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(3rd person pov)


September 10, 408 in Athens.


Another evil dragon attacked the capital.


It had been about two months since the first raid.


The capital, which had been nervous from previous events, began to tremble with anxiety once again.


Fortunately, because the defense walls were strengthened, the evil dragon did not invade the capital as before, but it was enough to arouse fear in the citizens.


The emperor asked with a frown.


“Have you contacted the Duke of Sparrow”


"That… There was no reply.”




The emperor asked sharply at the unexpected answer.


“Seeing that the communication itself is not working, it seems that the communication on the other end is broken.”


The Marquis of Brittany, sweating profusely, looked into the Emperor's eyes.


It had been a week since the raid occurred, but there was no movement from the Sparrow side.


Everyone was puzzled because the Duke of Sparrow would normally send volunteers before they even contacted him when something happened in the capital.


Nevertheless, the reason he insisted saying ‘the communication on the other end was broken’ was because he was such a trustworthy person.


In addition, there was also a straw.


The Marquis glanced at the emperor and muttered to himself.


'After kicking him out like that, I'm sorry you're looking for the duke.'


However, the emperor, who did not know his true intentions, was expressing his uneasy feelings with a hardened face.


At that time, the gatekeeper informed them that someone had come to the audience.


“Princess Seirin has come to visit.”


“Come in.”


The door opened and Seirin entered.


The emperor beckoned her to wait for a moment and ordered the marquis.


“Wait a little longer.

If there still is no contact, send a messenger to Bael.

Evil dragons are prowling around the capital, so hurry up and come to the Imperial Castle.”


“Currently, all roads to Bael are blocked.

Hakun is the safest area...”


The Marquis looked in trouble, unable to speak.


A couple of months ago, requests for support from the Hakun area had come in, but they were ignored every time.


It said that the Duke of Sparrow managed to prevent it from becoming fixed.


However, it was said that it takes a lot of time for the area to revitalize as before because the human casualties are serious and the land has died out a lot.


How would he react if the imperial knight asked you to open the waterway to Bael


‘I want to swear.’


The Marquis groaned and looked into the Emperor's eyes.


"Why don't you finish speaking, Marquis Brittany"


“Never mind.

I’ll do as you said.”


“Then get going.”


At the emperor's order, the Marquis of Brittany slightly bowed down.


While the marquis and the emperor were having a conversation, the maids prepared refreshments.


After a while, when the emperor was seated at the table, Seirin came up to him and asked.


“Are you going to send someone to Bael”



I can't get in touch with the Duke of Sparrow, so I have no choice but to go there myself."


“You’re out of touch with Duke Sparrow”


Seirin opened her eyes wide in surprise.


The emperor responded by taking a sip of the tea.


“I’m sure he’s protesting because I sent him away like that.”


“There must be circumstances.

He’s not that kind of person.”


Seirin spoke as if defending Lexion, then she took a cake and brought it to the Emperor's lips.


“Are you taking his side in front of me now You're getting me upset, Seirin."


The emperor took the cake and ate it, revealing his discomfort.


Seirin smiled lightly and opened her mouth.


"If the Duke of Sparrow is really protesting, I don't think he's going to send any messengers."


“How dare he refuse me If it’s the imperial family, he should definitely come.”


“The Duke of Sparrow is not someone who would follow just because of intimidation.”


In response to Seirin's strong reaction, the emperor put down the teacup.


For a moment, the Emperor glanced at her, and then he murmured.


“Looking at you, you seem to have an idea.”


At this, Seirin smiled softly and said.


“Still, the knights of the Imperial Palace are enough.

I don't think you need to worry in advance."


“The capital is the future of the empire, so we should be prepared for any possible danger.”


“Then how about doing this”


Seirin smiled bashfully, and she continued.


“I will go to Bael.”





If it is true that he is really protesting, it would be better for the royal family to visit him in person.”


“You are right.”


“I will go and check the situation and see what he is thinking.”


