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[Gregory’s POV]

Gregory said with his eyes wide open.

“That’s restriction magic.”

Quite a lot of mana was required to use such large-scale magic.

‘Who the hell cast such a massive magic’

Gregory stared intently at the barrier in bewilderment.

No matter how much I thought about it, it was because there was no one here who could cast this kind of magic.

After a while, a black aura blew between the barriers.

It was the power of the evil dragon.

Gregory exclaimed in shock.

“Is it the attack of the evil dragon!”

However, the familiar color of mana that followed confused Gregory.

Arden’s unique mana was felt through the power of the evil dragon.

That’s Kronos’s.

‘What’s wrong with the Kronos… Don’t tell me Kronos has already been beaten….

In the meantime, Chris grabbed Gregory and questioned him.

“Prince! Where is the lady”

Looking at the barrier, he seemed to think that Tiarozety would be in danger.

Gregory murmured softly.

“On the third terrace……”

Chris ran into the banquet hall before Gregory could even finish speaking.

“Let’s go together!”

When Alois followed Chris, Gregory hurried after the two.

My heart pounded.

Tiarozety is alone in order to purify Seirin.

If Kronos had been under the control of the evil dragon, Tiarozety might be in danger.


I shouldn’t have left her there.

He seemed to have acted too stupidly at the shock of being caught.

‘Please, please, please… …’

Gregory moved to the hall in the midst of a banquet with a torn heart.

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When we arrived at the banquet hall, it was complete chaos.

When the Black Knights came, they were protecting the nobles by confronting the Imperial Knights.

Perhaps the Marquis Brandt had prepared the Knights for any possible trap.

However, it is not possible to break through the outer barrier.

Out of the window, I saw the Black Knights trying to break through the barrier.

In the first place, the barrier was immovable because it was a large-scale binding magic that could never be cast with Kronos’ ability.

Even Arnold would not have been able to prepare for it up to that point.

‘It was definitely the power of the evil dragon.

Kronos, he’s been eaten by the evil dragon.’

Fortunately, Arnold had the knights infiltrate the castle in advance.

Otherwise, I would have been knocked out by Kronos.

Gregory had just entered the terrace with mixed feelings.

“Miss Tiarozety! Wake up!”

Chris hurriedly grabbed Tiarozety and shook her.


Gregory approached, calling Tiarozety in a trembling voice.

Then I found Seirin lying next to her.


As Gregory approached Seirin in surprise, Betty sobbed and stamped her feet.

“Heueb, Prince….

The Princess.”

“What the hell happened If you have time to cry, explain first!”

Betty said with a contemplative face.

“I, I don’t know! They were both lying on the floor while I was on my way to get drinks.”

She didn’t seem to know the exact story either.

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Gregory quickly took out the purification stone.

Seeing that it didn’t sparkle, Seirin’s fall was like the aftermath of purification.

‘Then why Tiarozety’

Gregory stared at Tiarozety, who had turned white.

It was a completely different complexion from Seirin, who had a calm face.

‘I heard that using Asta doesn’t hurt your body….


Did she lie’

My heart throbbed with anxiety.

Worried about what would happen if Tiarozety went wrong, I couldn’t calm myself down.

In the meantime, Chris held Tiarozety in his arms.

“First of all, we have to go somewhere safe.

The princess is… …”

“I’ll do it.”

Gregory quickly answered and hugged Seirin.

It was because he did not know what state Kronos was in, so he had to protect the purified Seirin.

Betty trailed after him. 

[Alois’ POV]

At that moment, Alois did not try to follow, but found a book that had fallen to the floor.

“This is… “

Alois lifted the book as if possessed.

It was the same Bible that she had asked for from Tiarozety the last time and was rejected.

Alois fiddled with the book with curious eyes.

“I think the book has changed from before… … .

Besides, this energy is too familiar.”

Then she patted the book several times and hesitated.

At that time, she couldn’t confirm it properly because she saw it as an alter ego.

But now, it seemed like she could figure out who put the seal on the book.

‘Even if I’m accustomed to it, I’m too accustomed to it.

This power is like… …’

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Alua grabbed the book while Gregory and Chris were hesitant.

Curiosity was also curiosity, but an ominous feeling prevailed.

She closed the door to the terrace without following them.

She was trying to use a magic technique to release the sealing spell on the book, but suddenly a strong light came from the book.


