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A Clue (10)

‘I’m really curious about who you are.’

He is so versatile that he can do everything.

And no mistakes or defects could be found.

Except for that day.

‘The problem is that it was lovely from her point of view to say that it was a flaw.’

She didn’t like tears very much, but she didn’t hate Arthur’s tears strangely.

It was an unavoidable reason.

“This map currently includes neighboring countries drawn around the Arpen Empire.”

“Did you memorize this”

Now that she had no power to be surprised, he shook his head.

“Why didn’t you conquer it I think we’ll still have a country left.”

He told her when they first met, but she couldn’t help but ask again.

Perhaps the world here is in Arthur’s palm.

“Do you think I’ve never done it”

“……You’ve done it.”

He continued to say that death was repeated.

When she remembered it, everything was solved.

It would be 100 years for others, but she didn’t expect how many days it would have been for Arthur.

“Then why didn’t you ask for another territory”

“I don’t like that.

Because it’s not mine.”

“Isn’t it enough to make it your own”

His words were strange, and he shook his head.

Arthur continued to talk about whether he had any intention of explaining her questions.

“So I’m going to put it in your hand this time.”

“What do you mean”

“This one.”

He smiled brightly as he handed her the map he drew.

For no reason, she got annoyed, pushed his face away, and pulled the document toward herself.

“I thought you were telling me about your family, since I’m working on it.”

She turned her head coldly, saying she didn’t need it because it wasn’t what she wanted.

Arthur put his chin on his head, smiling more than before to see what was so good.

“There are many secrets in the Viblant land.

As you may have felt, there are secrets that no one knows.

There’s something that even I can’t control it at will.”

The Devil.

When she heard Arthur’s words, Nox immediately came to mind.

It was dangerous to call him in the Imperial family, so she was going to call him when she went back, but she was also worried about the schedule being late.

“It’s amazing that you can do anything you want.”

She spoke plainly and read the documents carefully about the Arthur family again.

He just looked at her still, tapping the desk with his hands to see if he had no intention of stopping her now.

His fingers made regular sounds and soon stopped.

“Mary, your heart.”


“It’s one of the things I can’t have as I please.”

“This is really cheating.”

She kept reading information about his family, keeping her head fixed.

「When entering the territory, everyone is unconscious, and memories often disappear.

According to a person who has not lost consciousness, something like fog surrounds the land, which is thought to be caused by rivers located around it.

A legend comes down from the Viblant land.….」

After that, it was what she knew.

After handing over a few pages, she hurriedly covered the document while looking at the last article.

「One strange thing is that the faces of the Tayron family members are surprisingly the same.」

“Is it okay to have these words written on it”

“There were no people who were particularly interested in me, so I just didn’t care.”

He looked indifferent to whether no one was important to him except her.

It really didn’t seem to have anything to do with Arthur because she already knew it.

“But what if someone thinks it’s weird”

Her father must have seen this record, but why is he calm

“Mary, you’ll understand me if you find out how many times I’ve repeated the past.”

“How many times did you repeat The documents you showed me then…It wasn’t everything”

She thought he showed her everything, but it wasn’t everything.

At that time, the documents alone were huge.

But how long has he been waiting for Mary to hold his hand

The efforts to save her and the way she lived here may have been exhausting for him.

“Oh, I should’ve told you earlier.”

Arthur’s eyes grew and became smaller as if he realized something by looking at her stiff expression.

“The way you look at me shows compassion.”

“Compassion isn’t a good thing.”

“Because those eyes that used to look at Carl are now mine.”

He lightly stroked her cheek with a pretty satisfied face.

His eyes sparkled as if he wanted something more.

She has learned more about what he thought about Carl, but it was not pleasant.

It was also her who made it like that, but it was her mistake that the way she looked at Carl showed her feelings.

What Arthur knows is that Carl knows, too.

He has been hurt not only by her actions but also by her eyes.

Arthur suddenly hugged her face.

He made her look straight at him, and soon, unlike before, his forehead narrowed, and he covered her mouth with his mouth.

Surprised by the sudden kiss, she opened her mouth without realizing it.

Without missing the gap, Arthur dug inside and breathed hot air.

“I can’t allow you to think about other men in front of me.”

With a short word, Arthur locked her in his arms.

Arthur, who coveted her mouth somewhat roughly, soon lifted her up and laid her down on the desk.


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