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“However, you just woke up and I don’t know how you feel…….”

When Emelia hesitated, Chris, who was by her side, said.

“Then I’ll take cover.”

Fortunately, he respected my wishes.

“Thank you, Sir Chris.”

“Sir Chris! How can you protect Tiarozety until the end of the day!”

When Emelia shouted, Alois, who was next to her, added.

“Miss Tiarozety, I’ll help too.

Anyway, I was thinking of evacuating Miss Tiarozety and helping the Black Knights with Sir Chris.”

“Thank you, Alois.”

“Ha… Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this situation”

Emelia muttered angrily.

She didn’t want to send me back to that battlefield.

I held her hand and asked her calmly.

“I promise to come back safely.

Emelia, please evacuate the other nobles safely.”

“The safety of Tiarozety is the most important thing for me.

If the Duke knows…….”

“Even if the Duke was here, he wouldn’t have broken my will.

So come on.”

As I turned Emelia and pushed her back, she glanced back and hesitated.

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It wasn’t long before she said with a sigh.

“Usually, if you find yourself in a situation like this, you’ll run away saying it’s scary.

Even more so if you have someone to protect you.”

She was right.

It would be a much more comfortable life to run away under the protection of others.

‘But if I, the main character, abandon my responsibilities, the world will be ruined.’

I said with a wry smile.

“I’m tired of life just running away.”

I no longer wanted to be dragged around regardless of my will.

At least I want to achieve it by my will.

“……be careful.

If you get hurt, I won’t let you go.”

Emelia asked and hugged me tightly.

It seemed like she didn’t want to stop me anymore.

She also read my strong will, and I felt that it was because I was a big help with my powers.

I smiled brightly and reassured Emilia.

“Don’t worry and wait in a safe place.

I’ll be right there.”

“I see.”

Emelia nodded and crossed the barrier.

After that, the barrier that had been broken was blocked again.

It will probably take some time to break it again.

I turned around and told Chris and Alois.

“Please guide me to the Crown Prince.”

At that moment, an activated book appeared.

– The main stage “Summon” begins.

Defend the North by stopping Kronos, who has become an evil dragon!

‘I knew it would be like that.’

Chris reached out his hand as I was about to laugh out of frustration.

“This way, please.”

I nodded and ran to where Chris was leading.

Chris quickly entered the castle, covering me and Alois.

When I entered the castle, I smelled blood.

There were constant stabbings and screams everywhere.

Dead bodies were scattered on the floor.

Among them, there were nobles who could not escape.

I frowned at the disgusting smell, but I could see Kronos and Gregory fighting in the distance.

Gregory was running towards Kronos with a terrifying force.

Kronos was also fighting against Gregory by applying quite a bit of magic, unlike the usual.

I was going to Kronos when the guide said.

– Find the summoning medium while Kronos is distracted and destroy it!

Summoning medium

When I stopped and looked at the book, the guide said.

― The medium is hiding somewhere in Asher Castle.

‘So where is that! You should at least give me a hint!’

As far as I know, the summoning medium was an object or mark arbitrarily designated by the person who wanted to summon it.

So, if you didn’t know the location, it would be in vain.*

TL/N: in the raws, it’s ‘도루묵이었다’ and apparently it’s a phrase/slang that means you worked hard, but the work turned out to be futile.

Feeling frustrated, I was about to shoot at the guide, but Alois grabbed my arm.

“Come this way.”


I was suddenly dazed by Alois’s unexpected behavior of dragging me somewhere.

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Chris followed me and covered me and Alois.

“Where are you going”

“I know where the summoning medium is.”


I opened my eyes wide at Alois’ explanation.

Not a word has been uttered about the summoning medium yet.

But Alois mentioned it first

‘Can you see the book’

I had doubts, but I couldn’t readily ask her, “Can you see the book”

If it’s a mistake, the time will be rewinded.

It was dangerous to waste such time under these circumstances.


How did you know

I looked at Alois with confused eyes, but she continued to drag me without explaining.

As we descended into the basement, the smell of dust wafted through.

“Here it is.”

Alois pointed to the backroom at the end.

Chris used his sword to break the locked door, revealing the inside.

On the floor, the summoning circle was drawn as if it was animal blood or human blood.

In the middle was a pile of people from the Asher family, including Sophie Asher.

When I saw the scene, I felt nauseous because I remembered the pile of corpses of Esol that had weighed on me at the scene of the Esol disaster.

