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Chapter 6


Lexion looked perplexed because of my question.

Soon after, his eyebrows scrunched up in the middle.

His face was not good, but he couldnt afford to care about it.

I asked again in a trembling voice.

“What about your debutant Why didnt you go”


Of course, I wouldnt believe he is in the South, when he is supposed to be in the capital.

But it could have been a little random for him, who didnt know my situation.

After making a puzzled expression for a while, he murmured with a low voice, and a firm face.

“…Where am I supposed to go when youre sick”

He looked distressed.

I got more confused when I saw his reaction.

He is the one who relentlessly went to Seirin, even when he wanted me to be around.

Its not enough for him to be by my side.

Narrowing my forehead as if he were hurt by what I said.

It is strange.

Lexion is unusually friendly to Tiarozety.

But he used to draw a line at critical moments.

His chosen woman should be Seirin.

But now Lexion didnt seem to have thought about her.

It is just too good, like an illusion.

Why, why are you in pain

Im hurt, but why are you struggling like youre hurt

I am confused by his overwhelming emotions.

The shock after regression is severe, as if my emotions are not organized.

Words I couldnt bear to say lingered in my mouth.

He is acting like he already knew me.

It is only a simple question to ask, if he knew me, but I am afraid to ask.

How did he know my name I am so confused as if the day we already met on that designated day.

After years of acting as Tiarozety, did I really become Tiarozety

Looking at the day when I couldnt ask anything like this, I felt like I became a scared person like him.

I belatedly found Daisy still bowing on her stomach, looking around for something to say.

After all, he turned around without asking any simple questions.

“Daisy is not at fault.

I was just frozen because I was still half asleep.”

“Okay then.”

Lexion touched his cheek.

He spoke briefly to Daisy.

“Get out then.”

“Yes, duke… Ive been very rude.

Then, Tiarozety.”

Daisy quietly left the barracks with a sullen face.

There was a long silence after that.

Lexion didnt say anything while I was eating.

He just sat across from me and stared at me.

In a place where the awkward air has loomed around, hes like a fool for saying stuff that his subordinates will come to call me.

He looked so sad.

I couldnt bear to talk to him even when he left the barracks at a sad pace.

There were many changes for Lexion.

Its a little bit of a thing.

The first one is his style.

He used to dress neatly at home, but now he is dressed loosely with a couple of shirt buttons undone.

His hairstyle has changed.

The pomade hair, which had been neatly swept up, is calmly covering his forehead.

There is a huge difference compared to the previous time when I woke up.

Thats not the end of a lot of his previous appearances.

Unlike before, he had a light and familiar tone.

He showed me that much in his previous life because I was the only survivor of the Isol tribe.

His expression was intended to give preferential treatment to those who left the clan and became representatives of the race.

In addition, the Isol tribe are rare species with special abilities.

The value of my existence is quite high because such a species was exterminated by the evil dragon.

So the imperial family was after me.

The title of the only one, “Isol,” is a great asset of the imperial family and a moving accessory.

In this life, did the royal family know the tragedy of the Isol tribe in advance, and send Lexion to prevent it

If thats the case, they might try to keep me in the imperial family.

What does Lexion want to do with me

In the original book, he hid my identity.

When he was belatedly caught by the imperial family, Lexion had been in trouble taking full responsibility.

Isol is a tribe that did not belong to any country.

Their residence is also unknown because they did not interact with other races.

Thats why Isols disaster was belatedly discovered in the original book.

No one knew where they lived.

It wasnt the first time it was discovered by the search party as it is now.

A commoner passing by accidentally found a pile of Isols bodies and the Isol disaster was revealed.

At that time, the merchant had already taken Tiarozety, and reports of 10 survivors had entered the imperial family.

“Why has Lexion changed”‘

I was bothered by his changes.

It was a calm surprise.

A faint departure beyond recognition.

But it felt like a huge change for me to know him beforehand.

When I woke up, the search party began to move.

It had been sluggish because of me, but now it is moving.

They headed to the capital to report to the imperial family, not directly back to the north.

If we are diligent, we should arrive at the end of Seirins debutante banquet.

Unlike other aristocrats, the debutante of the woman was held in a grand manner for a week.

