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Lexion asked while looking at Seirin, who had already become unconscious.

“What’s the matter”

“She has been drinking.”


Lexion nodded his head as if it was understandable.

Then Gregory handed Seirin over to him and said,

“She drank because of you, so you are responsible.”

Lexion gave him an old look while Gregory passed her on to him.

Soon, he tried to hand Seirin back to Gregory.

“You can take her.”

“I have to take care of the drunk Princess.

That’s my job.”

Gregory leaned back and pointed to the dancing Princess.

Lexion let out a deep sigh as if he couldn’t do anything and said to me.


Could you go ahead”


I paused while getting ready to follow him.

Of course, I thought we were going together.

“Yes! Okay.”

Somehow, my behavior became awkward, so I answered quickly and smiled.

At this, Lexion’s expression became odd, but Seirin tossed and complained in her sleep.


Lexion stared at her stiffly, then stopped his steps and changed his words.


Come with me.

It’s close to the Imperial Palace from here…”

“What are you saying She should go back alone to the castle and rest”

Gregory stopped him and complained.

I couldn’t do anything so I alternately stared at both.

But Lexion stubbornly answered and called me.

“It’s close anyway.

Let ‘s go, Titi.”

“Ah yes!”

As I approached him, Gregory shook his head.

“Be careful!”

Gregory shouted from behind.

I glanced back and nodded, then followed Lexion.

‘Thank you.’ because Lexion asked me to go with him.

The truth was, I didn’t want to let the two of them go alone.

A smile continued to spread across my lips.

The Imperial Palace was not far from the detached Palace where we were.

As we approached the entrance, a knight found Seirin.


“The princess is a little drunk.

Please take her safely.”

Lexion spoke to the knight and handed her over to him.

I blinked because I thought he would take her inside her Palace.

“Aren’t you going to see her all the way”

“She’s safe in the imperial palace anyway.”

“But in the past…”

Oops, I hurriedly swallowed back my words.

It was the story of my past life when he brought Seirin into her Palace.

It was a scene that the book made me see.

‘I almost made a mistake.’

After a while, Lexion grabbed my hand and said,

“Let’s go.”


But we didn’t take one step forward.

It was because Seirin called Lexion.

The nickname she used to call him when they were kids.


Lexion stopped at her call.

My gaze turned to his sleeve.

Seirin woke up and was holding his arm.

“Are you leaving like this”

“You have drunk a lot.”

“Don’t do that, please take me home.”

Seirin pushed the knight’s support and reached out to Lexion.

How brave she must feel while drunk.

Somehow, I didn’t want her to be brave.

As I glanced at Lexion, he looked troubled.

However, it was difficult for him to refuse the Princess’s request, so he graciously granted it.

“All right.”

It was a familiar pattern.

Lexion’s choice was Seirin over me.

Of course, the current situation didn’t mean he didn’t choose me.

“I’ll go in first.”

I bowed deeply in a cheerful tone, fearing that he might see my crumpled face.

“Lady Tiarozetti, get home safely.”

Seirin, who was drunk, smiled and waved her hand.

It was an innocent act, but her actions always hurt me.

I quickly ran away from that place.


* * *


Seirin looked up at Lexion with her excited face.

Was it a reward for her courage due to her drunkenness

He quietly escorted her.

‘I was afraid of rejection… I’m glad.’

Seirin delayed her step, wanting to drag her time.

She knew he cared for Tiarozetti throughout teatime.

Lexion’s eyes as he looked at Tiarozetti, who was said to be her distant relative, were strange.

It wasn’t a way to look at family, but Seirin tried to calm her anxiety.

Even when he was young, he was kind to everyone.

As they reached the front of the bedroom, Seirin smiled and said.

“Thanks for escorting me.”


Hearing his call, Seirin met his gaze in slow motion.

At that moment, she was seized with a feeling that told her she shouldn’t hear his next words.

So she hastily cut him off.

“I’m tired, you should get going.”

But Lexion suddenly opened his mouth.

“I hope you don’t make any personal requests like this in the future.”

“…Why When you were young, you always listened to my requests.”

Seirin bit her lower lip at his blunt words.

She was even more upset because this wasn’t the meeting that she had hoped for.

But Lexion was infinitely cold.