The summoning circle was glowing red and generating something.

When all of that space is completed, the demonic beasts will come over with the evil dragon.

In Hegel’s case, the summoning was delayed because the evil dragon was far away.

Besides, it was the principle that the summoning ritual was triggered depending on the success or failure of my purification, so there was plenty of room to stop it.

But now, the evil dragon was already staying near the north.

Furthermore, the summoning circle had already been activated, so the situation was more urgent than then.

Chris jumped into the circle and hurriedly looked for survivors.

Wearing an aura around his body, he didn’t take any damage even in the summoning circle.

“They’re all dead.”

“In the first place, Baron Asher was a sacrifice.”

Kronos seems to have tried to shake the North with them as bait from the beginning.

Alois immediately began drawing a spell in the air to destroy it.

It was an intention to block the summoning circle that had already been activated, albeit belatedly.

I also placed the purification stones in my bag around the summoning circle.

“I’ll help you.”

Chris followed me and tried to destroy the summoning circle by installing purification stones.

It was then.


The castle seemed to vibrate loudly, and the ceiling was pierced with a loud roar.

In that gap, Kronos landed with Gregory trampled on.


Gregory let out a cough and groaned as he lay under Kronos’ feet.


I shouted at Gregory.

“When did the rat come in”

Cronos then spat and gave a fishy smile.

The eerie eyes were all so black that the whites could not be seen.

It was very bizarre.

When Kronos reached out his hand, a strong light fell again on the summoning circle, which had lost its light.

“Stop it!”

Kronos quickly dodged the sword as Chris pointed it at Kronos.

Thanks to that, Gregory, who was lying on the floor, widened the distance from Kronos.

I quickly supported Gregory.

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Gregory found me and frowned.

“Lady, why are you back”

Then, holding on to his chest, he tried to endure the pain.

There were clear signs of magic injuries everywhere.

It seems that it was too much to deal with Kronos alone, who had become an evil dragon.

It was a time when power was important, so I used my power on Gregory without hesitation.


Then, in an instant, Gregory’s wounds healed.

Gregory’s face hardened as I used my power arbitrarily.

“I was still able to hold on.”

“It’s not an enemy you can deal with enough to withstand.”

“……I’m sorry.

Thank you.”

Gregory sighed and got up from his spot.

At that time, Kronos smiled as he swept his bangs back.

“I was wondering why the summoning was so slow, but the rats were interrupting.”

Then he came close as if he would catch me right away.

But Kronos couldn’t touch a single hair on my head.

Because Chris and Gregory stopped him, protecting me.

Behind the scenes, Alois was still trying to destroy the summoning circle by drawing a spell.


Chris covered Alois when Kronos drew a force and attacked her.

Aura and magic mingled, gathering dust all around.

A tremendous force collided to the point where it was impossible to see.

In particular, the surroundings were greatly shaken due to the rampant magic.

Kronos used magic without caring whether the building collapsed or not.

Chris and Gregory, on the other hand, were limited in their actions to prevent the building from collapsing.

Gradually, the distance between Kronos and me narrowed.

A situation where I couldn’t go anywhere and was cornered.

At that time, Alois, who was reciting the break-up spell, coughed up blood.


When I approached her in surprise, Kronos burst into laughter.

“Stupid, very stupid! Do you think you can block the already activated summoning circle with your own body”

“Kulleog! Kulleog!”

“It’s no use.

Because I have the summoning medium.”

Kronos took a jewel from his bosom and shook it as if teasing.

I glared at Kronos and grabbed the dagger I had hidden in my sleeves.

‘Can I smash that from this distance’

Even if it could not be broken, there was no other way right now.

If the evil dragon was summoned here, we would all be done.

Without Lexion, half of the Black Knights would not be able to withstand the evil dragon while they were away on an expedition.

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The moment I was thinking about destroying the summoning medium with a nervous face.


A glimpse of familiar blue hair was seen behind Kronos.


There was a sword in Seirin’s trembling hand.

It looked like it was too heavy for her to lift, perhaps as she was holding a sword that had fallen on the floor.

I glanced at Kronos’ eyes.

He looked this way and seemed to have no idea what was behind him.

Gregory stopped moving.

He seemed to have found Seirin too.

I blocked his actions with a wink.

He understood that if we don’t pretend not to know Seirin was inside and show it, Kronos is likely to notice it.

Then Kronos grinned and said.


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