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A Clue (9)

To be honest, she was in a hurry.

When returning to the Viblant Territory, she would like to bring a lot of information with her, but it was impossible because they were secret documents belonging to the Imperial library.

‘It’s a relief that the Princess can read it.’

It was a first-class secret security, so only Imperial blood could be seen.

Knowing all the information from other families could benefit each other, but there was a high possibility that it would harm each other.

Maybe it’s an alliance or a friendly relationship, because information was a weapon in a hostile relationship.

‘But how did Arthur find all the information’

He brought her the information of the families she had asked for the other day.

This meant that there was always a place where his power could reach the Imperial family.

As she handed over the documents, she looked up without realizing it and stared at Arthur.

‘What kind of person is he’

She watched him ‌closely, but she still didn’t know him.

Recently, he smiles at her every time as if he has abandoned his calm expression.

“……Do you have anything to say”

He came to the room in the morning and sat across from her, looking at her face, and eventually spoke out of his mouth.

But the only thing that came back is a deeper smile than before.

“Can you see me now”

Did they decide to change the plan Arthur, who acknowledged her heart, approached her more boldly than she thought.

Maybe if she didn’t remind him, it would differ from now.

“Don’t look at me and organize the documents that are scattered.”

He shook it with his hand and pointed to the documents that fell on the floor.

It was a waste of time to even care about him.

Because of whom is she buried in these documents

Thinking still, she got a fever.

Even if he had not set a deadline, he could have leisurely reviewed it.

Of course, there will be a lot of work in his territory, so he will be worried about what to do when he goes back, but he expressed his firm intention to go back with her even though he could go alone.

Arthur got up from his seat and started picking up documents one by one.

‘Why did you suddenly become nice’

She was the one who made him do it, and now she was embarrassed.

It is also surprising that he acts according to her words, but Arthur puts down the documents with a smiling face on her desk.

What’s wrong with him It’s scary.

Even if she wrapped her head around it and thought about it, there was no answer.

In the first place, it was difficult for her to understand that crazy human being.

She shook her head and tried to erase useless thoughts.

“Let’s just work.”

Again, she unpacked a bunch of documents and read them down.

The finger, which was lightly sweeping down the paper, stopped because Arthur’s family name came out.

‘Arthur Douglas.’

「The Tayron family currently rules the Viblant Territory.

No one wanted to receive the land because it was difficult for people to live because it was barren.

It is said that everyone was surprised that the Tayron family, who won the war, readily said they would rule it.

Barkermann Douglas, the first-generation family owner,surprisingly revived the territory ‌and the Tayron family’s prestige has also increased day by day.」

‘When she first saw Viblant, she thought the atmosphere was bleak, but it didn’t seem barren.’

She remembered looking around the village, but it differed greatly from the recorded information.

It’s been 100 years, so it could change, but that doesn’t mean the land will change easily.….

“It’s about my family.”


She felt Arthur’s body temperature on her back and she heard a voice as well as when he was watching.

She wasn’t guilty, but she was surprised and almost blew the paper away.

‘Why! Why! Why aren’t you giving me a heads up!’

Obviously, he was organizing the documents a while ago, but he came back silently in a moment.

Every time he did this, she touched her chest without realizing it.

“Arthur, please give me a sign.”

Should she learn to read at least one sign When she goes back, she’ll ask Carl to learn how to read people’s spirits somehow.

If he did this, she would die of a heart attack before the disease.

“If you’re curious, why don’t you ask me This is how the parties are close by.”

He hugged her from behind and grabbed her hand, holding the document.

Arthur’s face was right next to him and sneaked away from him, and he tilted his head slightly and stared at her.

“How did you revive the Duchy in 100 years”

It’s been 100 years.

The Viblant Territory was not a small territory and was quite large.

At that time, the scenery she saw in the wagon was well-equipped with a fairly good assortment of trees.

“Are you curious”

“I told you, I’m curious about everything about you.”

She took off the hand holding the document and touched Arthur’s cheek.

Arthur lifted his hug as if he were satisfied with her behavior and took out an empty paper next to her.

The pen glided over the paper.

On the map drawn in an instant, her eyes became round, and she looked very excited.


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