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Unanswered Questions (2)

She didn’t talk to her anymore, only asking what she needed.

The maid just looked at the room and checked with her eyes to see if there was any inconvenience.

“I’m not in any pain, so just go away.”

The maid was so happy about what she said, but her face revealed an indescribable relief.

It may not be because of the mood that the back of the maid looks light.

‘How can she be like that, even though I treated her so harshly’

She felt sorry again for her consistent appearance but  still didn’t ask her name.

She turned her eyes from the closed door and opened the book.

At a glance, it looked quite thick.

Looking at the full text, they were stories about the imperial family that had continued so far.

“That’s an imperial record.”

It was a book that she didn’t even see in the library.

In other words, it was a record that no one other than the Emperor could see.

What did her father want to show her

She still read the book and sat down.

From the first history of the Arpen Empire, the achievements of the predecessors and stories about them were written.

And there was not a single female monarch.

It was because of the law that continued.

On the legal page of the Arpen Empire, there was a clause stating that even an enemy could not succeed to the throne.

“You wanted to show me this.”

This afternoon, a noble meeting was scheduled on the agenda for the reformation of the law.

She was going to officially eliminate this provision and believe it will.

She also knows that no one will be able to object.

She looked closely at the law to see if there was anything else to fix.

Property reporting system and tax laws, etc., in which the power of aristocrats is bound to increase.

She organized her suggestions by writing them down on paper.

After getting out of bed and binding her hair, she checked the items‌.

They were laws that didn’t make sense even to her who knew little about the law.

It has long been a custom that has been hardened by law.

「A woman cannot continue the family, and if there is no descendent, she will adopt.

Nobles cut taxes in half because they contributed greatly to the country.

(50% commoner of reported amount and 70% of reported amount of other classes for noble families)

The children of noble families can enter each school without an exam if they have a certain contribution.

When a noble family commits a crime, they are forgiven and return home after paying a fine.

(Other classes are punished.) However, this does not apply to the crime of contempt or treason towards the Imperial family.

Ranks other than nobles do not rise to a position higher than all nobles.」

“What the heck”

Her head was pounding, so she put down the paper and sighed.

It didn’t seem to be over in a day.

She thought her father had been thinking about it until today.

She was confused whether this was really right, and ‌whether he trusted her.

“But you should’ve given it to me sooner.

It’s going to be a long fight today.”

When she looked at the time, it was already past 10 a.m.

The nobles would gather at 5 p.m, which left her with about 6 hours.

Even if she set the preparation time quickly, she had to set the time for an hour, so the given time was not very long.

It will not be easy to change all laws in a short period.

However, when their spirit was dampened even a little, she can press them down to see less backlash.

“I’ll try it.”

Their weaknesses, or what she needs to conquer, have been around for a long time.

Perhaps the families who will take part in the meeting will think that she didn’t know all about them.

Just a while ago, she was just a dying Princess who was not interested in the country.

Knock, knock, knock.

When she glanced at the clock at the sound of another knock, it was already 5 p.m.

Her neck was stiff and her wrist was sore because she looked through the documents nonstop.

Only then did she stretch and get up.

“Come on in.”

She was not hungry because they brought her food earlier.

Rather, her motivation was burning up.

“I think we need to prepare.”

“The Grand Duke”

She remembered Arthur, who was still missing, and asked where he was.

A familiar figure was seen behind her.

Maybe he heard her voice looking for himself, but he smiled around his mouth.

“Why are you looking for me when you haven’t seen me just for a day”

“I know, right Where have you been”

“I’m going to bring something that you might like.”

Arthur approached her and handed her an envelope.

There were several sheets of paper in it, so when she took it out one by one, it was a memorandum stamped with the family’s disruption.

“In the upcoming proposal, do you promise that your family will not refute or oppose the words of the Princess”

“That’s what it says.”

He seemed to want a compliment from her.

Meeting five families in one day was not very difficult, but it is by far impossible to obtain a memorandum.

“How did you do this”

This would make it easier to propose a law, but she couldn’t readily accept it because she didn’t know why they wrote this memorandum.

“Ah, if this memorandum…”

“I know what you’re worried about.

But there will be no harm or problem to the Imperial family, no Mary, to you.”


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