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A Clue (6)

She looked still in the glass bottle.

As she shook the liquid emitting blue light here and there, the light shone softly as if reacting.

‘What is this made of’

Every time she saw it, it was a mysterious feeling and an unpredictable substance.

After contemplating for a long time, she eventually drank the liquid.

So far, she hasn’t taken courage.

If she falls down at this important point in time when she has to meet other families, the plan will be ruined.

At least nothing should happen when she is here.

When she felt comfortable, she thought it was good to eat it.

Arthur was seen with a carriage waiting for her outside.

He was always neat and dressed up.

“Do well today.”

Arthur’s one eyebrow goes up to see if he didn’t like the hard way she talks.

She revealed her feelings as she decided not to hide them anymore.

At that time, she also suffered, so can she do this So, why does he only put people to sleep with the heat on

He smiled as if he didn’t know and grabbed her hand and boarded the wagon.

“Are they really going to give it away”

“It’s up to you.”

Arthur replied indifferently, staring out the window at what she said.

Arthur narrowed his forehead, perhaps itchy because of his slightly shaken head in the wind.

Sitting opposite her, she slightly stood up and stretched out her hand to tidy up her hair.

At that moment, the wagon rattled and her body leaned forward.

“……This will not work.”

Arthur breathed a long breath as he saw her in his arms.

When she raised her head and looked at Arthur, unlike his words, a friendly look was directed at her.

“I’m in trouble here, too.”

As she tried to get out by pushing his chest, Arthur’s hand pulled her waist harder.

His lips, which had a soft smile, soon overlapped with hers.

Arthur’s warmth reached her intact.

Squeeze his lips and his tongue gently squeezes through his mouth.

He was caught and hung, and he slipped out and worn her out.

As his breathing grew a little rougher, his thick, long fingers gently stroked his thighs.


Since when did she get used to Arthur’s touch He lightly touched her sensitive body as if he knew everything about her.

She knew it would stop here anyway, so she didn’t shake off his deep touch.

Until Arthur’s hand, which was lightly stroking her back, came into the skirt.

“Ah, I know you want me.

Shouldn’t we be aware of where we’re going”

Holding his hand, she escaped from his arms, organized her skirt, and sat back in her seat.

Smirking and laughing leaked out of his eyes, which were despondent and embarrassed.

“I guess you suddenly want to believe that I love you.”


“See I’m in love with you”.

Believe her, she came to love him.

She hopes Arthur will be by her side and wants her completely.

Arthur and herself exchanged eyes silently in the silent carriage.

Even if she didn’t say it, she could see his thoughts.

She just felt it.

He is confused now.

This was because it is hard to tell whether or not her actions and words were sincere.

‘You’ve already become insignificant about what the truth is.’

She hasn’t changed.

His mind toward her has changed.

Arthur who really fell in love with her who became Mary.

Because of his feelings, he won’t be able to see the current situation and her heart properly.

When people fall in love, they try to dream of a better situation and future.

He hopes that this feeling of being the same as him is what it will turn to, and he keeps turning a blind eye to reality.

Even though he knows he’s not in her heart, he desperately wants it if he has a small hope.

She was the same from the beginning.

It’s not that she really loves him or that she doesn’t love him.

She just accepted the heart of a man who loves her and kept him next to her.

Even if she really loves him, she won’t let him know her sincerity until the end.

Just as he is hiding from her, there must be one thing that she will not reveal to him, so it is a similar situation.

“So, stop accepting it.”

“What do you mean”

“You can’t be rational by my side anymore, can you Arthur, why don’t you admit that you finally fell in love with me”

He fell in love with herself completely, not with Mary, who he first told her about.

She wanted him to say it with his own mouth that the love he spat out to her was false in the first place.

Arthur didn’t open his mouth until the end.

He was determined not to tell her the answer she wanted.

‘Well, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do.’

She didn’t hear the answer, but she already got what she wanted.

An awkward atmosphere could flow, but the relationship between her and Arthur, who got off the wagon, seemed to be no different from usual.

He was welcomed by the Jamar family with his arms folded affectionately.

“Welcome, Princess!”

“I’ve been waiting for you.

I didn’t know you’d come this far.”

With a light smile on the appearance of the Baron and his wife, who were overwhelmed with emotion, guided themselves.

Looking around, it was a fairly large mansion.

Even though he was a baron, his wealth seemed as good as most Count families.

The clothes didn’t look so fancy, and when she entered, the number of maids was smaller than she thought.


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