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“Are you crazy Can’t you hear me telling you to evacuate!”

Gregory shouted with an angry face.

I refused, twisting my arms wildly.

“Let me go!”

“I can’t let you go! I won’t let you go! Unless you’re crazy about dying, get in!”

He dragged me into the building.

As I stood still, he grabbed me and hugged me.

“Let me go! Lexion is in danger!”

I protested by hitting his chest hard.

Now was no time to argue with him.

I had to find Lexion right away.

My heart was pounding.

I was afraid that he might be hurt.

But Gregory didn’t let me go and shout wildly.

“What will change if you go Only master-leveled knights can survive fighting evil dragons! What are you going to do there”

Undaunted by his angry voice, I refuted it.

“That means that even master-level knights are in danger.

I don’t like the Duke’s being in danger.”


“Please leave me alone.”

As I begged him, his eyes fell silent.

After a while, Gregory gently let me go.

“Damn, this is really crazy…”

Then he held my hand tightly so that I would not escape.

“Let’s go together.

If I send you alone, I know what I will hear from Zion.”

Gregory ruffled his hair roughly and looked at the evil dragon’s movements.

I didn’t like the situation that he wanted to come with me, but if I refused, he wouldn’t let me go to the place where the evil dragon was.

Although my current physical condition was different from before, I was still weak.

If both Gregory and Lexion get hurt… I will give priority to Lexion.

I stared at Gregory and made an implied excuse.

“Actually, I can’t treat anyone because I’m weak.

If you get hurt, go to the physician.”

“No worries.

How many physicians are there in the Imperial Palace…”

He stopped talking.

At the same time, I stopped.

I looked up puzzledly and saw him washing his face with a bewildered face.

I asked in a worried tone.

“What’s wrong”



“What do we do I left Seirin in the building.”

Apparently, he belatedly remembered Seirin.

I spoke softly to him, restless and motionless.

“…She must be in the building.”

“Right She must be there, isn’t she”

It was the moment Gregory was trying to take his step, thinking positively.

I looked at the woman with blue hair in the distance and muttered blankly.

“Oh My God… Princess Seirin”

At this, Gregory turned his head in the direction where she was.

After a moment, he shouted with a startled face.


She turned her head to the sound of someone calling her name.

And at the moment she smiled broadly and waved her hand to Gregory.

Quang! With a roar, the shield could not withstand the impact and was completely shattered.

As a result, the magic fell to dust.

Like stars falling from the sky, the mana pieces fell apart.

Suddenly, the evil dragon’s golden eyes glared at Seirin.

She trembled under the creepy gaze, and she looked slowly at the sky.

Hers and the evil dragon’s eyes met.

The evil dragon’s black body was suitable for hiding in the dark night.

All I could see were golden eyes.

Its shapely eyes looked bizarre as if three moons appeared in the sky.

The evil dragon glanced at Seirin, who was trembling, and narrowed its eyes.

Before long, when the evil dragon tried to reach out to Seirin, she let out her scream and fell.



Gregory called her out in a hurry and ran towards her.

I was about to run, but someone stopped me.


It was Lexion I had been looking for so much.

‘I’m glad nothing has happened yet.’

As soon as I saw him, I felt relieved.

On the other hand, I resented him for disappearing without a word, so I reproached him without realizing it.

“Lexion, where have you been I’ve been looking for it for a while.”

“Stay here.

It’s dangerous.”

Lexion smiled as if he were relieved.

I was stunned by that sight.

“Wait a minute…! Lexion!”

I reached out to him, but he had gone too far.

He swiftly swung his sword and stopped the evil dragon’s hand.

Gregory grabbed Seirin below him and slipped away from there.

The evil dragon gathered its energy as if it were trying to open its mouth and fire it.

Lexion easily slashed the evil dragon’s hand and avoided it.

The dragon groaned and changed the direction of its breath.

It was a clever act as if it was a trick from the beginning.

Soon after, the dragon spewed flames in the exact direction I was in.

Gregory shouted while holding Seirin.


* * *


“Why did you come out here!”

“I- I was worried about my brother…”

As if startled, her body trembled violently.

She was almost seriously injured by the evil dragon, so it was a natural reaction.

