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Rose, who lives in Carmel Forest, headed to the town with a medicine bag.

Rose was the only one who could get food now due to the misdeeds of the bakery owner.

There were people who suffered from severe stomach aches or died.

Fortunately, thanks to the good-natured nobleman, the injustice was relieved, but livelihood in the future was difficult.

A lawmaker was sent later, but he could not resurrect those who had already died.

TL/N: New laws made, but dead people can’t be brought back to life.

In the end, the embarrassed nobleman left, and handed her some food and living expenses.

He did all the favors that he could do and went back.

Rose was just grateful that he gave her medicine and food.

This latter task was solely for her and the beggars.

On the forest road, she heard the cry of a wild beast but did not know if it was a wolf.

But Rose wasn’t afraid.

Her only home was always full of danger because there were many wild animals.

And what Rose feared most was hunger rather than death.

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“Brother, I’m here.”

As she entered the crumbling hut, there was a boy who barely fell asleep with a fever.

Rose chattered, unpacking her bag bravely.

“Brother, I was so lucky today.

I happened to find a precious Uji mushroom in the forest.

This will stop your stomach ache.”

She couldn’t believe there were mushrooms in the cold Carmel Forest, and Uji mushrooms on top of that.

Uji mushroom was so effective that it was called a panacea. 

It was said to be particularly helpful in relieving fever and pain. 

Rose sold half to the market and brought half back for her brother’s health.

She warmed the medicine, scooped it out with a spoon, and brought it to his lips. 

She thought he would eat well, but he suddenly coughed.


“Brother! Blood, blood…!”

Rose wept and supported him when the body coughed up blood.

At that moment, black energy appeared in the hazy boy’s eyes for an instant and disappeared. 

Not noticing this, Rose quickly wiped the corner of his mouth.

“Don’t get sick, brother.”

“Rose, I’m fine.”

His voice was much smoother.

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Rose asked with relief.


“Yeah, I’m very sleepy now”

The boy yawned with those words.

Rose quickly covered the boy with a blanket and comforted him.

“Maybe it’s because you took medicine.

You’ll feel lighter when you wake up.”

“Thank you, Rose.”

The boy closed his eyes gently with the words.

After a while, the boy fell asleep, perhaps feeling really sleepy.

Rose poured the remaining medicine into her mouth because she felt it was a waste.

It tasted bitter, but she thought it would fill her stomach. 

“Cough cough! Ugh, it doesn’t taste good.”

Frowning, Rose put the remaining Uji mushrooms in the basket.

Tomorrow, she was going to cook porridge for her brother with these.

It was then.

Rose also followed her brother to sleep.

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“Oh, that’s weird.

I’m falling asleep.

Did I steal the sleepiness from my brother”

Rose let out a sloppy yawn.

For a while, she thought she should wash up and go to sleep. 

But she fell flat on the floor. 

Then she felt her body tremble, and she stopped moving. 

Suddenly, something like a black haze revolved around Rose and the boy.


I’ve heard from Daisy it was definitely an outing with Aiden, Violet, and Sir Chris…

Why is it that Lexion and I were alone in the carriage 

“I will be leaving then.”

The carriage moved with the driver’s shout.

Aiden, Violet, and Chris moved separately with Daisy.

It was because the carriage I rode was Lexion’s exclusive carriage. 

Just as I was about to head to Carmel Forest, I met Lexion.

The reason he became a member of this group was that Aiden saw him and greeted him. 

‘Good morning, Duke.’

‘Aiden, where are you going’

‘Oh, I was just about to go out to Carmel Forest with Tiarozety.

It would be nice if the Duke would also go too, but you can’t because you’re busy, right’

‘No, it works.’


‘I’ll go too.’

At that time, Aiden’s face was a spectacle.

If you go out to play and your boss follows you, of course, you can’t control your facial expressions.

I remembered when Violet noticed from behind, he laughed.

But after a while, belatedly, he realized the meaning of going with Lexion and had no choice but to harden his face.

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I didn’t want to see his face, but it was because I couldn’t help seeing his face. 

There was no way that I could take a proper rest as the main culprit of anguish was with me on the picnic I had planned to empty my mind.

I didn’t want to make eye contact with Lexion, so I pretended to sleep and closed my eyes.

He didn’t even talk to me, so I was relieved. 



“Are you sleeping”

I didn’t answer, I just kept my eyes closed.

I hoped that he would not talk to me anymore.

Because I didn’t want to talk to him.

At that moment, Lexion gently stroked my hair.

