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Chapter 2059 MTA Advisory

The examinations only lasted half a day.

Unlike the instance where Master Willix and her subordinates inspected the Quint for an entire week, the Doom Guard evidently didn\'t present as much value.

The only noteworthy aspect about the mech was its spiritual properties.

The Doom Guard design was the first time Ves employed spiritual counterbalancing to impart a discordant, dynamic glow.

How much the MTA picked up and what they exactly saw in his mech design, he had no idea.

Deep within his mind, he constantly prayed that Master Willix and her subordinates uncovered as little as possible!

Sadly, Master Willix didn\'t share the gains.

She didn\'t spend much time inspecting the mech in person either.

After inspecting it up close for thirty minutes, she eventually withdrew and began to spend the rest of her time chatting with Ves and Gloriana!

Sometimes, she queried their theories, some of which hit very close to their core secrets.

At other times, she adopted the role of a mentor and taught them all sorts of lessons.

She didn\'t bring up any specific subjects related to mech design.

Instead, she mostly spent her time on discussing the more philosophical aspects of mech design.

It was as if she was preparing the two young Journeymen for something greater in the future!

Innovation is one of the greatest strengths of our race. She noted.

However, don\'t underestimate the ingenuity of competing races.

The more we push them, the greater their desperation.

The greater their desperation, the harder they work towards a solution.

Once, we were the underdogs and the Seven Apex Races ruled the galaxy.

Now, humanity has become the dominant power in the Milky Way while the Seven Apex Races have become the underdogs.

Doesn\'t that sound familiar to you in any way

Are the aliens making a comeback Gloriana looked concerned.

As a child of the Age of Mechs, she had always grown up with the belief that human civilization was the strongest power of the galaxy! It successfully vanquished over older, more sophisticated alien empires through a combination of trickery, innovation and daring!

It was very hard to imagine humanity losing their edge while the aliens were patiently sharpening their blades in the shadows.

We are not as complacent as the old alien rulers, Miss Wodin.

Though we have struck an armistice with the remaining alien empires of the Milky Way, we are under no illusion that we have returned to peace.

Some day, the golden age we enjoy will come at an end.

Perhaps I will be able to live long enough to contribute my abilities towards this galactic conflict, but if that is not the case, I hope that younger mech designers such as you will be able to inherit the mantle of my generation and fight on our behalf.

Ves blinked.

Um, okay.

In truth, he wanted to ask why the Big Two didn\'t go on the offensive and resume the conquest of the Milky Way.

While he understood that the infighting of the latter half of the Age of Conquest turned humanity\'s attention inward, the insanity of that period already ended centuries ago!

In this day and age, humanity not only recovered from the ravages of this dark period, but also grew considerably stronger! If Ves was in charge of human civilization, he would have commanded everyone to invade the territories that remained out of its grasp!

Instead, the Big Two seemingly ignored their hostile neighbors and initiated an expensive extragalactic invasion.

Even if the Red Ocean Dwarf Galaxy contained a lot of phasewater, couldn\'t the Big Two clean up their backyard first Humanity risked diluting its strength at this rate!

As much as he wanted to pick Master Willix\'s head, he prudently refrained from voicing his doubts.

There was no reason for a small, local Journeyman like him to involve himself in galactic affairs.

The galactic mech councilors of the MTA and the grand admirals of the CFA probably knew exactly what they were doing!

At least Ves hoped so.

Fortunately, Master Willix didn\'t always talk about abstract matters all the time.

She also turned to more specific topics.

Your choice of venturing to the Sentinel Kingdom is an interesting decision. She stated.

Are you aiming to perform a mission in the Nyxian Gap to earn merits, perhaps

Yup. Gloriana eagerly nodded.

We need to earn lots of merits very quickly in order to earn passage to the Red Ocean!

This option is under consideration. Ves responded more modestly.

The older mech designer regarded them with a stern expression.

The Nyxian Gap is a very dangerous region that has even managed to confound our researchers.

There are ancient secrets hidden there, many of which are of no concern to people at your level.

Even if you stumble upon something, there is a substantial chance that you will immediately meet your end shortly afterwards.

We have sent our own expeditions in the Nyxian Gap before, with some of them never coming back.

No matter how strong you think you are, there are always greater threats that can swallow you up if you are unlucky.

Both Ves and Gloriana gulped.

If what she said was true, then even the MTA suffered substantial losses in the Nyxian Gap! How could the two of them do any better

That said, the Nyxian Gap is also a valuable region and a source of considerable wealth.

There is a reason why we take great interest in it.

While I don\'t advise you to accept any missions that take place in the Gap, if you do, I commend your courage for doing so.

For people like you who are expected to blaze a trail with your design philosophies, it is not enough to follow an ordinary trajectory.

The more impossible your ambition sounds, the more you need to step out of your comfort zone and find answers elsewhere.

Anything that is outside of the established norm is a potential source for inspiration.

