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Chapter 2704: Head Start

The prime mechs I\'ve developed are not as practical as you think.

Not only can they only be applied onto living mechs that conform to my design philosophy, they also rely on extremely harsh material requirements.

If you have taken a look at the notes I\'ve made, I only found two exotic materials that match my requirements.

I\'m not sure how available they are, but I have a hunch that one of them can only be found in the Nyxian Gap.

The projection of Master Willix did not look happy when she heard that.

The woman tapped impatiently with her feet.

Ves did not hold this secure conversation on the Spirit of Bentheim.

He did not dare to install such an advanced first-class device on the most important vessel of his fleet.

He decided to keep the Darkbreak module aboard the Scarlet Rose so that he wouldn\'t feel that Master Willix was secretly snooping on him all the time.

You have created an unprecedented product as far as I am aware of. She spoke in a measured tone.

I have searched throughout our database and I do not believe that any other mech designer has created anything that matches the characteristics of your prime mechs.

In my judgement, there is great value in a mech that bridges the gap between standard mechs and expert mechs.

Yet the practicality of your innovation is seriously in doubt if it is limited to the use of rare and exceedingly specific exotics.

Ves nonchalantly shrugged.

I never intended to revolutionize the mech community by propagating this new kind of mech.

It\'s purely a stopgap measure to give my expert pilots something to play with until they finally receive their long-awaited expert mechs.

There\'s no reason for us to keep our current prime mechs anymore.

I think I will probably attempt to integrate some of their principles in the expert mechs.

He never intended to hide his prime mechs.

It simply wasn\'t possible considering that they had just taken a starring role in a battle involving 16,000 mechs and more than a dozen expert pilots.

Even so, the Fridaymen, Praetors and Planats weren\'t eager to advertise their catastrophic defeat.

They not only came across as the bad guys, but also got defeated by incomprehensible methods that made the Larkinsons look dazzling.

He didn\'t know to what extent his opponents had spread the battle footage, but he was sure it had already landed in the hands of important organizations like the MTA.

As Master Willix rapidly read through his mostly-honest reports, she became more and more discontent at her inability to reproduce what Ves had come up with.

In the perspective of the Association, prime mechs actually held a lot of value considering that it was possible to combine it with expert mechs.

Yet even the greatest inventions in mech design was worth nothing in her eyes if it could not be reproduced by others!

She wasn\'t shy in making her displeasure known.

Your selfish approach to your work is acceptable if you are just a Journeyman, but when you advance up the ranks, you will need to shake that mindset.

When you become a Senior or Master, you are no longer just a maker and seller of products.

Mech designers who reach these heights must assume greater responsibilities.

Spreading knowledge is a core responsibility that not even pirate designers dare to ignore.

I don\'t see how that is relevant to me considering that I am decades away from reaching that point.

There is nothing wrong with starting early. Master Willix advised.

Let me fill you in on a little secret.

If you establish an entirely new school of thought within the mech industry or pass on your teachings to your apprentices at your current stage, you will begin with a considerable head start once you finally become a Senior.

In the more optimistic cases, you shorten the time it takes for you to advance to Master by at least several decades or even centuries depending on your circumstances.

Ves widened his eyes.

The implications of her advice was actually game-changing! He almost couldn\'t believe that Master Willix shared this secret so casually!

If he understood it correctly, this must be a key approach that gave mech designers a greater chance to realize their design philosophy before their lifespan came to an end!

For example, if a random mech designer progressed normally, he might need to reach the age of 350 years to reach Master.

It was not that easy for anyone to live that long.

Even Seniors struggled to extend their life by two rounds.

What if the mech designer could only live up to 320 years after he exhausted all of his means of prolonging his life

While there were ways to live longer than that, the cost was too prohibitive.

Ordinary Seniors were very unlikely to be able to afford the required treatment.

Therefore, a gap of several decades could easily change the fate of many mech designers yearning to realize their design philosophy!

The difference in status between Seniors and Masters was so enormous that the former would probably be driven to do almost everything to go a step further.

The Skull Architect was a prime example of how this yearning could drive Seniors to desperation!

Ves scratched his smooth-shaven cheek.

I think..

I understand your underlying message. He slowly replied to Master Willix as his thoughts were still churning.

The problem is that my design philosophy is..

not very transferable.

It is based on rare preconditions that I haven\'t found in any other mech designer.

While I am in the process of experimenting with nurturing at least one aspirant, I don\'t think it will work out.

As I\'m sure you have already learnt, it takes a very specific outlook on mechs and life in order to grasp my unique design philosophy.

Ves didn\'t need to ask whether Master Willix succeeded in imitating his design philosophy.

She wouldn\'t have issued her advice if she was already capable of designing living mechs herself.

Fortunately, the esteemed MTA mech designer acknowledged his circumstances.

