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“Zi- Zion”

‘Wi- Wife!’

I couldn’t help but stare at Lexion, my eyes were wide open in astonishment.

I was speechless.

I couldn’t believe that such a title would come out of Lexion’s mouth.

I understood the boy could be confused since he was just a child, but I didn’t know what the hell Lexion was thinking of pretending to be a married couple.

When I finally came to my senses I could see the corner of Lexion’s mouth twitching lightly.

He was having fun with such an act.



Lexion repeatedly called me “wife” and smiled softly.

I thought it would be embarrassing for him to explain things openly, so I just decided to play my part.

“I- I can say… Can you pick one that suits me”

When I replied coyly, Lexion said to the boy.

“Take out everything you have.”

“Oh, yes.”

The boy took a bunch of different accessories out of the basket.

It was more than I had expected.

It wasn’t as stylish as the ones sold in the market, but it looked pretty good.

Lexion looked at the accessories and held out a gold coin to the boy.

The boy’s eyes widened.

He looked at me for a moment and then opened his mouth again.

“I think everything suits my wife”

“Wh- What”

As I asked, amazed, Lexion turned to the boy, who was just staring at the gold coin, and said,

“I will buy them all.”

“Ah, change…”

The boy did not know what to do with a larger sum of money he had ever expected.

He looked around, wondering where to change the money.

‘You’ll buy everything… what the hell…’

My eyes and mouth widened as I looked at Lexion’s calm demeanor.

He was the only one with a relaxed face among the three of us.

He gently raised the corners of his lips and replied gently.

“I don’t need change.”

The boy’s eyes widened at his friendly attitude.

Moments later, the boy deeply bowed and thanked him.

“Th- thank you, my Lord! You will be blessed!”

The kid, holding the gold coin and showing his gratitude again, and again, eventually left the restaurant.

After the child went out, I turned to Lexion and muttered as if complaining.

“I was going to ask you to buy one for me, but…”

“I guess he was lucky today.”

“Still, this is too much…”

I said, pointing to the accessories that covered every corner of the table.

As I glanced at the pipe of accessories, my eyes fell on a bracelet.

I picked it up and held it to Lexion.

“I think this will suit you.”

It was a bracelet with imitation black pearls.

Lexion rolled up his sleeve and held out his arm as if telling me to put it on his wrist.

I smiled and put the bracelet.

As expected, it looked good on him.

“It looks pretty.”

“I’ll pick one for you, too.”

Lexion also picked something from among the accessories.

He placed a bracelet with white pearls on my wrist.

The design was the same as his.

Anyone would think it was a couple’s bracelet.

As I stared blankly at my wrist, he said, “It looks good on you.”

“Th- thank you for choosing one for me.”

As I stuttered in embarrassment, he smiled.

“You can’t take it off.”

“Zion can’t take it off either…”

“Ngh, I won’t.”

He shook his hand a little and the small pearls wiggled, bumping with each other making a jingling sound.

I also waved my bracelet and smiled widely.

Then, as if coming to my senses out of the sudden, I asked.

“No matter how much I think about it, there are too many of these, can I share them with the servants”

“Yeah, all I need is this.”

Lexion shook the bracelet again.

Seeing how excited he looked, I responded by waving my hand once more.

“Actually, this one is all I need, too.”

Lexion smiled softly at me as if he liked my answer.

When I saw his smile, my face bloomed as a flower in full bloom and laughter came out.

That silly behavior continued until the staff brought dessert.


* * *


Shortly after staying in Hakun, the road from where we came was also ordered to be closed.

It was because of something that happened right in front of everyone.

A woodcutter who was chopping down trees in the forest was killed by a beast.

When Hakun was completely surrounded, Lexion began to prepare for subjugation.

As the decision was made, our arrival to the North was delayed.

The next day, Lexion requested a personal reunion with the Lord of Hakun and the meeting took place.

When he said that he would go on subjugation himself, Lord Hakun gladly agreed.

It was even more so because the trade routes were closed by the demonic beast’s attacks.

As if relieved by the sudden hope, Lord Hakun spoke softly.

“There was no reply from the capital, but I guess I am very lucky.”

“Did you ask the capital for help”


It’s been quite some time since I’ve asked for help, but I haven’t been contacted yet.

It must be because the evil dragon has attacked the capital and everything is out of control.”

Lord Hakun wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief.

Lexion replied bluntly.

