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I possessed a body in a novel.

Inside a novel Ive never read before.

Just hours before I came into this world…

I fell asleep eating tangerines on an electric mat on the weekend.

And when I opened my eyes, I was already inside this body.

It was very absurd to be in a cozy blanket and then on a cold, damp floor all of a sudden.

Above all, I was even trapped somewhere.

It was so dark that she couldnt figure out where this place was, but as soon as she saw a cage in front of her, it was clear to her that she was trapped.

In addition, the place where she was trapped in was so small that it was impossible to stand up, so she was forced to crouch down.

It felt like she was a beast trapped in a small cage.

“Where on earth am I…..”

I was so frightened that I hugged my knees and murmured in a low voice.

It was then.

Suddenly, a light appeared along with the sound of an iron door opening as if it was tearing open my eardrums.


Frowning at the blinding light, she turned her head in the direction where the light was coming from.

And encountered a man.

The mans eyes, with his black hair swept up with pomade, were black.

A dark black color that will make one seem as though theyd sink into the abyss with just a glance.

‘What kind of person is that handsome

As I was distracted by his looks, I belatedly noticed that he had discovered me.


The man looked at me and murmured with surprised eyes.

As if he didnt know hed meet me here.

‘What do you mean by “Isol” Who is that

I tilted my head at the words he uttered as I was unfamiliar with it.

He approached me with a surprised look on his face.

Then, he suddenly pulled out a sword and pointed it at me.

The blade of the sword looked very sharp as reflected in the light for it to be a fake.

‘Its a real sword, isnt it

Oh my god.

A real sword.

The words he said next made me even more surprised.

“Get out of the way.”

As soon as she heard that, she immediately listened to him.

He then swung the sword right after.


She, who was crouching down, screamed loudly.

She was afraid he might kill her with that sword.


With a dull noise, the iron bars that were blocking the gate broke in half.

I was shaking as I witnessed him easily slice the iron material, and shortly after, he reached out his hand to me.

Then he smiled brightly and said,

“Dont be afraid.

My name is Lexion Sparrow from the Aden Empire.”


“Excuse me.”

At his words, the man carefully held my hand.

He seemed to be trying to get me out of here.

I was then led out of the cage by him.

And made me stare blankly at him right after.

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Not only his name, but also his appearance, attire, and weapons were unusual.

However, this doubt of mine was resolved with the arrival of thebook.

This was no longer the world I knew.

Lexion Sparrow, who saved my life, was the male lead in the novel, “The Opponent Of The Dragon.”



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