

I guess my old memories kept influencing me without realizing it.

‘Wait a minute.

Didn’t Seirin say she had something to give that day’

I was called to the garden because she had something to give.

Then I saw the two of them kissing and ran away. 

But after that, she never called me again.


Come to think of it, the location was also a place where you could see the two of them very well. 

‘No way…’

It was just at the moment when I was starting to have doubts about Seirin. 

“Isn’t it more frustrating like that Why don’t we take a short walk”

Gregory suggested with a smirk.

As I hesitated without answering, the book started to alert me. 

– The event will begin.

Enjoy a night walk with Gregory!

PR/N: Bruh


“Come on, let’s go.”

Gregory pulled my hand without listening to my answer.

“Wait a minute…! I’m not leaving yet…!”

“Lady, it’s Daisy.

I have something to tell you… Huh”

Then Daisy came into the room.

She seemed a little surprised to see Gregory.

Then Gregory smiled and spoke.

“What should I do I’m taking the lady for a night walk.”

“Oh, go ahead.”

Daisy sent me off as if she had forgotten what to say.

In the end, I missed the timing to refuse and had no choice but to follow Gregory.


After Tiarozety left the room.

Daisy hesitated, holding a note. 

It was not long before she murmured softly.

“I was going to let you know because Vector just said he knew the information…”

The note Daisy brought was written by Vector.

‘Only let the lady see it.

After she sees it, make sure to tell her to burn it.’

It was the information that Vector gave with a careful request.

She didn’t know what information it was, but it seemed quite private when he told Daisy not to look at it. 

At that moment, on the table was a Bible that Tiarozety had read often. 

Even if it was activated, the main body remained as it was, which stood out to Daisy.

“I’ll put it in there first and tell you later.”

Daisy sandwiched the note between the book like a bookmark. 

Even then, she left a note in advance, just in case she didn’t check it. 

[Lady, I’ll tell you later, I put a note in the Bible with the information you asked for from Vector.

After you’ve checked it, please read it and discard it.

Have a good night.]

Daisy left the room, placing the note prominently on the cover and securing it with a stone. 

Soon the book flashed and scanned the note.


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