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‘It’s just like the preview.’

I just stared blankly at Gregory’s remarks.

Whether I speak or not, the scheduled event itself cannot be thwarted.

Seirin livened up by the word party.

“Oh, that would be great.

Just to greet the nobles living in Bael.”

“That’s right.

A party is the best way to get close.

Don’t you think so, Lexion”

Gregory shuddered and tapped Lexion on the shoulder.

Seeing him squint his eyes, he seemed to be asking him not to go any further.

After all, if it’s the princess’s request, he would be nervous that she would continue to make a fuss.

Then Lexion sighed and talked.

“All right.

If you let me know the date you want, I’ll arrange the party.”

“Thank you for your consideration, Lord Lexion.”

“Not at all.”

“Then can I ask you for one more thing To be precise, it is a request to Miss Tiarozety.”


Lexion blurted out when my name was mentioned.

Then Seirin smiled brightly at me and said,

“Actually, I’m a little shy.

I’d like Miss Tiarozety to attend to me for a while.”

“Didn’t you have a maid with you” Moreover, Tiarozety is not a servant.”

“Oh, to be exact, I meant I needed a friend to talk to.

I just need you to drink tea with me…can’t you”

Seirin asked with a gentle glance.

It was burdensome to look at Lexion and her alternately.

‘Was Seirin always this tactless’

She was considerate of me in that it was a request, not an order.

She’s trying to make it impossible to say no.

‘Well, Seirin is also a member of the royal family.

It is only natural that there is no hesitation in making such a request.’ 

“I’ll do it if you don’t mind.”

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I did not want Lexion to be in trouble any longer, so I readily agreed.

At this, Seirin smiled bashfully and held my hand tightly.

“Thank you, Miss Tiarozety.”


Since that day, tea time with Seirin has almost become my daily routine.

When I went to her villa, Seirin was busy taking care of everything.

For example, it’s like this.

“The tea smells very good.

What kind of scent do you like”

“I like savory scents.”

“It’s a savory scent……so Julie tea from the Kingdom of Langte would be palatable.

Betty, bring Julie’s tea.”

“Yes, Princess.”

A blonde maid named Betty gave out Julie tea after being ordered.

“Go ahead and drink it.

If it suits your taste, I’ll order a maid and send it to Miss Tiarozety”

“No, you don’t have to…”

“Oh, do you feel pressured because it’s expensive tea leaves Tea is supposed to be drunk with good leaves.

Don’t turn down my sincerity.”

As I am of a minority race, She seemed to think that my experiences and social literacy would be limited. 

‘While I was in the imperial family, I already ran through all the expensive tea leaves.’

In the past, when I was living in the Imperial Palace.

I remember being despised by Kronos for not being able to distinguish a single tea leaf.

‘If you’re going to look like a lowly race, get out of here.

A good for nothing that lives off the royal family, believing in one small power.’

Maybe Kronos’ mouth was made of a rag.

If it wasn’t for that, he wouldn’t be able to say such harsh words to people’s faces.

In comparison, Seirin was an angel.

“Thank you.

I’ll drink it well, Princess.”

In the end, I was given a bag of Julie’s tea as a gift that day. 

Today, Seirin went to meet Emelia, so I was enjoying my time alone after a long time.

“How are you, Lady”

“Ah, prince.”

Now the siblings are interfering with my rest in pairs.

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Gregory sat in front of me and thrust his face with his chin propped when I showed little welcome. 

“What are you doing alone”

“Just meditation.”

“Meditation… I guess you’re upset, too.

You meditated all of a sudden.”

I’m nervous because I don’t know when the preview will tie me up with you.

If you don’t train your mind, you might be flustered and swayed.

But I secretly changed the subject while hiding my true intentions.

“You’re saying ‘too’ too, I think the Prince is upset, not me.”

“Oh, no.

I got caught.”

Gregory patted the back of his head as if embarrassed. 

And he said-

“This is, somehow, it’s kind of hard to hide something in front of young lady.”

No, it’s not.

I quickly stood up as it seemed that Gregory was trying to send a comment dedicated to the male protagonist, such as, ‘I think you’re something special.’

“Oh, I see.

Why is the prince upset”

“Huh What is it”

Gregory’s eyes sparkled with wonder.