Ves wasn\'t sure whether Master Willix was trying to encourage or discourage them to explore the Nyxian Gap.

While it sounded as if she was in favor, she didn\'t mince any words about the danger either!

Do you have any advice for us if we choose to accept such a mission He asked.

Hmm.. Master Willix fell into thought.

No matter how greedy you are for merits, don\'t accept any of the missions that send you deeper into the Nyxian Gap.

Absolutely do not venture to the center, for only death awaits those who barge into this pool of madness! Stick to the periphery where most of the Nyxians and Peacekeepers struggle for dominance.

You\'ll only face human threats in these parts, and that is something that your mechs can confidently defeat!

Though Ves disliked her immensely, that didn\'t mean he automatically discounted all of her advice.

He took her warning very seriously and vowed not to go too deep into the Nyxian Gap.

It took too much time to get in and out anyway.

Ves didn\'t have the time to muck about in the depths of the Gap for so many years.

Can you tell us anything more specific

The Master shook her head.

Don\'t push your luck.

I am bound from telling you anything confidential, and I\'m sorry to say that most of what we know about the Nyxian Gap must stay within our halls.

I see.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

As long as you remain in the periphery, there is no need to know that much.

Time passed.

As Ves gained a lot of relevant and less relevant information, the visit finally came to an end.

As Ves and Gloriana were about to return to their shuttle, they received one more notice.

I have thoroughly studied your Doom Guard and deem it sufficient for public sale, with caveats. Master Willix announced.

Unfortunately, I can\'t validate your mech design right away.

The proper steps still need to be followed.

The evaluators of this base will likely concur with my recommendation.

What are the caveats you\'ve mentioned

Your mech will be allowed to go on sale, but your mech company and any vendor must mention the potential dangers and risks of using this mech to your customers.

In addition, we will also publish an advisory that strongly discourages the use of this mech to terrorize the local populace on a massive scale.

Your Doom Guard is designed to fight against other mechs, and it should stay that way.

Ves looked dismayed.

While these conditions sounded reasonable, it was very hard for him to prevent abuse! He didn\'t control his mechs once they got sold!

How can we possibly enforce this rule

There are already existing rules concerning the use of mechs against unarmed civilians.

That is why we are simply reminding everyone not to pretend as if they don\'t apply anymore.

We will be watching the conduct of your customers very closely.


No one wants to be stared at by the LMC all the time, least of all Ves!

Is there anything else, Master

I will be staying in Cinach VI for a few more days in order to attend your upcoming product reveal.

My assistant will be in touch in order to reserve a place for myself.

Mind you, I will only be attending as a member of the audience.

Both Ves and Gloriana looked shocked at her declaration! For someone like Master Willix to attend their product reveal was a shocking turn of events!

Neither of them were ready to hold a presentation in front of such an august figure!

Gloriana recovered the fastest.

She broke out into a brilliant smile.

We would be honored to present our latest work in your presence! You are welcome to attend our product reveal!

Ves wanted to cough.

I\'m afraid that our announcement won\'t present anything you haven\'t already seen today.

We are just holding a simple marketing event aimed towards the masses.

I\'m sure you have witnessed much better at the MTA.

While you are correct, that is no reason for me to look down on your means.

I am not attending your announcement in order to judge you, so don\'t be afraid to run your show.

With that, they bid goodbye and separated from each other.

Ves tried his best not to shake as he briskly walked back to the shuttle.

He would have sprinted to the vehicle if it wouldn\'t attract so much attention!

Once they reached the shuttle, Ves waited until the vehicle lifted off and flew all the way back to the base occupied by the Larkinson to vent his frustrations!


His girlfriend threw a curious look at him.

What\'s wrong, Ves

Master Willix is going to attend our product reveal! Why can\'t she portal jump back to Centerpoint and return to her research straight away!

I think she\'s interested in our work.

That\'s no reason for her to linger around so long!

Gloriana smiled and crossed her arms.

Not necessarily, but I think there\'s more to her actions than you realize, Ves.

How do you think the public has reacted to her arrival in this star system How do you think everyone will respond once they learn that Master Willix will attend our upcoming product reveal

It didn\'t take long to connect the dots now that Gloriana pointed him in the right direction.

His eyes widened.

Our work will attract a lot more attention from the public! Our reputation will probably receive a substantial boost!

I think this is Master Willix\'s way of bestowing a favor to us. Gloriana guessed.

The MTA prohibits its members from interfering with local affairs or providing assistance to specific individuals without cause.

I think she likes us or finds our work promising, though, and wants to give us a hand.

This is one of the ways she can help her out without blatantly breaking her own rules! At most, she is merely bending them a little!

Ves was very familiar with bending rules.

He could easily see Gloriana\'s point.

While Master Willix might have good intentions in mind, she was always a thieving wretch to him! He didn\'t want to receive her favor at all!

If she attended his presentation, then Ves wouldn\'t be able to employ his spiritual manipulation to drug his audience!

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