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The next morning, Xu Tui was not in a hurry to go to the equipment center.

It was early in the morning.

There were thousands of people queuing to get their equipment.

Xu Tui did not want to waste time.

Xu Tui was still a master of time management.

Today was the 28th of January 2138.

At 0000 hours, which was on the 29th of January, they set off for the Mars battlefield.

The assembly time was 10:30 p.m.

on the 28th of January.

Before setting off, he had to ensure that his mind power and stamina were at their peak.

Under normal circumstances, he basically did not have to do any training for the day.

After arranging the time, Xu Tui started cultivating after breakfast.

He had to cultivate his strengthened energy field every day.

After such a long time, Xu Tui had successfully cultivated the third level of the Vajra Barrier.

However, although the defense of the Vajra Barrier was strong, it was greatly related to the energy field.

The stronger the energy field, the stronger the defense of the Vajra Barrier, and the longer it lasted.

Xu Tui had wanted to cultivate the mind power quantum entanglement state.

But he had been cultivating this recently till he felt dizzy, so he decided not to cultivate it today.

Before he set off, Xu Tui activated another genetic base point on his oxygen-powered genetic ability chain.

He then strengthened the remaining two genetic base points in the mental whip that had not been strengthened to Level 2 silver.

He only stopped when his mind power was reduced to 30%.

Xu Tui felt that if the remaining two genetic base points of the mental whip were all strengthened to Level 2 silver, the relevant abilities might be further enhanced.

Then, he went to the training ground and trained himself until he was exhausted.

He further strengthened the effects of the two genetic base points he had just activated today.

He then eats and sleeps!

Four and a half hours later, Xu Tui woke up at six in the afternoon.

His mind power had recovered to about 80%.

He only went to the Moon bases equipment center after he ate.

At this moment, other than the staff, there was not a single student in the equipment center of the Moon base.

When they saw Xu Tui arrive, the staff of the Moon Base Equipment Center said helplessly, “The number one prodigy, Xu Tui, right If you dont come soon, well have to contact your instructor.

You sure are patient.

The rest of your schoolmates had collected by noon.”

“I think its faster if there are fewer people.

Im late.

Im sorry.”

As he spoke, the staff of the equipment center had already taken out a list and a large package.

“All the free equipment is here.

Check it and sign it! The other equipment is common.

We need to explain the last two pieces of equipment to you on the spot.

“The first thing I have to explain is this Mars combat uniform.

This Mars combat uniform has a certain level of defense.

Especially at the vital points.

However, its defense ability was also relatively limited.

The most important function of this combat uniform was to maintain warmth and water.

At the same time, there were four tiny oxygen emergency bags.

“Based on your current oxygen consumption, every oxygen emergency pack can last you for half an hour to make it easier for you to wait for reinforcements.

“The other piece of equipment that needs to be explained is this full-frequency energy detector.”

The attendant found a faint golden eight-sided rhombus metal body for Xu Tui.

It was very small and was only the size of a fingernail.

It was also equipped with a clasp that could be attached to his communication device.

When he saw the eight-sided diamond-shaped metal body, Xu Tui immediately thought of the full-frequency energy testing device that he had sensed in the physical testing hall that day.

“This detector came from the full-frequency energy testing device that you tested yesterday.

You can think of it as something that was cut off from its body.

Of course, its ability was very weak and could not withstand the test of energy outburst value.

“However, when you inject energy, it could give you a sense of the energy strength of the living beings within a certain range.

There were only four bars.

“A bar represented that the energy emitted by the targets body was only that of a Genetic Liberator.

Two bars meant that the energy emitted by the targets body was the strength of a Genetic Mutant.

The three bars represented that the energy emitted by the targets body was the strength of a Genetic Evolver.

Four bars meant that the energy emitted by the targets body was the strength of a Genetic Transmuter.

“The reason why I gave you such an instrument was to reduce some of your unnecessary casualties.

Through it, you could make a basic judgment of the targets strength immediately.

Remember, its not accurate.

Its just a reference and screening.

“If you discover an energy reaction above the Genetic Evolution Realm, please stay away for safety or call for help! Remember, it was just a reference! Many creatures that only had the energy reaction of a Genetic Mutant could also unleash the combat strength of the Genetic Evolution Realm.

“However, if the energy reaction in a creatures body reaches three bars, which is the Genetic Evolution Realm, the target creature will definitely be an expert at the Genetic Evolution Realm!”

As he spoke, the staff member even demonstrated it to Xu Tui on the spot.

He aimed it in Xu Tuis direction and injected a little energy field power.

Two two-square spots of light flashed.


Xu Tui was a little surprised.

The attendant pouted at Xu Tui.

Xu Tui turned around and realized that another person had arrived at the entrance of the equipment center.

This thing was quite magical.

It also worked.

At the very least, this reference function did not make many students rush forward to realize that the opponent was a Genetic Evolver.

Xu Tui injected a little energy into the staff members direction.

Four spots of light instantly appeared on it.

Three of the spots of light were three bars, and one of the spots of light was two bars.

It worked!