“Probably the capital will not contact you in the future either.”

“…That… I see…”

Lord Hakun spoke slowly as if he had already expected it.

It was because the Imperial Family didn’t care about other areas after the capital was openly attacked.

After that, the two briefly discussed the subjugation schedule and ended the meeting.

The very next day a subjugation team was formed.


* * *


Early in the morning, Lexion came to my room and said,

“I think we will have to stay here for a while.”

I looked up at Lexion, who was explaining the situation.

He didn’t have to come to explain the situation to me, but he came in person anyway.

That’s how nice Lexion is.

I was very grateful.

“It’s okay.

You don’t have to worry about me.”

When I answered with a bashful smile, Lexion glanced at someone.

A knight who had been waiting quietly behind him came and stood up front.

I recognized him immediately and my eyes widened.

He knelt in front of me and introduced himself politely.

“Hello, Miss Tiarozetti.

I am Aiden Maximus.”

Aiden Maximus.

He wasn’t just a knight from the Black Knights, but also Lexion’s right hand.

“I-I’m Ti- Tiarozetti Isol.”

I awkwardly introduced myself and looked up at Lexion.

It was because I couldn’t understand why he was introducing him to me.

As if recognizing my gaze, Aiden solved my question.

“I have decided to escort the Lady from now on.

It is an honor to be able to assist you.”


Aiden came up to me-who had stiffened in surprise-and placed his forehead in the back of my hand to show his respects.


I was stunned by the sudden acquisition of an escort.

‘But Aiden, among everyone else’ I was bewildered because he was too important to be attached to me as an escort.

“He’s my replacement but he’s quite good.”

‘He’s not just okay…’

I couldn’t agree with Lexion’s remarks so I just shut up.

Aiden wasn’t just okay.

He was one of the top-ranked knights in the Black Knights.

‘It would be better to have him participate in the subjugation than to escort me…’

But I couldn’t say I knew Aiden’s skills, so I just blinked.

Lexion gave Aiden a firm warning.

“Aiden, make sure to take care of her properly while I’m away.”

“Of course, Your Grace.”

Aiden replied loudly in a voice full of energy.

After a while, Lexion organized the subjugation squad and left the inn.

Aiden approached me and spoke.

His voice was quite excited.

“It was an honor to serve you, my Lady.

I mean it.”

“Is- Is that so”


The guys who went with the subjugation squad will probably envy me the most.”

“Pardon Wh- why”

As I couldn’t understand what Aiden was saying and tilted my head in confusion, he replied, scratching his nose as if feeling awkward.

“There are many people who are curious about my Lady.”

“Are they talking behind my back…”

I muttered with a slightly depressed face.

It couldn’t be something good if it went back and forth from them.

Actually, before my return, I didn’t make a good impression on the people of the Sparrow household.

At that time the knights weren’t interested in me but…

‘You may already hate me because you had to leave the capital as if you were being chased, just because of me.’

In the meantime, it wasn’t just one or two troubles I caused for Lexion.

So I was somewhat confident in my assumption.

But contrary to my expectations, Aiden jumped and explained.

“No way! Absolutely not!”

“Then what were you talking about…”

“…Well, that’s… I would say it’s some kind of curiosity among men.”

Aiden rolled his eyes to and fro, trying to avoid answering.


It was hard for me to understand, so I tilted my head and asked back.

Then Aiden answered in a slightly excited tone.

“What kind of person the Lady is to His Excellency is of utmost concern among us.”


“Actually, from the moment His Grace took the Lady from the pile of corpses and held you in his arms, we, the Black Knights, have already decided to swear our loyalty to Lady Tiarozetti.”

‘To swear allegiance, who the hell am I’

Aiden’s words felt too surreal, so I kept asking questions as if trying to make him spit out his words.

“Wh- why Why is that”


Aiden, who was talking smoothly until just now, looked behind me.

Then he stopped talking as if he had seen someone.

I turned around with a puzzled face, and there was Daisy.

Daisy came closer, threatening Aiden.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Sir Aiden.”

“It’s not nonsense.”

“You stopped talking as soon as you looked at me.”

“It didn’t matter.”

Aiden and Daisy started quarreling.

As I glanced at them, puzzled, Aiden looked back at me and said,

“Ehem, anyway, I look forward to working with you, my Lady.”

“Please take good care of me, Sir Aiden.”

I replied and stared at the two of them.


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