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The Five Alphas And Me Change Desire

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Im here now in moms office, Im looking out the window because I want to see the entering students of our school, I also want to see Cristof enter the school gate.

"Our dear Bam, are you waiting for someone to come in? Youve been there for a while now" I immediately looked at mom and smiled at her

"Yes, I just want to see him enter the school gate," I said a little shyly

she immediately stood up from her seat and came to me, "Is that Cristof? My Berries, don starve yourself, go to the gate and wait there, remember the more you distance yourself from your mate, the more hungry you will be to be with him," said mom and grabbed my hair then kissed me on the forehead

I immediately took a deep breath, "but mom when I get close to him sometimes I can help but get hurt and cry, then dad doesn like him" I said calmly which made her laugh softly,

"Its not because your dad doesn like him, you should not like him, Bam your dad just doesn want to see you cry and hurt, as you are destined to be the Alpha of Ulrikas Clan it is your responsibility to follow what you want not what those around you want or your parents want, if you are hurt and crying because of him but you are happier with him and he fulfills your desire, the wrong is not him or you," said mom which made me wonder,

"Then whats wrong?" I said to her while looking into her eyes, "thats what you need to know, just remember to be a good Alpha in your clan sometimes you have to step back and look at the event again, in that way you will know what you want to do and what you should do, and remember that your happiness is the happiness of your clan, your confidence in yourself is your clans confidence in you and when you are weak your clan is weak too, do you understand Bam?" Mom said to me as she immediately returned to her table and sat in her chair

"What are you waiting for there? Go to the gate and wait for him there, your desire is the desire of your clan, remember that only you can answer your questions and only your mate can help you to answer your questions yourself" Mom said smiling as she turned to me

I was about to go out when the door opened and dad came out, "My Bam! Do you know how much I miss you? I miss you so much," dad happily greeted as he came closer to hug me, "Darling, Bam needs to hurry don disturb him first, you are spoiling our daughter too much so his mate is saying that we are still babysitting the destined Alpha of Ulrikas clan" mom said to dad while her hands were closed

dad immediately snorted, "Thats not what he said, he said we are babying the next Alpha of Ulrikas Clan" dad said seriously causing moms eyebrows to furrow, "Thats the same meaning, Bam you can go, Ill take care of your dad," Mom said seriously as she excused me to go

I just kissed Dad on the cheek and left moms office,

while walking I was still thinking about what mom said

I just thought about why mom tells me not to starve myself and the more I stay away from Christof the more I will be hungry to be with Christof

can that happen even if Im human?

maybe Im really a werewolf? and not a human,

hey, what are the things Im going to say to myself, first I said what if Im really a werewolf, then now Im telling myself that maybe I really am a werewolf,

why is it that I was not considered the child of my real parents, then whoever else is not my real parent still considers me a child, the world is really messed up

I don know if the world doesn want me or if the world wants me


e blocking the way Berries" I immediately woke up to my senses when I heard Cristofs voice

I immediately looked at him, I didn expect to be hurt by the coldness of his eyes


Im still hurt

I can not understand myself

"When do you plan to leave in front of me Berries?" he said seriously which made me step back, "Sorry," I said and looked in another direction which made him take a deep breath, "Look at me Berries," he said making me look at him

I was very surprised when he kissed my forehead, "I find it hard to control myself when I talk to you, the monster that hides in my body wants to claim you, he wants you to moan badly, but I don want to" he said seriously and I didn intentionally look into his eyes

all I really see is coldness

You really don like me very much

I remembered when I told him that I couldn look at him but his answer was that it was okay, he doesn care about me anyway

now I know

he was surprised to see me smile

"Thank you, I understand now," I said with a smile that caused him to wonder,

he was about to hold me when I stepped away from him, "You don want me to be a mate right? I don know why you

e mad at the real you, but I only know one thing, you

e pathetic Cristof, you

e taking your anger out on me, maybe thats why dad doesn like you because he sees that you don care about yourself, and for sure you don care about your clan either, do you know that your desire is what your clan desires? I just learned that a while ago, now I understand, I can look into your eyes without getting hurt, do you know why? my desire has changed and its not you anymore" I smiled and said

Im still hurt because I don know, maybe its because I learned to love him because hes my mate, but now I don really know, "I like the way you smell now Berries" he said and tried to come closer, I immediately sneered at him, "Of course, because you can smell my pain anymore, you know what I mean Cristof right, don worry I won spread it" I said seriously then left him dumbfounded

Unexpectedly, tears welled up in my eyes

I feel a lot of chest pain right now and I don know why

tears won stop in my eyes

while walking they started looking at me

the world really hates me

"Why is the destined Alpha of Ulkiras Clan crying?" I immediately looked at the speaker

Its the guy with light blue hair and when I remember he stole my first kiss, "Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, Im Geri Nyx the Alpha of the Nyxs Clan" he said and smiled, "and the one who stole my first kiss, Am I right? I didn know that the Alpha of Nyxs Clan was suspicious" I said seriously making him laugh

I immediately looked into his eyes

Its warm and he looks comfortable, "Its not because of that, because I saw that you talked to Alpha Cristof," he said with a smile which made me smile, "so you also think that he might be the reason why Im crying?" I said smiling while wiping my tears

I noticed that he put his hands behind his back, "Berries, you know that the desire of the Alpha is the desire of his Clan, right?" He said seriously then started walking, I immediately started walking too, "So? What does that have to do with me?" I suddenly asked him, "Be My Luna, I promise to protect you from anyone, even my friends" he said with a smile that made me laugh

he immediately stopped, "Why? Im serious" he said as he walked towards me and I stopped walking, "Im sorry, you

e weird because you asked me to be Luna and not Mate," I said to him seriously reason for him to close his arms

"Berries, when you become the Luna of my clan it means that you are my mate, and that is the desire of my clan, but the truth is that it is my desire, I just want to take them with me because they are important to me, Berries can you be my Luna?" he said seriously which surprised me

how did we get to this?

how did it happen?

I immediately swallowed my saliva, "Geri, I don know what to tell you, I don even know why this is happening, you know that Cristof is my mate" when I hesitated, he laughed,

"Im just correcting you, former mate, you changed your desire, didn you? I know because your smell changes, Cristof doesn know that because he experienced different types of your smell, but we? You can fool us, you can choose who will be your mate, Berries or Bam? I thought you were just a Human, I didn know that you had the blood of a werewolf running around you, tell me, how did that happen Bam?" he said making me startled

I was confused by what he was saying, "What are you talking about? I don know why my desire changed, all I know is that I understood Cristof and I no longer feel hurt when I look into his eyes because thats why I have the blood of a werewolf "I said seriously with a serious look on his face.

"Well I don care about your secret or your family, if you don want to be my Luna, I will make sure that I will be your mate," he said and started walking, "First rest, then get ready because you really smell good not only me can smell that, everyone can because you gave them a chance to be your mate, I know you knew that before you changed your desire," he said and turned his back on me

I do not know

why doesn he believe that I don know.

do I look like a liar?

I don know how my desire changed

Maybe I need to ask my dad and mom, maybe they know something

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