I gave a sly answer.

“Just by looking at his face, he looked bored to death.

Maybe it’s because there’s no woman.”

“…That’s ridiculous.

Do you think I’m bored to death when I don’t have a girl”


“Don’t speak with your eyes, miss.”

Gregory grunted like a ghost, grasping the meaning of my silence.

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

“The attitude of the apologist is very disrespectful.”

“Sorry! Prince! How dare I come to Arden’s glorious descendants… Urp!”


Why don’t you be quiet Who do you want to see embarrassed to death, miss”

Gregory hated it when I apologized loudly and exaggeratedly.

He covered my mouth with his hand, so I couldn’t continue. 

After a while, Gregory let me go, frowned and protested. 

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“Why are you so hard on me, miss You were a gentle sheep in front of Lexion.”

“That’s because Zion and the Prince are different.”

“What’s the difference After all, I saved your life too.”

Gregory grumbled with a slightly disappointed face. 

‘I know.

Why did I happen to like Lexion’

I just couldn’t answer and smiled bitterly.

“Why aren’t you talking What’s the difference”

Gregory grilled persistently, and I uttered nothing.

“Well, your hair color is different.

Oh, different eyes, different facial features…”

“Are you kidding me, miss”


Why do you keep asking People are embarrassed.”

As I tried to cover it up with a laugh, Gregory pulled his upper body back and leaned on the back of the chair. 

“Oh my, Don’t talk.”

He seemed to have given up.

But for a moment, Gregory said, tilting his upper body again. 

“Miss, I’m bored.

Do you want to go out”


At that moment, the book was activated and a loud notification sounded.

– Surprise mission! Let’s suggest a boat ride for the bored Prince Gregory.

The details follow below. 

With these words, the book opened a guide window.

I skimmed it without Gregory’s knowledge. 

[Event Location: Tier River, famous for the river that never freezes.

Event reward: Expansion of the love front with Gregory] 


Boating in this weather.

Besides, the reward isn’t a reward.

The Tier River doesn’t freeze, so it wasn’t impossible at all.

Nevertheless, the reason why I did not readily consent was because the place was on the water.

‘You’re not going to throw me into the river for the sake of love lines.

That’s very difficult.’

When I shot the book hard, the guide said,

– Hurry up and say yes! The main mission will be penalized for rejection.

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I said reluctantly.

“…Do you like boating, Prince”

“Going on a boat In this weather”

Gregory asked back with a look of bewilderment.

Indeed, it would have been ridiculous to ask him to go boating in Bael, which is cold 365 days a year.

‘That’s what I want to say to the book.

What a sight to go boating in this weather.

Really, the method of developing.’

I don’t know why I had to convince Gregory, but I had no choice but to listen because it threatened me with a penalty.

I hesitated and added an explanation.

“It’s a sunny day for Bael.

Besides, it won’t be too cold because there are magic tools on the yacht.”

“Hmm, boating… where are you going”

“There’s a river called the River Tier that doesn’t freeze.

The water was so clear that I couldn’t tell the difference between the sky and the river, and it felt like I was in the sky.”

“It must be your favorite place.

Seeing that you’re talking a lot.”


There wasn’t a place in Bael that I didn’t like. 

The only time in my first life that was like a light was all the days in Bael.

“Since you’re bored, I was just trying to suggest an unusual activity.”

As I continued with what I had said, Gregory replied with a smirk. 

“Okay, let’s go.”

Then he jumped up and held out his hand.

The light gesture seemed a little exhilarating as if it was a butterfly. 

I pressed his hand gently and said.

“The escort is fine.”

“What’s wrong with this This is my pleasure.

Don’t take away my pleasure, young lady.”

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Gregory grabbed my hand with those words and started escorting me. 

He was a reckless and unruly prince.

It was not polite to take the hand back, so I was quick to give up.

I let out a deep sigh behind his back.

‘Yeah, let’s just think of it as work.

It’s like a business trip where you can go back home once you’ve completed your given tasks steadily.’

After a while, the book guided me. 

– Since you accepted the date, you enter the main stage of the male and female protagonists.

We have prepared a simple event for dramatic effect, so stay tuned. 

‘Hmph, I don’t need it.’ 

I lightly ignored the words of the book and headed for the River Tier.


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