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“I’m glad you’re happy.”

“Of course, I wrote you a letter about the improvement of my disease, so there’s nothing to worry about now.”

“You got a lot better.”

The appearance was also different from before.

A bright face and a slight gain in weight.

Now she looked like a person who lived and breathed.

She thought he was relieved to see her one step away from the shadow of death.

She was just living with medicine, but she said nothing else.

“I can really let go of my mind now.”

She turned to see her father’s shoulder, who looked a little relieved and more comfortable.

He tried to protect her by enduring all this time alone, but now he seemed to have put down his burden as he saw her moving forward alone.

The one and only daughter who died at the end of the day, and the power that was not in good enough.

Maybe her father had a hard time in the meantime, too.

“So don’t worry about me now and worry about your safety, father.

You may have a hard time while I’m away from you.”

Along with the subtle pressure of the nobles, other forces may arise.

People depend on power and sometimes unite for profit.

And this period was the most suitable for those who were likely to turn on each other to move.

“So keep it firm.

It’s not just me who has to endure it, but my father is the same.”

“Don’t worry.

As long as your father finds out what you want, he won’t let others have it.

So, Mary, my daughter.

Be sure to survive.”

In this terrible place, where one tramples on their opponent to survive.

Her father was talking to her like that with his eyes.

It felt new when she got on the wagon heading to the Viblant territory after a long time.

Above all, she was worried about Carl, who was waiting.

‘What did he find out’

As soon as she got there, she was going to call in Carl to ask, but somehow she thought Arthur would be next to her, so she was going to watch out for a few days.

“Are you happy to go back”

“Why do you think so”

Arthur, who was facing her while looking out the window, hinted.

‘Am I happy to go back Is there anything good for me’

There wasn’t much.

Whether it was in the Imperial palace or Arthur’s castle, he was almost always next to her and the position of being monitored was the same.

The only thing was that if you go back, you’ll be a little free.

‘Because there is no strict security.’

It was a story limited to tonight, but that was good enough.

Rather, it was easy to move the night that was not noticeable to others.

There was a Carl that became her hands and feet, and it was good to call Nox.

‘If you’re lucky, I can go into that room.’

“Aren’t you thinking, ‘I’m spending more time alone with you’”

“It wasn’t like that, but I think it would be nice if you think so.”

He folded his eyes and smiled while receiving her words skillfully.

With a low voice, he cradled her hand and pressed his lips to it while looking at her.

“I think it would be better if it was night.”

She snorted and pulled her hand caught by Arthur.

“Well, I don’t know if I do something praiseworthy.”

“I should work harder on this.”

As expected, he doesn’t lose and responds to the words.

It was him who turned his eyes to the eyes that were still gently bent.

The faintly spreading obsession gave her goosebumps.

He looked like he was going to eat her in one bite‌.

She took a deep breath without realizing it.

“That’s enough.

That’s enough.”

“No, it’s not enough.”

Arthur pulled her hand that had escaped at the moment.

In a sudden situation, she was held helplessly in his arms.

As she jerked up, she faced Arthur’s gaze looking down at him.

He hugged her waist tightly with one hand and buried his face on the back of his neck to see if he wanted to let go.

“What are you doing”

His lips, which had been gently touching her neck, seemed to open and felt pain.


She struggled to get away from him.

Suddenly, he bit her neck, licked it up with his tongue, and soon sucked it hard.


She shook off his hand and got out of it.

She wrapped her neck with one hand and looked at Arthur with an absurd look.

Arthur smiled, as if satisfied.

“What are you doing right now”

“It’s a sign that you’re mine.”

“… What”

“That way, the others won’t covet you.”

She breathed in again at Arthur’s strangely flashy eyes.

Why is he suddenly grumpy

“That’s childish.”

“Childish No, I’m just being honest with my feelings.”

The back of her neck that he bit was throbbing.

She chewed her lips in a burning and strange mood.

She can tell without looking.

What’s engraved on her neck right now.

“I guess you’re not confident seeing the nervousness.”

“But don’t you know better than anyone else that you have no choice but to be by my side”

Again, she turned her head to Arthur’s appearance, talking about her life.

She didn’t like his attitude.

When she saw Arthur, who knew but recognized that he was holding her life with confidence, she was coldly relieved.

As she became calm, reason surrounded her.

“That’s right.

I’m next to you, begging for love with my life.”


“You and I are so alike that I feel unpleasant.”

“They say you resemble each other when you love someone”.

She saw him with a deeper smile than before.

Arthur’s hand stroked her face, grabbed her chin, and kissed softly.

She accepted his tongue that slid through her lips and bit it hard.

The fishy taste was felt, but Arthur did not stop.

He ruffled her hair with his other hand, grabbed her hair, and continued kissing her.


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