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– Surprise event! Please accept the reconciliation offered by Princess Seirin.

Upon acceptance, Gregory Aden Wexler is automatically selected as the partner.

As soon as the invitation came, the book appeared loudly.

The fact that Gregory automatically becomes a partner seemed to mean that I had only one option.

It was a natural development because Lexion, the sub-male lead, was on an expedition.

Before I knew it, there was tension in the Myersotis room.

It was because we had just been talking about Alois.

Due to the timing, the intention of the invitation was questionable.

I tore open the invitation in front of Chris.

Below the formal invitation was a short text.

[We’re leaving for the capital next Monday.

I’d like to apologize for the last time before I go.

I was really sorry then.

If you don’t mind, I’d like you to join me at the farewell party.]

“You’re leaving for the capital”

I blinked at the unexpected news.

I thought there would be a more violent confrontation, but I was surprised that the imperial family would step down like this.

‘What really happened to the capital Is that why you’re rushing back without negotiating with Lexion like this’

In many ways, the situation itself did not make sense.

Chris said with a stiff face.

“It could be a trap.

It would be better not to go.”

“It’s an invitation letter where the princess bowed her head first and reached out her hand first.

If I refuse, it will definitely put me at a disadvantage.”

“But rather than going to a dangerous place…….”

Daisy said when Chris showed an unfavorable attitude.

“Young Lady Brandt was also invited.

All the other aristocratic ladies she met in Bael.”

“So she’s really leaving This easy”

“I don’t know.

Marquis Brandt said he received an official notice from His Highness the Crown Prince this morning that he would leave in three days.”

“If an official letter came in the morning, I would go….’

I glanced at the book with suspicious eyes, but the book just floated and was silent.

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It was an invitation I received at a time when Alois couldn’t reach me, so I was a bit reluctant.

However, the farewell banquet itself was a good excuse to rescue Alois.

A lot of people were invited, so even if I took out Alois, there was relatively little chance of me being suspected.

Even if they suspect me, it will be difficult to pinpoint me as the culprit until decisive evidence is found.

“Daisy, you may go out.”

After I sent Daisy, I brought the subject up to Chris.

“It’s rather good.

We can rescue Alois when there are a lot of people.

When can I find the location”

“Well, there’s a possibility if you bribe the servants of Asher Castle, but if you get caught, the risk is increased.”

“Doesn’t the Black Knights have elite spies specialized in this kind of work”

“How did you know that”

Chris became wary when I knew the secret information of the Knights.

I added because I was afraid.

“Oh, the Duke told me. Before I leave for the expedition, if you need to, get it through Sir Chris.”

“I see.

That’s right.

They’re called the ‘Black Spirits’.

They specialize in espionage.”

“Then we better find the location through them.

If we just wait for Alois to appear like now, there is a high risk that this side will be exposed.”

“All right, then I’ll try to infiltrate with the Black Spirits and find out where it is.”

I continued with a big smile at Chris, who readily accepted.

“On the day of the banquet, Sir Chris, please be my escort.

To make it easier for Sir Chris to get Alois.”

“But my top priority is to escort you.

I can’t leave my position.….”

“Prince Gregory is there.

And the royal family won’t be able to openly intimidate me in a crowded place.”

If they intimidate, it will be the development that the book wants, so Chris will not be able to stop it.

Chris gave a lukewarm response.


“If you’re worried about the prince, you can post another knight.”

When I gave him another suggestion to put his mind at ease, he said with relief.

“All right, I’ll have it ready.”

* * *

The Imperial Knights were preparing to leave according to the official notice.

It seemed almost certain to hear that the armed knights were fighting, and they were even clearing out the barracks.

I also found out the location of Alois through the Black Spirits.

As expected, Alois was locked up.

The servants said she was only being punished for making a big mistake with Seirin.

Fortunately, I got in touch with Alois by bribing a servant who delivered food to Alois.

And the news that came back came true to my expectations.

[You’re right.

The purification stone reacted to the princess.

I was going to try to purify it with magic, but I ended up being caught by Betty and got imprisoned.

I haven’t said who I’m cooperating with yet.

At times like this, it’s not a bad thing to take an oath.

Thanks to you, I am eating well and doing well.]

I was worried that she was suffering, but fortunately, there seemed to be no sanctions other than detention.

