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Chapter 2157: Bazaar (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

At night, the Momo dwarves fell asleep quietly after a busy day.

On this silent night, Shen Yanxiao slipped away from the back door of the Momo Tribe with Vermillion Bird.

Momo One and Momo Two, who had been guarding the front door, were completely unaware of the departure of their chieftain.

They still stood there dutifully.

After they were a distance away from the Momo Tribes residence, Vermilion Bird immediately transformed into a firebird and flew towards Kumu Mountain with Shen Yanxiao.

Kumu Mountain was very far from the Momo Tribe, and Vermillion Bird could only fly at night.

If he flew over the territory of the dwarves in broad daylight, using the words of the dwarves, it was estimated that they would blast down this “UFO” with huge cannons.

Vermilion Bird flew for an entire night and stopped by a city when the sun had just risen.


In dwarf society, the areas where they lived were divided by tribes, but the dwarves of each tribe would still mutually trade with each other and contact each other.

Dwarves of different tribes had different needs, which gave rise to bazaars in the dwarf world.

With the exception of the capital city, there were no real cities in the Storm Continent.

There were only bazaars where dwarves of all tribes gathered.

These bazaars were located in semi-open cities where dwarves of all races could sell or buy any items in the bazaar.

The whole bazaar was a huge trading market.

In the bazaar, there were only a small number of houses but more inns for the dwarves who came temporarily.

As soon as the sun rose, many cute dwarves drove their carriages and mechanical puppets to the bazaar for trading.

Dwarves had violent and straightforward personalities, and there was absolutely no such thing as bargaining in a dwarf bazaar.

The seller would give the price, and if it was suitable, the buyer would give the money directly.

If they dared to bargain, the seller would dare to hack them!

Shen Yanxiao had a lot of gold coins on her.

The currency circulating in dwarf society was similar to that of human beings: gold coins.

Momo An and Momo Ke did not expect that Shen Yanxiao would leave the Momo Tribes residence, so they did not provide her with gold coins.

But Shen Yanxiao, as the richest person in the Brilliance Continent, gold coins…

She could spend as much as she wanted!

When she left the Brilliance Continent, she specially packed an entire interspatial ring with gold coins so that it would be convenient for her to move around other continents.

When they approached the bazaar, Vermilion Bird had already returned to Shen Yanxiaos body.

Shen Yanxiao took out a small cloak from her interspatial ring and wrapped herself up.

The dwarf bazaar was very lively.

Even though it was still early in the morning, the bazaar was already crowded with dwarves.

Some dwarves found a suitable position in the bazaar, parked the mechanical puppets directly behind them, laid down a piece of sackcloth on the spot, and placed the goods they wanted to sell.

The dwarves set up their stalls in a simple and crude way.

Except for the inns that provided food and accommodation, all the merchants set up their stalls on the ground…

Shen Yanxiao went around and looked at the goods for sale.

It had to be said that nine times out of ten, the goods sold by the dwarves were related to metals, either raw ores of all kinds of rare metals, all kinds of strange mechanical parts, or powerful mini mechanical puppets the size of a palm.

If humans were to enter this bazaar, they would probably go crazy every minute.

The ground was filled with the best weapons and the most precious ores.

Just the goods on the stalls Shen Yanxiao swept across were enough to make the humans on the Brilliance Continent go crazy.

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