“It was like that when we were young.

Neither I nor the Princess is young anymore.”

“…I don’t want to.”

Seirin clenched the hem of her skirt and murmured.

She lowered her head so he could not see her face.

Her alcohol broke, she was no longer drunk.

All kinds of emotions rushed out.

She felt embarrassed, ashamed, angry, and hurt, she couldn’t stand it.

‘How could you do this to me’

As her rage was about to surge, Lexion drew a line on her mercilessly.

“I don’t want to be rumored to be involved with the Princess.”


As soon as made that question, she regretted it.

Because his expression was very unfamiliar.

She was confused as she waited for an answer.

Moments later, she answered him with a hazy smile.

“Because that person is anxious.”


“I don’t want to make her anxious.

So, please don’t do this kind of thing anymore.

I followed you to say this.”

Seirin tried not to blink her eyes.

She was afraid that if she lowered her eyes even a little, her tears would fall.

Were tears of true love, or shame Seirin didn’t want to think.

She thought tears were going to fall if she did.

“Then, I’ll take my leave.”

After saying those words, Lexion turned his body.

His footsteps were getting farther away.

After a while, she mumbled so softly that no one could hear it.

“Did I get dumped Even before confessing my feelings

Seirin looked at his back with her bewildered eyes.

Her eyes were too venomous for a brokenhearted woman.

In the distance, Lexion’s steps did not hesitate an inch.

Even though he could have looked back, he didn’t turn even once.


Seirin entered the room with a stiff face.


* * *


―The traveler seems to be deeply depressed.

“It’s because I’m really depressed.”

I lied down on the bed and spoke soullessly.

The book approaching my bedside opened its pages.


―Reading is a good habit to relieve depression.

It helps with mental stability.

“I do not need.”

I tried to push the annoying book away.

However, I was startled by the content that caught my eye.

“Wait, what is this”

I grabbed the book without even giving the guide a chance to respond.

I fixed my posture and read the text in it.

To be precise, it was a description of Gregory and I playing around with a four-leaf clover.

The novel didn’t contain useless stories.

So, the fact that this episode was written meant it was worth reading.

“No, why is this in the novel”

The guide answered my questions cheerfully.

―That’s because it’s a sweet scene with the main character!

“What do you mean by the main character Didn’t I take the role from Lexion”

I couldn’t understand what the guide was saying.

The guide replied in a very light tone.

―The main character always has a heroine! The traveler’s heroine was decided to be ‘Gregory Aden Werbel.’


―The guide doesn’t lie.

Had the guide had a body, I would have already hit it with all my might.

‘Gregory is the male lead.

Says who’

I quenched my anger and spoke firmly.

“The only male lead for me is Lexion Sparrow.”

―However, Lexion Sparrow’s setting is ‘unknown.’ And since the traveler is taking his role, the new male lead was decided to be Gregory Aden Werbel.

The guide also answered without backing down.

‘Do you think because you do as you please, I’ll just agree with everything and let it slide’

I was astonished and wanted to shout, but suddenly, someone knocked.

Surprised, I covered the book and glared at the guide to not talk and get me all confused while someone else was present.

“Come on in!”

The door opened with my permission.

It was Lexion who came in.


I got out of bed surprised by his visit.

Perhaps he had just arrived after taking Seirin home.

Lexion opened his mouth as he unconsciously looked at my clothes.

“The lights are on in the room so…”

“Ah yes.

I was going to sleep soon.”

“Is that so”

He sighed heavily, he felt distant.

I, too, couldn’t reach out to him and stood there blankly.

Was it because he went with Seirin For some reason, I felt like sulking, but I tried to conceal it.

Because there was no reason for me to be angry with him.



After a moment of silence, we both spoke at the same time.

It was ridiculous timing.

“Oh, please tell me first!”

As I hurriedly asked him to speak first, he spoke with a soft smile.

“I was wondering if you want to do something before going to the North.”


“For example, the night market or…”

Lexion lengthened his words and moistened his lower lip with his tongue.

It was a habit that came out whenever he was embarrassed.

‘Do you want to go to the night market with me’

As soon as I realized that, my mood went haywire.

A smile spread on my lips.

And just as I was about to answer, the guide interrupted.


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