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Chapter 55

Hi! Since the previous translator dropped this, I will be continuing from where she left off cause I’m really enjoying this novel 


Aiden blinked at my question.

After a while he replied.

“Oh, I was in the villa that day.”

“Then maybe the day he had a nightmare … … .”

“Yes, it was that day.

I was surprised when the Duke suddenly screamed.”

Aiden muttered as if it were vivid.I was surprised at the remark and asked back.

“He screamed…”

Lexion, who rarely gets excited, wakes up screaming.

‘What did you dream about…’

“Sir Aiden, do you happen to remember what the Duke shouted”


I went there too late, so I only listened slightly.

I don’t remember exactly what he said.”


Aiden spoke up when I showed great disappointment.

“Oh! Chris might have heard it.

He was the first to run to the Duke.”

“Do you mean Sir Chris Martin”

“Yes, that’s right.”

‘Chris Martin is a little uncomfortable… ‘

He was the one who openly criticised me in my previous life.

‘Without you, the Duke would not have suffered this kind of suffering.’

 ‘Don’t bother him anymore and leave the Sparrow Castle without further inconvenience.

That’s the best you can do.’

Chris regarded Lexion as an idol.

He was even more loyal because he had a past in which he owed Lexion his life.

It must have been terrible for a boss he respected to take up filth because of me alone.

In the end, in the novel, I was shocked by his words and voluntarily went to the imperial family.

When I was lost in thought, Aiden said.

“Are you concerned about the Duke’s nightmare”

“Oh, yes.

A little bit.”

“Then shall I just ask Chris What he heard that day” Aiden suggested with a grin.

I asked hesitantly.

“Would Sir Chris tell you”

Chris was a tight-lipped person when it came to Lexion.

No matter how close Aiden and him were, it was unclear whether he would tell him that.

As I expected, Aiden expressed reluctance.

“Yeah, he may not tell me because he’s so tight-lipped.”

“I’m sure it is…”

“But I’ll give it a try!”

Aiden answered bravely and tapped his chest as if to trust him alone.


Some time after that.

I ran into Chris while taking a walk with Max.

Chris let out a shallow exclamation as soon as he saw me.


With my eyes wide open, I hesitated and waved goodbye.

Because we’ve already recognised each other’s faces.

“Ah, hello”

“You must have been taking a walk.”

Chris bowed his head and said hello.


Max looks bored.”

He glanced back at Max, and then he came closer and touched Max.

“This guy must have really liked Tiarozety.

Seeing him respond graciously to the walk.”

“I gave him some dog treats and we got close quickly.”

“Oh my.

I can’t believe I just had to give you something to eat.

Max, were you such an easy kid”

Chris tickled Max as if he was upset, and Max panted as he stuck out his stomach.

After a while, Max, who couldn’t stand the tickling, clings to my leg and calls for help.

Because of that, the dress was covered with dirt.

“Oh! Max, come here.”

Chris was surprised and tried to pull Max off.

“It’s all right.

Just leave it alone.”

“I’m sorry.

Please wipe it with this first.”

Chris held out his handkerchief.

I thanked him lightly and shook off the dirt with a handkerchief.

After a moment of silence, Chris asked.

“Do you have any inconveniences during your stay”


“Oh, no… I’m going to go ahead then.”

Chris was startled and tried to run away.

‘You just asked me how I was, right’

After making a puzzled face at the unexpected behaviour, I called him quickly.

“Wait! Sir Chris!”

He stopped and turned around.

His eyes widened as if he was surprised by something.

He opened his mouth.

“Did you know my name”

“Oh… I heard it from Sir Aiden.”

“Ah.”Chris nibbled at his lower lip as if he wanted to make a mistake.

I also stared blankly at him too.

I called him, but I didn’t know what to say.

‘Oh, right.

There was that.’

After a moment’s silence, I plucked up the courage to ask him.

“Do you have time”


“Daisy said she was going to make lemon tarts.

Would you like to eat with me”


Chris hesitated and nodded, scratching the back of his head. 

“Oh, Sir Chris is here with you”

Daisy found Chris with me and asked.

Chris nodded in greeting.

“Long time no see, Miss Daisy.”

“I ran into him on the way, so I brought him to eat lemon tarts together.”