“As for the rest, look at the instructions.

Theyre all very simple.”

After receiving the equipment, Xu Tui suddenly asked, “Teacher, I want to buy a few titanium-based flying swords.

Can I buy them here”

“Do you have any contribution points”


“As long as you have contribution points.”

Half an hour later, Xu Tui spent 400 contribution points to exchange for five titanium-based flying swords.

It was only here that Xu Tui realized that the things provided by the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College were really welfare prices.

In the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College, titanium-based alloy cost two contribution points per gram and cash.

In the equipment center of the Moon base, titanium-based alloy was worth four contribution points per gram.

The contribution points were doubled.

Xu Tui had spent 400 contribution points on five 20-gram flying swords.

As for his main flying sword, which was the one that An Xiaoxue had given him, not only had it been fused with Origin Crystals, but it had also been fused with a special alloy.

It could not even be customized.

On the Blue Star, Xu Tui had used silver pills because they were cheap.

Secondly, because flying swords would definitely kill people, he had not used the silver sword.

Now that he was going to Mars to participate in the battle, Xu Tui immediately changed to using his flying sword.

Even if these ordinary titanium-based flying swords were not as powerful as Xu Tuis main flying sword, they were still very lethal.

Moreover, Xu Tui could now control four flying swords at the same time.

Four flying swords attacking at the same time was more tactical.

Xu Tui continued to sleep after he ate and familiarized himself with his equipment.

Due to the battle, many students had not slept the entire night.

They had dark circles under their eyes today and were not in a good state.

Xu Tui could sleep whenever he wanted.

However, Xu Tui received a message from An Xiaoxue before he went to bed.

“Im leaving.

Be careful, no need to reply.”

Xu Tui stared at the message for a while before falling asleep.

When he woke up again, it was already nine in the evening.

Xu Tui felt energetic.

He put on his combat uniform and familiarized himself with the location of the emergency equipment.

He carried his combat backpack and gathered at the spot.

“Ill emphasize it one last time.

After arriving on Mars, when you are a certain distance away from the five major bases, your communication device might have a signal.

However, even if there was no signal on your communication device, you could still use the map information in your communication device.

“In addition, no matter where you were on Mars, you could receive the channel signal of the temporary command center of Phobos every day for two hours.

Actually, it was the moment when Phobos was in front of you.

There are different locations and different time periods.

“However, please pay attention to the information in the public channel of the command center.

There will be a temporary battle order.

If your life is in danger, please send out a distress signal or move closer to the five bases.”

Before they set off, most of the students emotions became calmer.

The members of the various teams had already gathered and were waiting to set off.

He greeted Chi Hongying, Zuo Qingqing, and the others to understand their situation.

Chi Hongying, Zuo Qingqing, and the others formed a six-person team.

It could be considered a medium-sized team with a comprehensive setup.

If they were lucky enough to land in the same area, Xu Tui promised to get as close to them as possible and take care of them.

He had fulfilled Chai Xiaos request to take care of his sister-in-law.

Xu Tui looked around but did not find Mr.

Bian Yuan.

He might not be with the students.

The Quantum Portal of the moon base was in a huge fortress-like building.

From the looks of the hall, this fortress was more protective of the inside than the outside.

Quantum Portal worked both ways.

However, the restrictions were the same.

At this moment, in front of the Quantum Portal fortress, the students of the six alliances were gathered together, waiting to enter.

At twelve oclock sharp, the students began to line up to enter the Quantum Portal fortress.

The team number that was called out walked along the tunnel to the end and quickly disappeared into a door that was slowly spinning with a faint glow.

Every three seconds, a team would be sent away at an extremely fast speed.

Soon, it was Xu Tui and Yan Lies turn.

Yan Lie glanced at Xu Tui and took the lead to step into the Quantum Portal.

Xu Tui followed him in.

Xu Tuis heart skipped a beat the moment he stepped in.

How about using his mental perception to sense it He spread out his mental perception the moment he stepped in.

There was an invisible barrier inside the Quantum Portal that blocked Xu Tuis mental perception.

Xu Tui did not stop.

He already knew that his mental perception had undergone a slight change.

It could penetrate certain barriers.

He could activate this penetrating mental perception if he continued to focus.

Light circulated in the Quantum Portal.

Xu Tuis main genetic base point of mental perception suddenly rippled again.

It was also at this moment that his mental perception instantly passed through the invisible barrier of the Quantum Portal.

Countless spots of light appeared in Xu Tuis mental perception.

Countless fine spots of light were flickering at a strange frequency.

They looked like countless individuals or a whole.

A thought flashed through Xu Tuis mind when he saw this scene.

It was as if he had suddenly been inspired.

However, before Xu Tui could grasp this inspiration, all the light in front of him instantly disappeared.

A large amount of red suddenly appeared in front of Xu Tui.

He felt like he was stepping on solid ground.

Xu Tui instantly understood that he had passed through the Quantum Portal and arrived on Mars.

“Be careful!” Almost at the same time, Yan Lie shouted softly.

He instantly shot three meters behind Xu Tui and slashed out with his dual blades.

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