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“He was going to the capital Why"


I asked, dazed at Daisy's words.


I wondered if Lexion had learned something that day.


‘Did he know from then on that the Esol disaster would happen’


My heart was pounding and my hands were trembling.


Daisy answered with a puzzled expression on her face.


“That, well… I can't remember anything other than that...”




It was a long time ago.


Daisy suddenly clapped her hand as she was embarrassed by the information.


"Ah! Vector followed that day by a running errand.

He would probably know better than me.”




“Shall I call him”


“Oh, will you”




Daisy answered and left the room.


In the meantime, I counted what she said with my hands.


What the hell happened that day, that he had to go to the capital in a hurry


If you count the date, it was before the invitation to Seirin's debut came.


So it was difficult to see that he had received an invitation and departed.


Also, he didn't have to act so hastily because he got the invitation.


‘When Gregory sees that Lexion suddenly came and told him to go south, he must have known something…'


What made him go to the capital in such a hurry and even to the site of the Esol disaster


Someone knocked.


“Lady, this is Oscar.”


“Yes, come in.”


Oscar came into my room and set a courtesy.


“The Duke is looking for you.”





He told me to guide you to the study.”


Oscar spoke politely.


I quickly adjusted my clothes and followed him.


After a while, when I arrived, Oscar knocked.


“Duke, I have brought Miss Tiarozety.”


"Come in."


At Lexion's command, Oscar opened the door and encouraged me to enter.


As I entered the study, Lexion put down the papers and looked at me.


Then he smiled brightly and took off his glasses.


I was stunned by his appearance and squinted my eyes.


I knew he wore glasses when he worked, so I wasn't surprised by them.


What surprised me was his outfit.


He was wearing a comfortable shirt.


The loose straps made his chest visible at glance.


The sleeves fit snugly without being uncomfortable.


Suddenly, I remembered a conversation I had with him in the past.


‘Aren’t you tired of wearing a suit even at home’


'Well, I’m so used to it, so I don’t know how uncomfortable it is.’


He spoke like that, but he was wearing such a comfortable outfit.


To my surprise, he whispered to Oscar, who smiled and nodded his head.



I will prepare.

Then feel free to talk.”


Oscar said goodbye and left the room.


Lexion said while pointing to the sofa.


“Come and sit down, Titi.”


"Ah… Yes."


I came to my senses and sat down on the sofa.


After a while, a maid came in with tea.


She put lemon tea in front of me and jasmine tea in front of Lexion.


I carefully lifted the mug and drank the lemon tea.


The sweet and sour taste lingered on the tip of my tongue.


I savored it for a while and glanced at him.


He looked a little tired.


I hesitated, then asked him.


“Zion, aren’t you busy with work”


"Why Do I look tired”


"A little bit."


After coming to the Sparrow Castle, he seemed very busy.


So I tried to stay quiet and not see him as much as possible, but he always came.


Every time I offered to take Max for a walk he always followed.


‘Are you deliberately considering me because I asked to go for a walk’


With that thought in mind, I was worried that I might have done something wrong and made him even more tired.


Then Lexion put his elbow on his thigh and muttered.


Naturally, the upper body tilted and the distance narrowed.


“Actually, it was a bit difficult, so I asked you to come.”




"Well…I think seeing Titi will give me some strength.”


Lexion laughed as he spoke those words.


Contrary to the words that he was tired, his black eyes shone brightly.


When I didn’t say anything, he spoke again.


“I am getting energy.”


"Huh… Well."


At Lexion's words, I opened my mouth and stuttered.


His eyes were hot and it was difficult to make eye contact.


My throat tickled and my heart was pounding.


The teacup I was holding trembled.


I grabbed the teacup with both hands, trying to hide what I was conscious of.


Then I responded politely.


“I’m glad you’re feeling energized.

Call me whenever you need me.

I will come again.”




There was joy in Lexion's voice.


I couldn't even look at him and nodded my head.


Then I felt ashamed because I thought my answer was very strange.


Seeing my face will not give you strength.