“But if you go suddenly without a reason…”


After the emperor hesitated, Seirin opened her mouth again.


“A long time ago, my friend in Bael would send me letters to come over to play.

If I say I’m on vacation to see my friend, there's nothing he can do to stop it.”


“The road ahead is still dangerous.

If something goes wrong, what will this father do”


The emperor spoke in an affectionate tone.


Seirin smiled at his warm gaze and said.


“If you’re really worried, let brother Gregory go with me.

He's friendly with Lord Lexion, so it'll be easier to convince him."



I will prepare for that.”


The emperor gave a satisfied smile and patted Seirin on the shoulder.


* * *


(1st person pov)


Last night, Aiden arrived safely in Bael.


He had come late in the evening, and it was not until morning that I found out he had returned.


“Sir Aiden!”


I was happy to see Aiden and raised my voice.


He knelt on one of his knees and opened his mouth.


“Aiden Maximus.

Arrived safely.”


“Welcome, Sir Aiden.

It must have been hard.”


“You seem to have cleared your mind while I was away, Miss Tiarozety.”


Aiden smirked, making a joke.


At this, Daisy intervened.


“Can’t the little girl do anything without Sir Aiden”


“Miss Daisy has a new face expression I have never seen before.

Were you worried about me”




Aiden covered his ears as Daisy squawked.


After a brief glance between the two of them, Aiden said with a smirk.


“I’m here, Daisy.”



Welcome, Aiden.”


Daisy answered with a smirk.


‘After all, I don’t know if the two of you are already dating without me knowing.’


I glanced at the two who exuded a mysterious atmosphere and smiled bitterly.


"It's in full swing.”


Aiden spoke.


“Miss, I have something to tell you.”




“This time, a child named John and his mother also came to Bael.”




My eyes widened at the unexpected news.


I thought he must have died.


I was stunned and unable to say anything, but Aiden said.


"Well… I thought he was dead too, but later I found out that he was still breathing.”



‘Did he avoid death by purifying from Asta’


The chance of a human being who had undergone magical transformation to that extent to survive was slim.


So it must be clear that my power had an effect.


‘Maybe he survived because of the book.’


I was relieved to hear the news of John's family, which had been burdening me the whole time.


“Did his brother come with There was also a brother at the time.”


“His brother was already dead from the shock of a mutilated tongue.”




“Actually, the Hakun area rejected them.”


“Isn’t he the culprit behind the mess”



He thought he might be stoned to death if he stayed.”


Aiden answered with a confused face.


Whether it was by chance or it was inevitable that John became the host, it didn't matter to the victims.


They just couldn't get out of the dreary reality, so they were looking for someone to curse at.


“Good job, Sir Aiden.”



I saw earlier that he got to work in Sparrow Castle.”


"Oh yeah"



It seems that the Duke was also taking care of himself.”


Aiden let out a big laugh and trembled softly.


I said with a smile.


“Because the Duke is a kind person by nature.”


"Is that so It seems that he is only kind to the young lady.

He’s a scary boss for me.”


“Ah, even if you say that, you respect him a lot.”



That's true, but when I was suddenly asked to go to the capital, I wanted to withdraw."




“I was going to go to the circus show I really wanted to see that day, but I was dragged away.

Even now, I regret it.

It was a tour for the first time in several years…”


Aiden frowned at the thought of that time, and I felt sorry for him.


‘It seems that the show you wanted to see is really true.’


Seeing Aiden grunting like a child, I smiled.


Then he continued.


“It’s still a mystery what nightmares he is having in the villa.”




I asked, surprised to hear that he had a nightmare at the villa.


‘If it’s a villa, are you talking about that day’


As my expression grew serious, Aiden hurriedly explained.


“Oh, don’t get me wrong.

The duke is very healthy.



He thought I was worried about Lexion, so he exaggeratedly talked about it.


But that wasn't what surprised me.



If it was Aiden, they might have been together that day.’


I hurriedly grabbed Aiden and asked.


“Were you there that day at the villa because of the heavy snow”


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