I was relieved because Alois in the letter seemed quite lively.

‘As expected, Seirin became weird because of the evil dragon.’

The book, which had kept its mouth shut before that, later admitted that Seirin was tainted by the evil dragon.

– Princess Seirin has been tainted by an evil dragon and is being used cleverly.

Please save the poor princess.

Shamelessly appealing to me now to purify her.

From the beginning, I was planning to purify her.

I couldn’t let her go back to the capital while being tainted by the evil dragon.

I just wanted to rebel a little because the book demanded it, but my intention to save her remained unchanged.

I explained Seirin’s situation to Gregory, asking to partner.

‘I heard that Seirin was being controlled by an evil dragon… …’

‘Yes, according to Zion, the evil dragon’s energy has recently evolved so that it cannot be distinguished with the naked eye.

Maybe that’s why we didn’t notice.’

‘I thought it wasn’t the Seirin I knew.

I should have taken a closer look…….’

Gregory couldn’t raise his head because he felt guilty.

‘Why is it the prince’s fault Anyway, now that I know, I’m thinking of purifying the princess at the farewell banquet.’

‘Will it be okay It’s not easy to clean up secretly because there are many people watching.’

It was a question of concern that Kronos would find out about me using Asta for no reason.

I said with a shrug.

‘The prince is here.

Please make room for me.

So that I can comfortably purify the princess.’

‘That’s why.

You asked me to be your partner.’

Gregory was bitter that I asked him to partner for a purpose.

But I made no excuses.

It was because I didn’t intend to give him useless expectations.

The plan went smoothly, and it was already the day of the farewell banquet.

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* * *

I was escorted by Gregory and headed to Asher Castle.

The escort was accompanied by Sir Chris and another knight.

Upon arriving at Asher Castle, numerous nobles and children of nobles had gathered.

A seemingly cordial atmosphere on the outside.

But there was some kind of tension in the background.

Since Kronos, who was trying to interfere in the North in every case, was going to return, everyone seemed to be careful if he had any other ulterior motives.

Most of the Bael nobles were in the castle.

Chris pretended to be escorting me and quietly disappeared through the crowd.

After a while, Seirin came out and came to Gregory.

“You’re here, brother”


You’re going to the capital.”

“Yes, I managed to persuade my brother Kronos.

My brother said you would stay here.”

“I’ve been asked to do something.”

“I can’t help it.

……Welcome, Miss Tiarozety.

Thank you for coming.”

After greeting Gregory, Seirin greeted me with a soft smile.

She looked so good that I doubted whether she was the one who pushed me back the other day.

I glanced at the ring on my hand.

It was a ring made by crafting a small purification stone to check whether it was stained with thoughts or not.

The purification stone twinkled as Seirin came closer.

‘It’s just as Alois said.’

I secretly turned the ring and moved the purification stone to the inside of my palm.

This was done in case the glittering thing was caught.

“Miss Tiarozety, I’m so sorry about the other day.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Are you in a lot of pain I don’t know why I did that back then.”

Seirin glanced at my neck and said softly.

The eyelashes, which had been lowered, trembled as if they were too difficult to lift.

“It’s all right.

I’m all better now.”

I smiled awkwardly and shrugged.

Then Gregory said tactfully.

“Why don’t we go to the terrace instead of standing and talking You can go to your room.”

The purpose was to go to a secret room and purify Seirin.

Fortunately, Seirin accepted the message without any doubt.

“Oh, shall we I wanted to talk to you separately.….”

Seirin paused while talking.

It was because she found Kronos coming this way in the distance.

“Long time no see.”

Kronos came up to us and greeted us.

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“I see the little lion of the Arden Empire.”

I quickly greeted Kronos with courtesy.

It was because I didn’t want to be scolded for lack of manners.

Kronos just gave me a glance as if he wasn’t interested in me.

Then Gregory was criticized.

“Now that you look at it, you’ve become a servant to Sparrow, Gregory.”

“Thanks to someone.”

“Why don’t you just change your last name to Sparrow on this occasion It seems to fit better than Wexler.”

“What do you want to say, Kronos That’s too much of a joke.”

Gregory responded to Kronos with a smooth face.

It looked like he wasn’t shaken by his opponent’s quarrels at all.


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