Gregory, seeing this with pity, asked kindly.

“You almost died.

Are you hurt”

“I, I am fine… I, I’m sorry, brother.”

Seirin muttered while crying.

Her voice was unstable because of her trembling body.

Gregory quickly took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, and said calmly.

“It’s dangerous for now, so get into the building.”

“What about you, brother…”

“I have to help Lexion while the other knights come.”

Gregory retorted, pointing towards Lexion.

At this, Seirin’s gaze turned toward Lexion, and she lowered her head helplessly.


You have to be careful, brother.”


Gregory took her to the building.

She couldn’t get rid of the mixed thoughts while being carried.

In fact, Seirin didn’t even intend to come out of the building.

She even knew it was better to evacuate to a safe place, as she wouldn’t be of any help anyway.

Reasonably, being inside the building was the way for everyone.

However, when she heard that Lexion was gone, Tiarozetti left without hesitating nor worrying about the situation.

And then, a moment later she saw Gregory following her.

Seirin was chasing after them when she came back to her senses.

It was an act as if she wasn’t herself.

She somehow felt lost.

She never felt that way before.

By the time she realized it, she was already out of the building.

She didn’t even know why she acted so recklessly.

‘I almost died.’

When the evil dragon’s eyes met her eyes, she felt the cool air going down her spine.

It was an obvious mistake.

She almost lost her life because of her personal feelings.

Seirin muttered with a puzzled face.

“Lady Tiarozetti…”

“Lexion will take care of protecting her.

You take care of yourself.”

Even as Gregory said that, he persistently looked in the direction where Tiarozetti was.

Seirin bit her lower lip.

The moment she reached out to grab him, Gregory jumped up.


He noticed that Seirin looked up at him with her surprised face, but he was already running out of the building.

As she stared at Gregory with an absurd face, the sky suddenly brightened up.


Seirin stared blankly at the brightening sky in surprise.

In the sky, the evil dragon had its mouth wide open as if it was about to spit out its breath.


* * *


I didn’t think I was going to die like this.

‘I have to run away…’

My head thought so, but my legs did not move.

“No, Tiarozetti!”

I saw Lexion calling me and waving his swords at the evil dragon.

It seemed that he was trying to stop the evil dragon’s flames.

However, the sword was one step late and could not completely stop the breath.

Fortunately, its power was weakened thanks to the miss, the breath was thrown at me slowly, unlike at first.

In the meantime, as I came to my senses, I tried to move to avoid the flame.

Gregory grabbed my arm faster than then.

Quang! A big hole was dug in the place where I was just now.

When I saw the scene in a mess, I was devastated.


I gasped, relieved that I managed to avoid the flame.

If it hadn’t been for Gregory’s help, I would have turned to dust.

“Hey, your life has been shortened by ten years.”

Gregory mumbled playfully and chuckled.

Suddenly, the book was floating in the air next to me.

Judging from the book’s open appearance, it seemed that this scene was an important one.

‘You said the main character never dies!’ I muttered to the book, avoiding Gregory.

The guide still answered my silent cry.

―I said you wouldn’t die, but I didn’t say that you wouldn’t get hurt.


Barely holding back the tantrum, I glared at the book.


When did the guide tell me anything It’s so annoying.’

At that time, Gregory asked, holding me close.

Maybe he’s worried because I was staying still.

“Where is the confident woman from before”

“I was surprised for a moment.”

“Don’t do that, go inside the building…”

At that time, Gregory couldn’t speak and was pushed back.

Lexion pushed him away and dragged me into his arms.

Gregory looked at him as if he was dumbfounded.

Lexion said with an unusually cold face.

“Don’t touch her.”


Gregory asked with a puzzled face.

Lexion didn’t respond and brushed off the dust on my body.

Gregory, offended by this, grabbed Lexion and snapped sharply.

“Did I touch her on purpose Why are you so mad”

“Because you became…”


Lexion growled in a low voice that couldn’t be heard.

It was a voice that even I, who was beside him, could not hear.

“Speak straight, you punk.”

Gregory asked back with a frown, but Lexion didn’t speak again.

Rather, he held me closer into his arms.

I stared blankly at the two who faced each other with stiff expressions.


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