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'He's not dead yet.

I completely forgot.’


Come to think of it, when Emelia helped the beggar child, she seemed overly sensitive about death.


She must have been more indignant at the thought of her brother.


I carefully interrupted their conversation.


“Is her brother very sick”


“Actually, he was not feeling well before, but recently he suddenly became more ill.

He falls so often that he cannot be left alone for a moment.”


“Besides, he is dependent on the family.

Someone told her to stick around so he can be safe.”


The ladies sighed deeply.


As I was listening to the story, Sophie opened her mouth.


“He has been affected since the day he went hunting, so I suspect he may have been poisoned.”




My eyes widened at the word poison.


“Then it’s not a chronic disease, is it”


“Ah, this is my guess… In fact, he was weak from the beginning.

It only got worse after that day.”


Sophie closed her mouth as quickly as a clam.


‘If it’s a symptom of poisoning, I might be able to help.’


In the case of a serious illness, the exhaustion of vitality is enormous, which puts a strain on the body, but trauma or poisoning could be treated relatively easily.


Then the butler came.


“I’m really sorry during the tea party.

I think we have to break up the meeting today.”




"Sorry for the inconvenience."


The butler bowed at a right angle and apologized.


The girls left their seats one by one, and I also returned to Sparrow Castle in the waiting carriage.


* * *


“Oh, you met Hegel.”


Lexion responded by sprinkling condensed milk on the sorbet.


I said, taking a sorbet from him.


“I haven’t been able to meet him.

But isn't the young master of Brandt’s body very bad”


“They say he has a few days left to live.”


“After hunting, I heard that he suddenly became ill.

Is it poison”


At my question, Lexion looked at me.


“He was originally weak, and he got infected with the poison of a beast while hunting.”




“When we struggled in Hakun, it is said that the Beasts of Bael attacked us.

Hegel, who went hunting in the Carmel Forest, was not able to respond and suffered.”


Lexion spoke as if it was a pity.


Since he had weak immunity, he was directly exposed to the poison of the beast, so it was easy to get sick.


“Did Miss Brandt come to Bael because of him”


“Hegel was so weak that he wanted Marquis Brandt to come.”


"So it’s like that…”


The Brandt family must have an heir, so it would have been better to set up Emelia instead of Hegel because they never knew when he would die.


“I heard that Hegel directly asked for it, so Emelia cleaned up immediately and settled in Bael.”


"I see."


It felt like I knew the other side of Emelia I didn't before.


If I was born with a weak body, my strength wouldn't help.


But the poison could have been solved…


Emelia's face, which had become somewhat contemplative, passed by.


It was then.


"Why You want to treat him”


Lexion looked at me quietly and asked a question.


“I don’t think poison would be too difficult.”


“It’s no use.”




“Even if it wasn’t for that poison, he would have died anyway.”


Lexion responded indifferently and wiped his lips with a napkin.


It sounded so heartless.


Besides, there was something suspicious about his words.


‘He would have died if it wasn’t for that poison anyway It’s like saying you already know that for sure.’


My heart started beating wildly.


“How does Zion know that”


When I asked in a trembling voice, Lexion stood tall and stopped.


It was around the time when he had a troubled expression on his face for a moment.


It was then that Theo came to the restaurant and said,


“Duke, you have a visitor.

I said that you were on a break, but she was so reckless…”


“Come later…”


“Excuse me, Duke.”


Before Lexion could finish his words, a woman popped in.


I thought there was going to be a quarrel outside, but it seemed like she had come in.





Lexion called her in a stiff tone.


“I’m sorry.

It was very urgent, so I came to see you with this rudeness.”


“What are you doing”


"That is…”



Brandt crouched, unable to continue her words.


She glanced at me and then she suddenly fell to her knees.


"Please! Please save my son!”



Brandt, this is difficult.”


Lexion called her with a troubled face.


I, too, looked at her in embarrassment.


The woman I saw in the past was a very noble lady.


I seldom see her bending over, but she was kneeling at me.


And to save her son.


Although I could not fully understand the feelings of parents with a sick child, I seemed to have a vague understanding from her earnest eyes.


She looked very urgent.




Just as I was about to open my mouth, Arnold walked in.


He hurriedly bowed his head and apologized.


“I’m sorry, Duke.

My wife must have lost her reason for a moment.”




"Let's go.

What kind of crap is this Even you were well aware that there is a limit to Esol’s power.”





Brandt swallowed her tears.


'Yesterday, her son's condition got really bad.'


Hegel Brandt might die sooner that even she had lost her reason.


‘But you can’t save everyone.’


Esol's power was not infinite.


Because life force is the healing power, the limit was set.


‘I feel better after using Asta, but it would still be better not to do it.’


But ignoring it is a very guilty thing.


But indiscreet favors are poison.


In my life before the return, I was taken advantage of countless times.


Even those who were grateful at first were angry that I did not treat them later.


And they knew that my power was consuming my lifespan.


'The love of humanity almost ran out.

I could have been a little contemplative at the thought that it wasn't my life, but...

It was hard though.’


Lexion grabbed my hand as if he had felt me hesitating implicitly.


Then he quietly shook his head.


‘It’s like you read my mind.’


I turned away from them by lowering my head.


While the Brandts disappeared, Lexion didn't say anything either.


The next day, Emelia came to see me.


I was bewildered by her sudden visit as she lowered herself.


“I’m really sorry, Miss Tiarozety.”


"Ah… No.

Is everything okay with Mrs.




After she calmed down, she was very apologetic.

My mother wanted to come, but she was lying down, so I came instead.”


Emelia responded.


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help you.”


She waved her hand when I apologized.



On the contrary, thank you for refusing my mother's request.”




“Once you start, you’ll end up doing it continuously in the future.

You handled it well.”


“…I'm sorry."


Her courageous answer rather amplified my regret.


But Emelia frowned at my repeated apologies.


“Don’t keep saying you’re sorry.

No one can blame you for turning down her request.”




“It’s the power that gnaws at life.

I’m grateful just from my heart, so please don’t be sorry anymore.”


"Yes… Thank you, Miss Brandt.”


Her advice for me somehow made my heart flutter.


She laughed bashfully and said.


“By the way, it’s a pity that the tea party ended like that.”


“I’ll be there next time.

If you invite me, I will go anytime.”


“I think it will be difficult for a while.

My younger brother has been anxious lately, so it's hard to leave his side.”




“I would like to ask you to come, but I can’t.”


Emelia shook her head and spoke brightly.


The Emelia I knew was not here.


Maybe I didn't know her properly before.


She seemed like a kinder person than I thought.


"I understand.

When it's okay, call me then."



Oh, and please feel free to call me Emelia.

It's embarrassing that you keep calling me Miss Brandt.”


She smiled softly.


I just responded in amazement.


“Well then, please feel free to call me Tiarozety too.”



Is that alright, Tiarozety”






Then see you later.

I can’t be away for a long time.”



Be careful, Emelia.”


Emelia smiled cheerfully and left.


She took off in her carriage as I had a blank expression on my face.


Can I make friends with the people here


It was becoming a little more difficult to separate the previous life with this one, perhaps because I am much more free now than before the return.


I didn't even know it was because the restrictions on my role had loosened, and the people approaching me had changed.


‘This makes me feel like I’m becoming the real Tiarozety.’


It was about time to laugh at such an absurd thought when Daisy, who was next to me, pricked up and called out.


“Miss Tiarozety”


I quickly shook my head.





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