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Theres no point in you telling me these things.

Whether or not you acknowledged my mother would only affect my father, not me.

This is because all of the thrones in the world would not be equivalent to my mothers life.

If it wasnt because my mother was dead, I would still have mercy on the royal family and allow her to step on the throne.

Do you understand”

“Your highness, how could you say this The king loved you and your father dearly.

Why cant you understand what he has been trying to do for you The King…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the plane started diving downwards.

This time, the butler was smart.

He quickly grabbed onto something heavy on the plane, but when Zhan Lichuan saw how he was still standing on both his feet, he turned the plane 360 degrees.

The things that were inside the plane flew everywhere.

The burning hot tea that the butler had prepared for Di Zhong splattered all over Di Zhongs lap.

It was so hot that it burnt Di Zhongs legs.

“Shut up!” Di Zhong finally spoke up.

The butler finally noticed that Di Jingxuan and his daughter did not care about the butler and wanted him to shut his mouth.

“Thats right.

You should have just kept your mouth shut.

You will have the time to speak later.”

“Ah Xuan, the throne is something important to me.

Something thats more important than my own life! If theres anyone who threatens it, nothing good will happen to them.

I will try my very best to destroy anyone who threatens it.”

Di Zhong gave his warning.

Di Jingxuan, his wife, and the Di siblings started laughing.

Suddenly, the plane lost control once again.

In the end, Di Zhong got so frightened that he started screaming, and thats when the plane finally went back to normal.

“Di Zhong, its not a matter of whether you will be destroying me now.

Its whether I want you dead or not.

Do you understand”

“But… I am your grandfather! Your biological grandfather!”


You are just the man who killed my mother and the enemy that tried to harm my wife, which led to me being separated from my children for the past 20 years.

Oh… As for the culprit itself, you should already know what he has done to me all these years, right You even took in his daughter for a short period of time.

“I can show you how I treat my enemies.

Usually, there are only 2 ways.

One is that I dont bother dealing with them and the other would be the ones that Ive decided to do something about.

Take a look.”

Without even bothering to see if Di Zhong wanted to watch it or not, Di Jingxuan played the video of Di Jingkun.

It was the video before the surgery.

There was blood everywhere and all four limbs had become meat patties.

Di Jingxuan was lying in a pool of blood, crying in pain.


The butler couldnt help but shriek, and Di Zhongs face turned ghastly pale.

After some time, Di Zhong finally recovered from the shock and said, “Hes… Hes your brother, your twin brother.”

“Youre right.

So what” Di Jingxuan asked.

“Ah Xuan, you shouldnt be someone like this,” Di Zhong tried to manipulate Di Jingxuan.

“Di Zhong, you dont know me that way.

This is how Ive always been.

Ive already told you that I only have 2 kinds of enemies: one which I dont bother with, and the other are ones that Ive decided to do something about.

“The reason why he managed to live all these years was because I wasnt bothering to deal with him.

Plus, I didnt know that he was the reason why I had been separated from two of my children.

If I had known about it earlier, he would have been in this state for a longer time.

“He is my twin brother, so I might have broken all four of his limbs, but he would still have someone to support him for the rest of his life.

He wouldnt starve to death, since he is my brother.

He only had such a privilege because of this particular reason, but for the rest, they would usually be dead by now.”

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