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–Surprise mission! Go to the night market with Lexion Sparrow.

Accept his date request.


I was speechless by the guide’s words.

Especially since it was a reminder of when an event necessary for the next development in the novel began.

A reminder that if I didn’t do what the guide told me to do, I would be penalized relentlessly.

The reason Lexion came was because of the development of the novel.

‘Well then.

What else did I expect’

While feeling so disappointed, I realized that Lexion’s gaze was directed elsewhere.

He was looking at “The Opponent Of The Evil Dragon” on the bed.

Obviously, it would only look like a Bible to him, but somehow his expression was unusual.

Then he asked.

“What book is this”

“Ah, I want to read a prayer before I go to bed…”

“I see.”

Lexion answered back and strode to the bed.

Then, naturally, he picked up the book.

I wouldn’t be caught anyway, but somehow I felt nervous.

Perhaps because his existence was ‘unknown’, the conversation seemed cooler.

He rummaged through the book for a while and said.

“By the way, the book you lost last time was also a Bible.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“I was thinking of buying a new one, but you already did.

If you ever need another Bible, let me know.”


I smiled awkwardly as I took the book he handed me.

His expression was the same as usual.

It was around the time when I breathed a sigh of relief inside, thinking that I had no reason to worry that he spoke again.

“Titi, would you like to go to the night market with me”

Lexion shyly proposed with a light smile.

I asked with my eyes wide open.


It was very late…


Today would be nice, but let’s go tomorrow.” Maybe tomorrow will be prettier.

There will be fireworks.”


“It’s a firecracker from the kingdom, so it’ll be worth seeing.”

“I want to go!”


Lexion smiled warmly and stroked my hair.

That monotonous movement always calmed me down.

Gregory came to mind for a moment, and I felt a little strange, but that was all.

I blushed at the thought of watching the fireworks with Lexion.

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s a story.

There wasn’t even an event like this before.’

Rather, it was good to be able to enjoy dating him under the pretext of a novel.

While I was smiling at that thought, the guide said something like a clear blow.

―Since you accepted the date, the main stage will start soon.

The evil dragon will appear along with the fireworks, so be careful not to deviate from the development.


* * *


The next day, I went out to the night market with Lexion as promised.

I tried to smile, but it didn’t go as well as I wanted.

Because of what the guide said yesterday.

‘I’m worried…’

It was my first date with him, but I couldn’t enjoy it.

I was even more nervous because I was worried that an evil dragon might unwittingly appear and harm Lexion.

Then Lexion called me.



As I reflexively turned my head, something rested on my head.

Soon, the sweet scent of flowers spread.

“Here is a mirror!”

When I looked in the mirror presented by the peddler, there was a pretty flower crown woven with blue roses over my head.

As I looked up at Lexion with a bewildered expression, he gently squinted the corners of his eyes and smiled.

The merchant said.

“Aww, the crown suits your lover so well!”

“Give me this.”

“You have a good eye! Is it because you like the model so much Ho ho ho.”

The merchant rambled and put out his change.

Because it was a fresh flower, the scent of roses permeated the tip of my nose.

Feeling a bit emotional, I looked around, fiddling with my hair.

The night market was very lively.

Five-colored lights were illuminating the surroundings, and people were crowded as if they had forgotten to sleep.

No one noticed the imminent danger.

I was the only one who knew.

“Aren’t your legs sore”

I answered with a soft smile to Lexion, who asked affectionately.

“I think it hurts a little.”

“There is a dessert cafe nearby.”

“You don’t like sweets, do you”

“I think you will like it.”

“That’s right, I like sweets.”

I lowered my eyes and responded cautiously.

Then Lexion smiled and held out his hand.

“I knew it.”

As I entered the dessert cafe, I saw a familiar person in front of me.

Gregory and Seirin were drinking tea affectionately.

‘Since it’s the main story, Gregory seems to have come to the night market too.’

Just in time, Gregory waved and welcomed Lexion after contact with him.

However, Lexion said something else as if he had not seen it.

“Shall we go somewhere else”


“Lexion! I’ve seen you make eye contact with me!”

He couldn’t pretend he didn’t see him anymore because of the loud shouting.

Lexion let out a long sigh and walked over to the table where Gregory and Seirin were.

Seirin was very pretty today too.

She wore a veiled hat and looked gracefully with her blue hair braided into two braids.

She spoke to me first.

“Yesterday I was so drunk that I made a lot of mistakes.

I’m sorry, Miss Tiarozetti.”


Did you get home safely”


How about Miss Tiarozetti”

“Me too.”

It was a conventional greeting.

For some reason, her expression seemed a little awkward.