“Great job.

I made a lot of them, but I didn’t know what to do because Sir Aiden couldn’t come.”

Daisy smiled and served lemon tarts and black tea on the table.

I offered him a seat, and served a lemon tart out on a plate.

“Daisy is very good.”

“Thank you.”

Chris took the plate and took a bite of the lemon tart.

There was no change in his expression, but it seemed to suit his taste when he ate it two or three more times. 

‘He used to love sweet food.’

I remembered it because Seirin and I often drank tea together.

Seirin, a sociable person, took good care of him, who was blunt.

“Do you like it”

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

“Oh my, it doesn’t seem like empty words.

Have you already emptied the plate”

Daisy grinned and put another lemon tart on the plate.

Chris pursed his lips in awkwardness.

I stared at him like that.

His curly red hair looked very fluffy.

Even before swallowing, he took another bite and looked like a person who ate it sneakily.

“Eat slowly.”

“Oh, it’s my habit to eat quickly.

I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m just saying it because I think you’re going to have an upset stomach.”

She gave him a cup of tea and smiled.

It was already known that his appetite was enormous because of his childhood memories of starving.

“Daisy, pack Sir Chris the rest of the lemon tart.”

“Oh, shall we”


Chris blinked at my command.

Seeing his eyes sparkling, he must have wanted to eat more. 

Then Daisy whispered to me.

“Lady, ask him that.”


“Do you have anything to say”

Chris asked me as if he heard Daisy whispering.

Maybe because he was full, he had a light smile on his lips.

It’s the right time to ask questions when you’re happy with satiety, but somehow I hesitated to ask.

As I hesitated, Daisy opened her mouth.

“Do you remember the day when you were stranded in the villa because of the heavy snow”


“I heard the Duke was screaming that day.”

“He was.”

Chris replied with a rather stiff face.

Daisy asked more.

“What did he say No, did you notice any strange signs that day” 

“Why are you curious about that”

Chris asked in a rather sharp tone.

Perhaps the situation of digging behind Lexion’s back was uncomfortable.

Daisy rolled her eyes at Chris’ sharp reaction.

“Oh, that’s…”

I thought I couldn’t, so I added more words.

“Actually, I heard something from Prince Gregory.”

“What are you talking about”

“The Duke entered the capital knowing in advance that the Esol disaster would occur.”


“I’m the only survivor of Esol.

I wonder how the Duke found out about it, and I think I have the right to know.”

Chris lowered his eyes as I spoke calmly.

He seemed to be troubled when I talked about being the only survivor.

He thought for a moment and opened his mouth.

“There was nothing unusual about the Duke that day.

But when he woke up at dawn, he was very excited.”

“Is it because of nightmares that he woke up early in the morning”


Out of nowhere, he yelled into the air and said that we should prepare to go to the capital as soon as the sun rises.”

“Into the air Do you remember what he said”


Chris was rolling his eyes as if he were pondering over his memories. 

“Chris, what are you doing here”

“Oh, my lord.”

Chris jumped up and saluted when he found Lexion. 

Lexion approached and said,

“Stop talking nonsense and get going.”

“Ah…I will.

Excuse me, Miss Tiarozetti.”

Chris glanced at me and then backed away.

I looked at Lexion, who interrupted me at the crucial moment with a slightly disapproving look.

“You should have come a little later…”

Lexion asked while gazing in my eyes.

“What were you talking about”

“It wasn’t a big deal.”

I replied, sighing helplessly.

Lexion, who looked at me curiously, sat across from me.

Daisy poured tea into the new teacup.

He lightly savoured the tea and talked.

“I got a call from Greg.”

“The prince”


They’re going to arrive in Bael soon.”

Gregory’s coming to Bael

I asked with a puzzled look at the sudden news of his visit.

“What brings him to Bael… …what happened to the capital”

“Well, he has a companion.”

“Who’s with him”

“Seirin Arden Werbel.

She’s coming with him.”

Lexion took a sip of tea, spitting out her name indifferently. 

I can’t believe Seirin and Gregory are coming together.

Does that mean that the novel is going to develop the next story

I jumped out of my seat thinking I should read the book.


“I’ve got something I need to do urgently, so I should get going!”

With those words, I left Lexion and hurried to my room.


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