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‘Come to think of it, the two were close even before their return.’

I knew Aiden because he was close to Daisy.

Both were northern natives.

Daisy followed her mother as a maid, and Aiden was recognized for his exceptional skill with a sword, and later became the adoptive son of Count Maximum and learned swordsmanship.

It could have affected their relationship and they might have stopped getting along as they used to.

But regardless of that, the two got along quite well.

Perhaps because Aiden treated Daisy the same as before, their relationship continued.

Daisy asked Aiden coyly.

“So… what were you talking about”

“You don’t need to know Ms.


“Are you going to keep doing that, Sir Aiden”

Suddenly, the two were arguing again.

I stared at them feeling nostalgic.

If they knew my feelings by looking at them, they would ask me why I am looking at them like that.

‘Seeing you both together again… it feels refreshing.’

Actually, both of them were included in the cozy life at the Sparrow Castle I wanted to return to.

“I like it.”

That’s why I spat out such sentimental words.

“What did you say, Miss”

“Yeah, I’m curious too.”

The two of them showed interest in my self-talk rather than fighting.

I simply nodded and replied.

“Just, everything.”


* * *


Lexion and the Black Knights searched the forest together with the other knights belonging to the Hakun Territory.

The reconnaissance teams camped in the middle of the forest and gathered to share the directions of the search.

“Your Excellency, I want you to take charge of the southeast.”

Lord Hakun proposed to Lexion.

The southeast was the narrowest road in the forest.

It was also a good place for a counterattack.

That was why he wanted to entrust the area to the Black Knights, they were more experienced in subjugations.

Lexion agreed.

“That would be the best.

If there is any problem during the search, please contact the communication center immediately.”

“I understand.”

The Lord replied in an energetic voice and headed northwest with his knights.

Then, Lexion and his party started subjugating towards the southeast.


* * *


During my stay in Hakun, Daisy diligently gave me a tour.

After getting ready to go out today, I headed to the lobby with Daisy.

When we arrived- Aiden-who was already waiting, greeted us.

“Where are you planning to visit today” The smile on his face seemed to be accustomed to this kind of outing.

As Daisy began to drag me outside more since I was left alone in the inn, the three of us were maintaining subtle outings.

Hakun was a famous tourist destination, so the three of us went around looking everywhere.

Daisy said, looking at the map the inn manager had given her.

“There is a big zoo in Hakun.”


At my question, Daisy excitedly began to explain.


You can see camels that can only be seen in the Korte area.

That-I mean-a horse with several humps.”

“Daisy, aren’t camels and horses different”

Aiden argued at Daisy’s explanation.

After all, camels and horses are different species, so his words made sense.

The only thing they had in common was their four legs and that they were used as a means of transportation.

Daisy rolled her eyes, crossed her arms at Aiden’s words, but ignored him and asked primly.

“Would you want to go, Miss”

“Yeah, I think it will be fun.”

“I think Daisy wants to go more… Aghk!”

Aiden couldn’t finish his words and groaned.

Daisy ended up kicking his shin to quiet him up.

‘That must have hurt…’

I looked at Aiden with pity, who was trying to pretend it didn’t hurt.

“Then, I’ll escort you to the carriage.”

Aiden put Daisy and I into the wagon one after the other, and then he got on.

The inside of the carriage was very wide, so even the three of us were not cramped.

In fact, Daisy wasn’t the only one excited about going to the zoo; I was excited too.

Looking forward to our outing, I leaned my arm on the window and looked outside.

Daisy asked,

“Did you buy that bracelet too”

“Ah, yeah…” I replied shyly, fiddling with the pearl bracelet on my wrist.

I returned to the inn that day and gave away all the accessories to the servants, and it was the only one left.

Aiden looked at the bracelet on my wrist.

His eyes narrowed.

“Where did I see…”

“Is similar to the necklace the Miss gifted me, too.”

Daisy proudly held out the necklace to Aiden and made a face.

It was like, ‘You didn’t get one from her, did you’ She smirked.

Aiden’s gaze shifted from me to Daisy, he replied bluntly.

“It’s like a pearl necklace around a pig’s neck.”


“Oh, no.

Since you like horses I’ll say it’s li– uhh!”

Daisy pinched his thigh as hard as she could.

He continued speaking without giving up.

“No, the horse’s eyes are pretty– Ughk!”

He paused as Daisy used both hands to pinch his thighs.

It seemed that Aiden’s thighs wouldn’t remain unharmed after that.

Although he was beaten by Daisy, Aiden continued giggling and speaking nonsense as if having fun.

She was the only one who looked annoyed by all that.

‘Now that I see it, Aiden liked Daisy a lot.’

Remembering the crying face of Aiden after Daisy’s death made my heart sank.