Especially I wondered why she wouldn’t make eye contact with Lexion.

‘What happened last night’

While I and Seirin do a brief greeting, Lexion and Gregory exchanged stories on different topics.

“Why did you come to a crowded place like this”

“Just to get some air.”

When Lexion responded casually, Gregory asked with a mischievous smile.

“I just came to see the fireworks display.

I was supposed to watch it with the Korte royals, would you like to go I reserved a place with a good view in advance.”

“I don’t…”

“Don’t do that, let’s go together.”

“It’s okay.”

When Lexion vehemently refused, Gregory widened his eyes.

Moments later, he asked quietly into her Lexion’s ear.

“Seirin looked depressed since morning… Do you know why”

“How can I know how the Princess feels”


Why do I think you know”

Gregory whispered something in his ear, and Lexion stared at him coldly.

They spoke in such a low voice that it was hard to hear them.

At this, Seirin said with a slightly sullen face.

“What are you talking about like that”

“About seeing the fireworks together later.”

“I said no, Gregory.”


At Lexion’s cold reaction, Seirin made a sullen face.

Gregory had a slightly embarrassed expression on his face when Lexion said he wouldn’t go in front of her.

I was idly watching the strange atmosphere flow between Seirin and Lexion when an alarm rang.

―You must accept Gregory’s offer for the case to proceed.

After a while, the dialogue will proceed automatically.

As soon as I heard the guide’s instructions, my face froze.

I covered my mouth with my hand.

I didn’t want to say it.

I didn’t want Seirin and Lexion to be together.

‘Besides, if Gregory and Lexion are together, he might get hurt…’

I tried to deny the guide’s behavioral restrictions with some kind of coercion.

At that time, Lexion noticed my change and asked with a worried face.

“What’s the matter”


“You were so touched by how delicious the cake is, isn’t that right, Miss”

Gregory smirked and spoke to me.

I didn’t answer, I just shook my head.

My mouth was itchy.

I felt like I had to tell Gregory to go with me right away.

After a while, the guide said,

―The traveler will be penalized for refusing to speak.

The evil dragon appears faster.


I opened my eyes wide at the guide’s words.

And at that moment,


All of a sudden, the lights that lit up the night were turned off.

The cafe was no exception.

“What I think it’s a power outage…”

“Ah! How can we manage this ourselves”

The clerk shouted loudly among the noisy customers.

“Dear guests, we would like to ask for your understanding.

The lights went out for a while due to a sudden power outage…”


Behind the clerk’s voice, an odd shout was heard.

The familiar cry made my spine shiver.

People who had been hesitant started to panic in response to the cry of the evil dragon.

“Hey! It’s the evil dragon! An evil dragon has appeared!”

“Did it come to the capital Oh my gosh…!”

At the sound of the evil dragon, the surrounding area became chaotic in an instant.

People urgently found a place to escape.

I also got up quickly and went to Lexion’s side.

It was a dark night, so I couldn’t see an inch ahead.

My heart was pounding naturally.

I barely stuttered and waved my hand where he was.

But there was no Lexion on the chair.

“Zion Where are you”

Naturally, his voice trembled.

Then someone grabbed me and said.

“Sit down.”

It was Gregory.

I grabbed his arm and asked about Lexion’s whereabouts.

“Prince What about the Duke”

“I think he went to the side where the evil dragon appeared.

After all, the capital has a protective shield, so if you sit down…”

Quang! Suddenly, there was the sound of something hitting hard.

The ground vibrated at the sound.

A roar continued in succession.

The ground shook like an earthquake, and screams were heard everywhere.

It seemed that the evil dragon was trying to break through the shield.

I hurriedly ran out of the building, shaking off Gregory’s arm.

“Hey, Miss!”

I heard Gregory’s voice calling me from behind, but I didn’t stop.

When I looked up at the sky, the shield was cracking.

Sparsely, small beasts could be seen around the evil dragon.

‘No! It will break soon!’

Relying on the moonlight, I wandered around looking for Lexion.

After a while, the light came back as if the emergency device had been activated.

Soon, the sound of an evacuation was heard loudly.


“The evil dragon has attacked.

Evacuate everyone to an emergency underground facility inside the building.

An emergency power has been activated for safe evacuations.”

Evacuation alerts sounded from all directions from the round sphere-shaped magic tool.

After a while, a hole was created in the shield of the capital city with a loud ‘Creeeak!’ and people shouted in fear.


“Th- the evil dragon broke through the shield!”

People wandering around the night market evacuated into the building in a hurry.

In the distance, I could see the evil dragon squeezing into the capital city with just a bite.

At this, someone urgently grabbed me as I was about to run in the direction of the evil dragon.


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