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Lexion looked at Tiarozety, who was tired of crying in his arms.


He ran his hand through her long, smooth silver hair.


The feel of her hair was too soft.


Her milky skin was red from the heat.


Tears were evident on her face.


As he recalled the tears she couldn't stop even after wiping, one side of his heart was still pounding.


Earlier, she seemed to be screaming.


She was saying it was lonely, it was hard, and she couldn't stand it.


‘…So she wants to go back.’


He thought.

But he couldn't do anything.


No, he didn't do it on purpose.


Because her wishes and his wishes were diametrically opposed.


“I can’t do that…”


Lexion kissed her lightly on the forehead, who muttered to herself.


She was so precious that he felt he shouldn’t even touch her, but the conflicting impulses arose to the point that he wanted to do whatever was to his heart's content.


What will she say when she finds out the truth


Lexion smiled coldly, thinking of her, who would be drenched in betrayal.


Will she become angry and hate him for having blocked her way


Or will she beg him to let her go


No matter how she reacted, as long as she stayed by his side, he could bear it all.


So it was a decision.


Then someone knocked and came in.






Lexion hushed him.


Then Oscar stopped.


Lexion pointed straight at the door with a chin gesture, and he opened her door wide as Oscar recognized it.


Lexion walked out while holding Tiarozety, being careful that she would not wake up from any movement.


Passers-by glanced at them, but no one spoke.


They just pretended they didn't see and sneaked away.


Lexion turned to her room with a still face.


When he reached her room, Daisy, who had been waiting for her, jumped up from her seat in surprise.


“Duke, I’ll do it.”


“I’ll do it, stop.”


Lexion gave a brief order.


Daisy flinched, bowed deeply, and hurriedly left her seat.


Lexion laid Tiarozety on her bed and covered her tightly with the duvet.


He then watched her sleep for a while, brushing her hair.


Moments later, he wondered as he slowly got up from his seat and turned towards the drawer rather than the door.


He rummaged through the drawers, picked up a book, and suddenly murmured into the air.




― Traveler, how can I help you


At Lexion's call, the book appeared and answered.


The book seemed to be floating around as if it was constantly being activated.


When a bizarre voice resounded in the room, Lexion gave orders with piercing eyes.




* * *


(1st person pov)


The next day, a small, dwarf man came with courtesy.


“My name is Vector.

You called me.”


I looked at Vector with an apologetic look.


It was due to the fact that I had called him yesterday and went to see Lexion and got things mixed up.


I begged Daisy for once more when I heard that Vector had returned after being tired of waiting.


“I’m sorry for yesterday.

The Duke suddenly called.”



You don’t have to worry about it.”


Vector waved his hand.


The look on his face showed no sign of anger.


Rather, he seemed to be observing me with a curious expression.


He asked in a stern tone.


“Then why did you call me”




I hesitated to ask.


It was because I, who was just a stranger to him, would make him think it was strange if I wondered about Lexion's past.


Then Vector added his words to ease my burden.


“Speak comfortably, Miss Tiarozety.”


“Before the Duke left for the capital… I was wondering what happened at the villa.”




Vector let out a shallow sigh at my question.


He pondered for a moment before answering.


“I remember that the whole area was overturned and suffered because of snow.

There was nothing special about the villa.”


"Is that so I heard that the atmosphere was serious...”


"Well, it's not easy to know the duke's every move.

Sorry for not being of much help.”


With my disappointing glow, Vector answered awkwardly.


After all, it would be difficult for a worker who runs small errands to know the owner's situation in detail.


I thanked him for his kind reply.


"I'm sorry for calling you twice."


Vector listened to my apology and made a cautious suggestion.


“…If you have any questions, maybe I can find out more.”




“I made quite some acquaintances with the knights while doing small errands.

Let me ask them a quick question.”


“Can you really do that”


As soon as I heard Vector's words, I asked with a smile.


It was welcoming words as I was worried that it would end without any results.


Then Vector replied loudly.


There was a lot of energy in the pounding up to his chest.


"Of course! It’s the command of the hostess of Sparrow Castle.

This is easy.”




I spat out the tea I was drinking, startled by his remarks.


“Oh, my lady! Are you okay"


Daisy quickly pulled out a napkin and held it out.


I rubbed my lips and asked.


“The hostess Did you say that to me just now”




This time, Vector exclaimed in surprise.


I had no idea why he was surprised.


For a moment, Vector's gaze met with silence.


It was obvious that both of us were embarrassed.


Vector asked, who first came to his senses.


“Excuse me, lady, are you not here to marry him”


"What! No! How dare I take such a high seat…”


‘I can’t be happy with someone else.

It has to be you.’


I couldn't keep up because I remembered the words that Lexion whispered last night.


Even if his heart was turned towards me, the difference between him and me was huge.


So it was difficult to understand why Vector and Daisy's expressions darkened as soon as I denied it.


Was it like this originally


Everything was not the same as before.


So it was even more confusing.


I'm not sure if the world I'm in right now is really the world I knew.


The people from Sparrow Castle were calling me ‘the one who might be the hostess’, and Lexion whispering sweet words to me.


This would never have been possible in my previous life.


The world is changing.


Everyone except me.


I don't know why it was so disturbing.


At that time, Vector slowly looked at me and muttered.


“Uh, uh.

I, I, I can't do this...

Miss Tiarozety, can’t you just marry the Duke”




It was an outrageous question.


Can't you just get married


As I became noticeably quieter, Daisy, who had been silent, fired at Vector fiercely.


“Hey! Is marriage a joke The duke is still there, so why are you making a fuss in the first place Do you bow the candles at other people’s parties”


She prioritized my feelings and tried to close the conversation quietly.


But the Vector didn't stop.


“If he were to give you the title of Duchess, you’d be happy to accept it! Is that right, miss”


Vector forced an answer with a sad smile.


When I didn't answer, Vector begged.


“Miss, can’t you just marry him”


"What What is this…”


“If you do that, I will try to find out what happened that day no matter what.”


“Wait, Vector.

Why are you being so tenacious No way… Did you make a bet with the servants again”


"Huh That…”


Vector began to stutter as if he had been stabbed in the corner.


Then Daisy spoke with a stern look on her face.


“If you have the money to do that, save it.

Don't waste all your money like the last time."


“Hey, really.

It’s just a small amount with friends.”


“It’s because it’s not a small amount.

If you force yourself on a young lady like this, you must have bet a huge stake!”


Vector's face turned white from Daisy's remark.


He looked around and made a gesture to be quiet.


"Shh! Quiet.

This is how Oscar will hear you.”


“Don’t I have to say it out loud for you to listen”


But Daisy didn't quiet down.


Vector groaned and shouted a little.


"Daisy! Why do you keep behaving rudely”


“Then why are you making it so difficult Whether you get your money back or not, it's up to her."


As Daisy spat out her voice, Vector stared at me with a dead face.


I didn't want to side with him because he was betting on me.


I asked quietly.


“Did you really bet on me”


“Ah, that… Well…"


Vector licked his lips and twirled his words.


Daisy threatened Vector.


“Can’t you tell the girl the truth”


“Daisy, are you really like this”


He protested in vain, but Daisy was calm.


Vector was then conflicted.


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