The distance from the south to the capital has been quite long, but it is not something that cannot be reached by the stamina of the knights.

Even so, if they rest often, they may not be able to arrive in time.

The procession often took a break, and my insides felt nauseous.

At this rate, I am afraid that Seirin and Lexion would not meet.

Then the novel would not proceed at all.

Unlike my nervousness, the knights moved slowly and repeatedly rested.

It is strange that so many people were taking a break even though I was the only one injured.

Somehow, I felt like the Knights were moving around and checking my physical condition.

At least, the pace of the march accelerated thanks to them renting a wagon from the village where they stayed just before.

I opened the window in the carriage in full swing.

At that time, when I met eyes with a knight, I suddenly felt solemn.

I looked at them with thin eyes.

‘Somethings fishy…

The movements of the knights have been suspicious since before.

The knights chatted, but stopped talking when they made eye contact with me.

It is as awkward as a person caught telling ones story as if it was about that person.

‘Are you cursing at me already

Around the time, Daisy, who was walking next to the carriage, greeted me gladly.

“Tiarozety, its frustrating to be in the carriage, isnt it It just so happens that the Duke will be in town soon, he wants to take a break there.”

“Isnt the schedule going to be delayed for no reason I think we have a long way to go to the Imperial Palace…… but what if we cant make it on the last day of the banquet”

“No, thanks to you, they are taking it easy.

Dont worry, we will reach the last banquet.”


Lexion and Seirin have to meet.

I am nervous about the delay in the meeting between Seirin and Lexion.

I wondered what would happen if she couldnt even meet him while we are going so slow.

‘What happens to this novel if that happens Am I stuck here forever

Daisy rolled her eyes as I murmured with a sullen face.

She called me with a gesture, wondering if she would take a look around for a while.

She whispered in my ear as she lowered my head on her mouth.

“In fact, the Duke ordered us not to move too hard because you dont seem to be feeling well.”


“This is a secret okay Just pretend you dont know okay Otherwise, Ill get in trouble.”

Daisy smiled beautifully and took her index finger to her mouth.

Unlike her bright smile, I was dazed.

I couldnt comprehend why he is so considerate of me.

I felt as if I were receiving his attention.

It was about to get hot for a while, but soon it cooled down.

What are you going to do with this

I am just a traveler but why are you making me feel this way

Lexion is a kind person.

Hes trying to be nice to me because he feels sorry for me, who was covered in a pile of dead bodies.

It is useless to give meaning to his actions.

Its up to me to get hurt.

I am determined not to assume his pure intentions.

After a while, as Daisy said, the Knights stopped at a village.

The carriage door opened and a familiar blackhead came and held out a big hand.

“Hold my hand.”

“Oh, its okay.

I can get off on my own…”

“Dont say no.

Catch my hand.”

Lexion smiled softly and held out his hand even more intently.

I grabbed his hand and got out of the carriage with an expression of helplessness.

His hand that is touching mine somehow tickled.

I decided to try to find out the reason for the strange scent of the knights.

In the original book, the commander who was sent to investigate the Isol disaster was Gregory Aden Lexler.

After the Isol tribe disappeared, Gregory set up a search party to investigate the commoners report of finding a pile of corpses.

Even before the report, there were a lot of complaints saying that the rotten smell was coming out of the mountain.

The result says there were zero survivors.

It ended with the extermination of all the Isol tribes.

But now Lexion is accompanying me.

What is even more strange is the size of the search party.

Before the return, a very small number of imperial knights had participated in the search.

Now, the Black Knights and the Imperial Knights, Lexions soldiers, are participating in the search side by side.

The small number of people is rather large.

This isnt the only reason I was trying to talk with Gregory.

In fact, Gregory looked after me all the way to the capital city.

Gregory glanced at me often.

At the same time, when I tried to make eye contact, he would turn his head quickly, and had never said anything properly.

If I talk to him first, it is hard to ask because he is with Lexion.

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Then one day, Lexion left without a trace.

“Wheres the Duke”

“The Duke He left earlier to meet Chief.”

Daisy answered my question in a gentle way.

I then smiled out of remorse when I heard that Lexion had gone to work.


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