Knowing his heart and seeing the two of them again like that, my heart felt warm.

“You two are very close.”

“It’s not like that, Miss!”

“Yes, we’re close.”

The eyes of the two people who answered at the same time turned and met each other again.

Unlike the flames in Daisy’s eyes, Aiden’s eyes looked pleased.

I nodded again.

“Very close.”

“We are not!”

“As I thought, you have good eyes, my Lady.”

Aiden smiled satisfied.

Daisy, who was clearly embarrassed, fanned herself with her hands trying to calm her anger.

Seeing that she was quite flustered, Daisy seemed to have some affection for Aiden too.

‘I hope you both do well this time.’

Just as I was thinking about it, the carriage arrived at the entrance of the zoo.

While Aiden was talking to the horseman, Daisy crossed her arms and said to me,

“Let’s go, Miss.”

“What about Sir Aiden”

“He’s a great knight so he will tag along eventually.”

Daisy mumbled with an angry face.

Suddenly I felt like the third wheel stuck between the two of them on an unplanned date.

I struggled to suppress the laughter that flowed out.

For some reason, I thought that if I smiled here, Daisy would be really pissed off.

“I would have never thought a camel would be such a big animal!”

Daisy said in an excited voice.

Fighting with Aiden before coming to the zoo was already a distant memory in that girl with such a bright smile.

“I didn’t know a camel’s mouth would smell like that…”

I covered my nose and furrowed my eyebrows.

As Daisy said, there was a camel that only existed in the Kingdom of Korte.

There was an experiential event where you can ride a camel, so you have the opportunity to feel what it’s like to drive it yourself.

It was amazing and I was looking forward to it.

But when I went in front of the camel, I saw the camel’s green tongue and I freaked out.

Its tongue was all green from how much grass it ate.

Besides, because they hadn’t brushed its teeth, its mouth smelled like a gutter and my stomach churned.

Unlike me, Daisy seemed to like even that too.

She still couldn’t calm her excitement, she said.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever climbed such a high place.”

“Certainly the camel is tall.”

And it had an awful breath.

If you can overcome bad breath, the camel ride was not a bad experience.

Aiden approached and asked.

“Are you hungry”

“It’s already this time… Shall we go eat, Miss”

“Um, okay.”

“Then, I’ll escort you to a place I have checked in advance.” Aiden took the lead after hearing my reply.

On our way to the restaurant, I saw a familiar figure out the window’s carriage

‘What That…’

I hurriedly ordered Aiden.

“Wait, stop the carriage!”

“Stop the carriage.”

At my command, Aiden said to the coachman.

After a moment, the carriage stopped, and I got off the carriage.

“Uh Miss, where are you going”

Daisy tried to follow me.

A boy looked up blankly at the carriage that had stopped in front of him.

I looked at the boy’s face and frowned.

His face was full of small scars.

One of his eyes was swollen as if he had been beaten by someone.

I approached the boy half glad and half worried.



The boy bowed deeply with a surprised face.

He seemed to recognize me.

I looked sadly at the boy huddling as if he was hiding his face on purpose.

I carefully approached the boy and crouched down to meet his eye level.

Only then did the boy make eye contact with me.

As I smiled at him, the boy’s face brightened and his expression softened.

Daisy, who followed me, asked with a puzzled face.

“Miss, do you know this child”


That necklace, I bought it from this child.”

“Oh my, really”

Daisy answered, fiddling with the necklace around her neck.

Aiden glanced around as I spoke to the unfamiliar child.

I asked the boy.

“Who did you fight with”

The boy shook his head at my serious words.

It seemed he didn’t want to speak.

Seeing him acting so timid in front of me made me feel sad.

I kept talking.

“What is your name”


“That’s a pretty nice name.

Aren’t you selling accessories today”

“…I lost it.”


I opened my eyes wide at the unexpected answer.

The boy continued with a face that looked like he was about to cry.

“I lost all my gold coins that day.”

“To whom”

“…Hiik…” Finally, round marbles-like tears rolled down from the child’s big eyes.

As the boy suddenly burst into tears and began to cry loudly, passersby glanced at us.

Aiden quickly approached us and covered me and the boy.

I didn’t mind the eyes of strangers and stared at the boy, puzzled.

After a moment, the boy spoke with a broken voice.

“I was going to use it for my mother’s treatment, but… My older brother took it.”

“…Why did your brother do that”

“Hiikk- He, he has gambling debts…”

“Miss, it would be better if you don’t meddle in family affairs.”

“That’s right.

The situation is quite pitiful, but if you give any useless help, you might get caught in other business.”

Daisy and Aiden said in unison as if stopping me from making any harsh decision.

John, in front of me, couldn’t keep talking and burst into tears.


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