He wasn\'t to blame for developing a design philosophy that was incredibly obtuse and difficult for others to adopt.

Master Willix crossed her arms and shook her head.

I hope you have taken my previous warnings into account.

The more unique and deviant your design philosophy, the harder it is to progress it once you reach Senior and Master.

You are making your career trajectory steeper by going off the beaten track.

It\'s worth it, though.

I never would have enjoyed the success I have now if I chose to pursue a more conventional design philosophy.

It\'s impossible to stand out in the mech market if I don\'t offer anything different from my competitors.

This was an old discussion, so they quickly moved on after they made their stance clear.

Let\'s head back to the topic at hand. She looked at him with an intrigued expression.

My backer has expressed greater interest in your work.

Despite the lack of practicality of your latest innovations, the fact that she recognizes your effort is a great honor.

Ah yes, the supposedly unidentified Star Designer paid close attention to the work of a single Journeyman.

Yeah right.

Even if Ves was bluffing the MTA by pretending to be the disciple of Mr.

S., he seriously doubted that one of the top figures of human civilization would even bother spending more than a single second to study his mechs!

I feel very honored. He replied flatly.

Don\'t be cheeky, Mr.


I am being very serious.

It would help if you actually told me who this Star Designer actually is.

So far, I only know she is a woman.

That cuts down the list of possibilities but there are still dozens of names, and that applies only to the known ones.

The Master smiled coyly at him.

You can keep guessing.

It is not my place to reveal her identity.

What I am allowed to tell you is that she is currently preoccupied with matters of great import in the Red Ocean.

If you manage to reach the dwarf galaxy, she may make some specific arrangements for you.

It would be a shame for you to meet with disaster because you were too careless.

Ves immediately frowned.

He didn\'t hide his adverse reaction to the possibility of meddling.

I already told you that I work at my best when I am free to explore the cosmos.

I get my inspiration from visiting many different sites and going through a lot of unique experiences.

The situations I\'ve faced have all stimulated me in developing much of my better works.

We are not ignorant of that.

Any possible intervention from us is not as serious as you think.

We are only looking out for you, Ves.

The battle that you have just fought is a situation that I do not wish to see from you again.

Ves awkwardly coughed.

I\'m working on it.

Our mech forces will become a lot stronger in the short term.

I already have some great designs in the pipeline that will greatly alleviate our lack of quality mechs.

He briefly explained his upcoming mech designs such as the Bright Warrior IB.

He might as well take advantage of the situation and see whether he could obtain feedback from one of the best mech designers that he knew of.

Even a casual word of advice from a Master was enough to transform a mech design!

As Master Willix calmly listened to his impromptu presentation, she did not offer any strong response.

Your mech designs suit the purpose of your clan.

A mech design does not have to sound exciting to be effective.

Was that all Ves expected to hear more, but the Master didn\'t even bother to go in depth about any aspect of his upcoming mech designs!

They talked a bit about other matters.

Master Willix inquired a bit about his future plans.

Ves hesitated for a moment but decided to voice one of the uncertainties that had been bothering for some time.

I\'m interested in paying a visit to the Smiling Samuel Star Sector.

The people that live over there have developed an..

interesting society.

It would be remiss of me to ignore their distinct culture when my route just happens to pass by this star sector.

Master Willix raised her eyebrow.

Hardly anyone expresses interest in the customs and way of life of the natives of Smiling Samuel.

The Vulcan Empire is a highly insular state.

Unless you are a heavy gravity variant human yourself, you will not be able to gain entry.

Ves grinned.

I\'m aware of the difficulties, but I have never shied away from a challenge.

I\'ve already ventured into the Nyxian Gap, and while the trip was very dangerous, I\'ve harvested a lot of useful insights along the way.

It\'s a pity that not every star sector hosts such an abnormal region of space.

Much of the galactic rim is just an ordinary void.

Smiling Samuel is one of the few truly interesting places that offers a strong contrast to normal human space.

He received a sceptical look from the MTA Master.

I hardly took you for a fan of their stout mech designs.

I\'d love to examine their dwarf mechs up close! Ves sincerely claimed, though he added a bit of exaggeration.

Their deviating body structure alters how they perform and how they are being utilized.

I don\'t think I\'ll be able to visit a dwarf haven like the Vulcan Empire in my subsequent journeys, so I\'d be remiss if I miss out on exploring these fantastic mechs!

I see.

I must say that you have a bold taste of mechs, Mr.


Why did you feel the need to share this particular desire

I\'d like to ask if you can help me obtain passage in the star sector. Ves finally asked.

While I\'m already working on it, I heard that organizations like the MTA and CFA can issue special passes that can make the Vulcanites back off.

Can you arrange a pass for me I\'d like to be able to travel freely in the star sector.

This was a bold request! Master Willix clearly didn\'t anticipate that Ves would make such a random request.

She was rendered speechless for a moment.

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