At the slightest slip, an intense light that could cause blindness was emitted.

In the light, Alois screamed and fell to the ground.

Then, the book vibrated, widening the distance from Alois.

“What, what the hell is that……”

Alois stuttered and stared at the book.

With an unfinished technique, only the outer surface of the book is in its original state.

Alois read the real title of the book and freaked out.

“The Opponent of the Evil Dragon Wasn’t it the Bible”

The book, startled by Alois’ remarks, seemed to tremble, and then disappeared in an instant.


Alois tried to grab it quickly, but the book had already disappeared.

She stood still in her seat as if she had become a stone statue.

Suddenly, her expression turned cold.

It was as if she had figured out the true nature of the book.

“It really exists.”

Alois covered her mouth with her hand, unable to contain her surprise.

Then she murmured as if possessed.

“That’s a book of wisdom.”


* * *

[Third Person POV]

Arnold was protecting the northern nobles and fighting the Imperial Knights.

Kronos, the head of the Imperial Knights, is yet to be seen. 

Arnold burst into anger at the commander of the Imperial Knights.

“Does the imperial family know the aristocracy in the north as dogs and pigs Undo it now and step down!”

“It’s a misunderstanding.

How can you compare such a luxurious castle to a dog and a pig’s cage”

“Are you trying to get away with it instead of confining ourselves in like this” 

“Even if it’s a misunderstanding, you’re right.” 

Arnold snapped coldly when the chief of the Knights responded slyly.

“If you come out of the imperial family like this, this will be the end of the Northern and Imperial alliance.”

“Please wait a little bit.

Your Highness hasn’t come yet.”

The knight commander responded stiffly and continued to be on alert.

Then Emilia approached Arnold with a desperate face.


“Emelia, I don’t know what’s going on, but we’ll talk about it later.

Things are not good right now…….”

“It’s urgent.

It’s probably related to my current work.”

Emelia pulled Arnold with a stiff face.

Just in time, Chris came into the camp carrying Tiarozety on his back.


Emilia was astonished to see Tiarozzetti collapsed while dragging Arnold.

Afterwards, when she saw Seirin carried by Gregory, she couldn’t utter a word.

Arnold accompanied several knights to protect Tiarozety and Seirin.

The Imperial Knights were agitated when they saw the fallen Seirin.

But they didn’t approach hastily.

It was because it could lead to bloodshed if they approached for no reason.

The nobles surrounded and protected the two.

Then a blanket was laid on the floor to lay the two of them down, and Arnold fled and asked Chris.

“What happened”

“I don’t know.

When I found them, it was already after they collapsed.”

Gregory said as Chris made a troubled expression on his face.

“The princess has been tainted by an evil dragon.”


“Tiarozety seems to have encountered a problem while trying to purify it.

I’m sorry, Marquis Brandt.

I should have been by her side… …”

When Gregory expressed his mixed feelings while he swept his face with his hands, Emelia, who came late, intervened.

“It is the work of His Majesty the Crown Prince.”

“What do you mean, Emelia”

Arnold looked at Emelia curiously, who suddenly confirmed that the crown prince had done it.

Gregory was equally astonished.

On the other hand, Emilia had a face without a single doubt.

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“Young Lady, what the hell…… .”

Just as Gregory was about to say something, Emelia said calmly.

“The Crown Prince has revolted.”

“What Rebellion! Emelia, do you know what you’re talking about”

“Father, you may have been surprised, but it’s true.

I just checked with Young Lady Brittany.”


Arnold’s eyes widened at the words Young Lady Brittany.

The Marquis of Brittany was the emperor’s closest aide.

There’s no way the Brittany family would be lying.

“But why on earth does His Highness the Crown Prince plot a rebellion It’s the throne he’ll get when the time comes anyway….”

When Arnold replied with a confused face, Emelia opened her mouth.

“That’s because Crown Prince Kronos was also in the possession of evil dragon.”


“Father, he is no longer the crown prince he used to be.

He’s It’s just a scarecrow that has already become fixed and according to the evil dragon’s will.”

Emelia’s remarks chilled the crowd to the freezing point.

“I think this needs some explanation.”

When Gregory broke the silence and asked, Emelia said.

“Tiarozety asked me to look into the capital situation.”

“The lady”

“Yes, so I immediately contacted Young Lady Brittany, but I couldn’t get through.

I was wondering if there was a change in the communication code, so I was looking for another way.…”


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