Then he gently touched my eyes.

I was a little embarrassed because the swelling had not gone down yet.

I didn’t want to get caught crying, so I said softly.

“It tickles.”

“Oh, you’re awake.

You can sleep.”

“I can’t sleep with all that fiddling.”

I gently moved away from his touch and ruffled my hair. 

The tone of my speech was sharp.

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Lexion looked at me curiously.

After a while, he tilted his upper body and adjusted his eye level to mine.


Black eyes stared at me innocently.

I couldn’t look straight into those eyes and avoided it. 

The tension kept rising as if I had become a hedgehog with sharp spikes.

“Are you mad at me”


“Then why won’t you look at me”

I bit my lower lip in Lexion’s low voice.

‘It’s because I feel like I’ll be shaken just by looking at it.’

“It’s because my face is a little swollen.”

“You’re pretty even when it’s swollen.”

“It’s not pretty.”

“It’s pretty to me, Titi.”

Saying that, Lexion gently turned my face.

When our eyes met, Lexion smiled beautifully. 

“Look, it’s still pretty.”


I slowly removed his hand and looked into the bag for no reason. 

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Then, when I found the box through the crack, I was bewildered.


When did Daisy put the box in my bag

Maybe she knew Lexion was going with me and put it in.

‘You did something I didn’t ask you to do…’

I quickly closed the bag in case Lexion might see it.

Even then, it was not enough, so I hugged it in my arms and held it tight. 

Without knowing, it looked more suspicious.

“What are you looking at and hiding like that”

“It’s nothing!” 

As I panicked, Lexion’s eyes widened. 

After a while, the carriage stopped like a savior.

“We’ve arrived.”

“I’m going out!”

I slammed the door open and got out of the carriage before Lexion could even leave.

Lexion missed the timing to escort, so he held out his hand in the air.

The snow-capped trees in the Carmel Forest were still beautiful.

There were signs of cutting down trees in places so that they could grow well.

As such, new trees were planted to maintain the forest.

The smell of trees in the forest calmed my mind.

Maybe the scent of the greenery mixed with the cold air had the effect of clearing the mind

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I took a deep breath, exhaled, and looked up at the sky.

Just at that moment, a flock of birds was flying somewhere, making a loud sound. 

It was a noticeably large number.

‘Is it going to rain soon’

With that thought in mind, I slowly closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the fresh air, but I felt my head spinning a little.


Then, with a voice calling me, Lexion supported my back. 

When I opened my eyes in surprise, Lexion smiled.


“Because you’re losing your balance.”

I felt I was standing upright, but I must have lost my center of gravity while moving with my eyes closed.

I backed away from him and lightly thanked him. 

“Thank you.”

Then, slowly, I started walking again.

I wondered if Lexion was moving away from me, but he came closer and blocked my way. 



“Are you going to partner with Gregory at the party”

I guess you must have wanted to ask this because you were hesitant about something.

I chewed my lower lip.

“… Why”

You promised to partner with Seirin anyway.

Were you so curious about who I was partnering with

The resentment against him was about to pour out.

It is in a precarious state as it filled my chest and would overflow with just one more drop. 

But I didn’t want him to notice my negative feelings, so I clenched my teeth.

Lexion rubbed his mouth with his hand.

He seemed a little embarrassed by my cold attitude. 

I talked like a player to put his mind at ease. 

“You don’t have to worry because I don’t have a partner.”

“What do you mean…”

“I’m not going to the party.”

Of course, the book would force me to go, but I didn’t want to go. 

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Lexion asked me without hiding his embarrassment when I suddenly announced that I would not attend the party.

“You’re not going to the party”

“Yes, I’m going to say I’m not feeling well.

I don’t really like parties like that.”


“Actually, I don’t like parties at all.”

Yeah, if it’s Tiarozety, even attending the party would be hard work. 

I tried to play it off and pass by him.

Then he stopped in front of me again and asked a question. 

“Is it because of me”


..No way.”

I forced a smile.

Then his expression hardened and I emphasized again.

“It’s not really like that.”


“Miss! Duke!”

It was then.

Aiden and Daisy, who went out ahead to explore and search for a place to sit, came out from afar and called Lexion.

Turning their heads, the two shouted almost simultaneously.

“This way, please!”

“Miss, I love this place!”

Our conversation was interrupted by the two’s exclamations.

I found it fortunate.

I didn’t have anything else to say after that.

Lexion seemed to want to say more, but I walked quickly to Daisy, pretending not to know.


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