‘You can call me whenever you like.’


Embarrassed, I only slowly avoided his eyes.


There was silence in the study for a moment.


I lifted my head as the sound of the clock was getting louder and louder.




Then, suddenly, our eyes met and I was surprised.


It was because his eyes were shaking violently.


They looked a little moist.


The moment I was startled by the expression on his face as if he was about to cry, he made excuses.



Dust got in my eyes.”


As he smirked, a single tear streamed down his cheek.


Soon after, he took out a handkerchief and wiped the corners of my eyes.


It didn't seem like it was because of the dust.


It didn't look like he was crying because he was sad.


'It seems like he's happy for some reason...'


But at this time, there didn't seem to be much to be happy about, so I wondered why…


Then he coughed in vain.


He was smiling and embarrassed.


"Mmm, it looks like there was quite a bit of dust.

Should I blow it away”


I joked around to lighten the mood.


However, Lexion nodded and accepted my offer.


“Yeah, blow it.”




“I don’t think it’s gone yet.”


Lexion blinked as if he was serious.


'It was just a joke...'


Without being able to do this or that, I rolled my eyes and eventually got up from my seat.


My side, and my knees, supported the sofa.


Eyes black as obsidian looked up at me.


Without realizing it, I swallowed my saliva.


I slowly raised my hand and ruffled his bangs.


My heart was pounding at will.


My fingertips trembled.


As I looked into his eyes, I felt like I was going to be sucked in.


It was even more so because we were close enough for our breaths to touch.


I spoke calmly.


“Then, I’ll blow there.”




He laughed softly and whispered.


I blew a couple of times.




“A little more.”


“Gee, now”


“A little to the side.”





There… It’s fine.”


As I was about to step back as soon as he finished answering, he grabbed my wrist.


Moist eyes stared at me and said.




“…Yes, Zion”


“Can I hug you just once”




What did I hear just now


I was so startled that I looked down at him with my mouth open.


He let go of my wrist and muttered a little.


“It’s too much now.”


Then, in an instant, his expression became pale as if he had lost his light.


Seeing that, I hurriedly denied it.


“Oh, no! Come on, hug me!”


Then, unconsciously, I spread my arms out.


I acted even more quickly because I felt like I had done something terrible to him.


It's the first time he's ever been so foolish to me.


He laughed out loud at my active response.


“Then I won’t decline.”


He gently hugged me.


Soon after, it smelled good.


It was very warm.


I awkwardly put my hand on his back, startled.


It was because he was wearing a thin shirt and I could feel his hard back muscles intact.


Unknowingly, as I tried to step back, he whispered.


“Hug me tight.”


Then he hugged me tight.


I stood still, hesitating, and put my hand around him again.


Of course, it was an awkward posture.


If there was a limit to the heart rate, it would be right now.


My heart was beating like it was going to explode.


I was concerned about his head resting on my chest.


His posture was as if he was trying to hear my heartbeat.


Then he mumbled softly.


“Your heart is beating fast.

Are you nervous”


“Oh, no.

I didn’t know my heart was beating fast!”


After giving a stupid answer, I closed my eyes tightly.


I was embarrassed and didn't know what to do.


I wanted to retrieve the words I just said and keep them.


But if I can reverse my words, no one in this world will make a mistake.


I wanted to let him out of my arms right away, but he was holding me tight.


After a while, Lexion slowly let me go.


Then he looked up at me.


I was a little shy, so I avoided his gaze, and he grabbed my hand and asked.


“Titi, are you shaking because of me”




“I’m trembling because of you.”


Then he gently placed my hand on his left chest.





His heart was beating so loud that it felt like it was going to explode too.


That action changed the air.


His eyes were so hot that I couldn't stand it.


‘Yeah, because I fell in love at first sight.’


I remembered the confession that Lexion had made in the past.


That confession that I liked.


The sweet whisper again cluttered my mind, and my mouth dried up.


Zion clasped my other hand and brought it to his lips.


His soft lips touched my fingertips.


His gaze was still fixed on me.


I then asked a question.



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