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Chapter 184 – Munch munch!!

This is all so sudden that I don’t even know if I should be cautious, but the little girl keeps walking towards me.

“Hm… What is this smell… It stinks of medicine, but it is a very charming smell.

I feel my head turning when I sniff it.

You’ve drunk a lot of medicine so far.

It is a smell so rich, one wouldn’t think it came from a regular human… Drool…”

The little girl wipes a lot of drool with her sleeve.

“Ah, so you are the undead dragon We came here to ask about points…”

I state my purpose here while slowly shrinking back.

“Yes, I am the undead dragon.

You can call me Unchan if you wish.

If you wish to ask me something, I will need the appropriate compensation.

Just a little bite will do.

Just a portion of your meat from the edge.

Then I will answer any question.”

I keep shrinking back, and the girl keeps getting closer.

I weigh the risks in my mind.

Even if the carnivorous girl bites me, if she just leaves a wound, I can take care of it with my potions.

The problem is the flesh itself.

And even more importantly, there’s a chance that giving her blood will activate some sort of condition related to primordial magic.

I can’t really make an educated guess, because I don’t know a lot about it.

“…One bite in that form, right Miss Un”

“It’s Unchan.

I’m still a young three thousand year old.

And of course it would be in this form.

I wouldn’t taste anything in my other form.”

“No! Master Rust, no! That’s… Just too indecent.”

Princess Lily tries to stop me for some reason.

If Kalin was here instead of her, I’m she would be finding this funny.

Taula would prioritize our objective, because she’s very reasonable.

Ahri and Roa would stay quiet, probably.

I don’t think Roa would be into this, regardless of how much of a glutton she is.

As I think about this, kind of as a way to escape from reality, the carnivorous girl stares at my limbs.

“What meat is best… Every part looks so good, Unchan is at a loss… Jiggly thighs, upper arms that would feel great on the tongue, shoulder roast…”

“I’ll decide which part.”

I make that clear just in case.

I don’t want her to rip away something she shouldn’t.

“That’s mean… Oh well, Unchan isn’t fussy with her food.

Any part will be good.”

The carnivorous girl looks very happy.

I take out a potion from my potion holder, take a deep breath, and roll up the sleeve of my left arm before holding it out.

“From the elbow to the wrist, and the side of my little finger.”

“Good, the contract is formed.

Yafuh! Thank you for the meal.”

After she nibbles on the skin of my arm, I feel something biting into it, before flesh is ripped away.

I forcibly pull away the carnivorous girl that’s tenaciously after the blood pouring out, and splash a potion on my wound.

As the golden potion flows down my arm, the wound disappears completely.

Princess Lily sounds incredulous, but I ignore her.

I check to see if that half-transparent plate didn’t appear, and breathe a sigh of relief.

At least the thing I was worried about didn’t happen.

I look at the carnivorous girl again, and see her slovenly enjoying the meat in her mouth.

She keeps munching, and I keep looking.

I guess she’s misunderstanding why I’m staring, because she swallows the meat and starts giving me her thoughts on its taste.

“Truly a supreme taste.

So good so good! You are incredible, really the best.

I would love to eat you again.”

As I ignore these very unpleasant compliments, I decide to start asking questions right away.


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