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Unanswered Questions (3)

“How can I believe that”

“Mary, it’s just your choice to trust or not, and I just give you a better choice.”

He sat opposite her suspicious eyes, held his chin, and pointed at the document with his eyes.

The memorandum of the five families at the desk was a great temptation for her.

‘There’s no reason to refuse.’

Noble families attending the meeting can change the law only if more than half of the families attending the meeting agree.

Of course, withdrawal was the same.

“Thanks to you, it’s going to be easy.”

Folding the documents and she put them in the drawer with the envelope.

He smiled brightly and said as if he liked her behavior.

“I’ll get compliments later when the two of us are together.”

She stood up from the seat where she gently patted Arthur’s face.

As soon as the maids came in, Arthur left for a while.

Memorandum of five out of twelve families.

The heads of the three families that had to attend had already flown away, so even if their successors attended on their behalf, they were less likely to oppose.

Above all, the vacancy that was not present every time the Tayron family was filled.

It was Arthur’s seat.

In other words, nine votes in favor were secured.

The maid looked strange when she was not nervous even at the meeting, which will begin soon.

In addition, she said, looking at her slightly at the corner of her mouth.

“You look happy.”

“Why Are you nervous”

“No, the Princess will do a good job.”

The maid shook her head, hurriedly erasing the anxiety revealed by her expression.

He seemed to be at a loss because of the strange change in people.

Silence flowed, and the maids focused on dressing up with their mouths closed.

In a few hours, I will be a legitimate successor.

If the bill was passed, it would be officially announced.

Unlike usual, it was a calm and elegant dress.

The gold pattern embroidered on the white dress shone even more.

The necklace with the imperial seal, along with the neat decorations, seemed to show everyone who she was.

When all preparations were completed, she headed to the conference hall with the documents she had organized.


“Princess Mary Anastasia is here.”

When the door opened with the guide’s words, everyone stood up and greeted her.

Everyone stared at her with a firm face.

Except for Arthur, who’s smiling.

“Sit down, we have a lot of agendas, so let’s move on quickly.”

When she put the documents on the table, all eyes were focused on her.

With anxious eyes, they glanced at each other on the cover stamped with Imperial seals.

“We haven’t even started.

Are you scared”

“Aheum, aheum.”

Coughing, she struggled to soften her expression.

It was a mandatory meeting every time, but they also knew it would be different today.

“Do as you normally do.

People might think I’m eating you up.

Today’s meeting will begin with what we said earlier about the right to succeed to the throne.”

She sat still and looked carefully at the representatives of each family.

Some families who thought this meeting would end with their victory also straightened their shoulders and looked at each other.

“Anyone who has inherited the blood of the emperor, having abolished the right of succession to the imperial throne, has an equal status.

This is the first agenda item.”

“But according to the law that’s been going on so far, it’s…….”

“Isn’t that why we want to change it Didn’t the Emperor take over the Emperor’s blood Are you denying my blood”


It was the Helberta family from the west who opposed her.

Since he was a relative of the imperial family, there was a high probability that his child could receive succession rights if she did not become an emperor.

“Do you have any complaints about finding my rights”


“Is there any reason why I can’t be the emperor”

“It’s not…”

“Okay, then I’ll ask everyone.

If there is anyone who opposes this, you can speak.

However, you will have to give a justifiable reason for it.”

Everyone held their breath.

She clapped her hands and smiled brightly at the same time.

“Then let’s say that this agenda has been passed.

Starting tomorrow, I will have legitimate succession rights as a successor to the Emperor.

Doesn’t it feel like I’m finally finding my place”

“I think so, too.”

Arthur shrugged in agreement with her.

Helberta distorted his expression, chewing on his lips.

“Next, we should talk about the taxes of the nobility.”

“If it’s tax, what kind of..… We still pay a lot of taxes.”

“Cut it in half As a result of estimating and organizing the property with the reports of each nobleman, there was no family paying properly.”

“Princess Anastasia, we lend local supplies instead…….”

“I am paying interest.

It’s been called twice.”

As expected, he rebelled against her and expressed his opinion that it was unfair.

Even though they did not even pay taxes properly, they are being treated appropriately for lending supplies to others.

They were talking.

“Ha ha, I think you know something is wrong.

What do you mean, double I don’t think the Princess knows because she doesn’t watch the affairs, but the interest set by the country is about 5%.”

“Right I must have received the wrong report.

There is no way that noble families would do such mean things.

They’re people who can’t live because of their honor.”

“That’s right.”


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