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“It’s interesting, but I don’t want to be involved between a man and a woman, so take her.”


The Grand Duke pushed her against Gray before she could continue to say anything.

Gray managed to catch her, who lost her balance.

“Grand Duke! What are you doing”

“I just handed over the Princess to the one who will be her fiancée.”

Arthur smiled and shrugged at her father’s words.

Because of the Grand Duke, she was handed over to Gray.

Thanks to him, she was completely sober.


After sweeping her hair back, she escaped Gray’s arms and approached him.

Arthur still looked at her with a slightly rolled up mouth.

“I’ll be waiting for your invitation, Grand Duke Douglas.”

“Come to think of it, I think I’m losing money.”

“Do you really think so If you think so, I can’t help it.”

She turned away from him as if she had no regrets.

She saw his mouth go up smoothly at her words.

It was ‘interest.’

She immediately beckoned to Carl.

Carl’s face is stiffer than before.

‘That’s how it was obvious..….’

She didn’t forget to bow to her father and shout at the surroundings.

Clap clap clap.

She clapped her hands to attract attention.

Everyone looked at her as if they were nervous.

She’s the main character, but why does she feel like she poured water on it Of course, she did provide the cause.

“It’s a banquet, so enjoy it; the uninvited guest and the main character will disappear now.”

With Carl, she left the banquet hall without looking back.

Her stomach felt nauseous again.

She stopped on her way and chose to breathe.

“You drank too much.”

“I know.

You don’t have to remind me.”

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden”

Carl asked her.

There was also a little resentment in his eyes.

As if why Carl’s eyes were fierce.

Grand Duke Arthur Douglas, who everyone in the Empire hates.

But why is that There’s nothing terrible about it.

“Princess Anastasia!”

She heard Gray’s voice rushing after her, calling her name.

She was already feeling nauseous, but she felt worse because of him.

She walked quickly with Carl as if she didn’t hear anything.

Gray tried to hold her hand as if he didn’t understand her reaction, ignoring him.


She heard a sharp frictional sound.

She turned around and looked at him, hitting his hand hard.

Gray’s body flinched at the contempt he could see in her eyes.

It had never happened to him.

But now, it has been repeated many times.

“Gray, you must be mistaken for once.”

“……What the hell are you talking about, Princess”

“Just because I like you, you have the illusion that you have the upper hand.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She looked quite fierce considering that.

She reached out to Carl with a relaxed smile.

In her hand in front of her, Carl knelt down without saying a word and kissed the back of her hand.

“Carl, stay still.”

“Yes, Princess.”

Carl bowed his head as he was on one knee.

She smiled as if satisfied and held out his hand toward Gray without withdrawing her hand.

Gray’s face was terribly distorted.

His pride collapsed to the point where he forgot to show his face.

She tilted her head as if she stood there.

“Gray, what are you doing My arm is about to fall.”

Seeing her forehead narrowing, Gray slowly knelt very slowly with a distorted face and kissed the back of her hand.

She knew it, but Gray didn’t have a single heart for Mary.

She felt bitter again.

‘Mary, look at this man kneeling miserably in front of you.

If I were Gray, I would have knelt down repeatedly with a smile.’

His fists looked tense.

She looked down at him with a stern look.

His lips, which touched the back of his hand again, did not feel good.

If he had any guilt against Mary, he wouldn’t have acted like this.

‘You have to show it like this.

Then why didn’t you wait until she died’

Mary was dead anyway.

Even if he wasn’t involved in her last death, she was dying.

If she had waited a little longer, Mary could have died happily without knowing anything.

Did she have to end it with her own hands because she couldn’t stand it

“Gray, take a good look.

Your position.”


“The illusion that mine became yours just because you won my heart, and that you could swing me at will, has to end today.”

“…Princess Anastasia.”

Gray tried hard to control his emotions and called her name.

Yeah, he knows it well, too.

“Yes, I’m the only Princess in this country.

You’re just a toy I’m interested in before I die, nothing more or less.

So, you should try not to let me get tired.”

Toys are invariably dull.

Even if one pours out their affection, they will eventually find something new.

“Otherwise, you should bark like a real dog and act cute.”

His grossly trampled pride and repressed dirty desires were revealed in his eyes tangled with anger.


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