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A Clue (5)

Execution began with everyone watching.

Eyes full of resignation suddenly turn into fear and fear.

The moving pupils constantly tried to recognize the current situation.


Where can she compare it

Amidst the silence, the executioner announces the guilty in a solemn voice.

“The Drov, Arman, and Bartis families who dare to deceive the imperial family and try to seat a new emperor are to be executed.”

Death penalty.

The three family heads trembled and struggled to get out of the execution table, as if they had just accepted the fact that they were finally dying.

As if he felt the pain of being cut off, he begged for help and began to shout that it was unfair.

“Save me! Princess! What do you mean treason I was just trying to raise the honor and wealth of the family! How dare I rebel! How did my family do this to the Imperial family Did you forget the ball”

The Duke of the Bartis family had bloodshot eyes, but he did not stop evil.

His trembling body was revealed as if it showed his current feelings.

“Don’t you know that the Duke of the Bartis family is punishing you without destroying it”

“You can’t do this to my family!”

He turned to her angrily.

Not that he was ignorant of the work of the Bartis family, but he went beyond the point.

How long did he believe the ball of the past would support him

He was a dull and foolish man.

Has he never imagined that things would turn out like this with such a good head

Oh, she couldn’t do it.

She was a Princess who was about to die.

“You should’ve done that much.”

She said, looking down at him in a calm tone.

Of course, the smart brains of the Bartis family were not a waste.

That is why, without destroying the family, only the life of Duke Bartis, who led the work, was taken.

His children inherited his blood, were smart and were listening to sounds close to genius, and she was going to fill his place with his children.

‘He’s smart, so he knows how to behave.’

The Drov family and the Arman family’s children were also spared.

Children don’t have to inherit their parents’ faults together.

Arthur advised her ‌it would be foolish to keep them alive.

She agreed with that, but she couldn’t.

It will be a future change, but she also had to ‌decide then.

Because they can’t be free from her.

“What’s the last thing you want to say”

The executor asked the heads of the three families.

It was a tone without compassion or any emotion.

The people who were watching said, ‘Die!’, ‘You tortured me so badly and it’s disgusting!’ and so on.

Welcomed their deaths.

A voice mixed with anger, contempt, and joy soon resonated in the square.

Some of them may have sold their children, and others may have been lost or taken away.

“The Arpen Empire will be destroyed by that Princess!”

“Villain! Witch! You can’t be a Princess!”

“Do you think this will change now You’re just saying you don’t want to die.

I’m going to curse you again and again!”

The three states fired fierce criticism at her.

Without any remorse, they were blaming others until the end.

They can’t beg for something for themselves while they’re dying.

“It’s too bad that you died without seeing what happens to this country or whether I’ll become an Emperor.”

Compassion for them did not eventually arise.

Only her stronger mind is in place.

She has to keep this position and be dull for herself.


A sharp blade fell over their necks.

She watched the situation without avoiding it.

She had to be stronger not to be in that position.

Three faces rolled around on the floor full of blood.

She left the square with her father because she didn’t have to keep her seat once it was finished.


She stayed a little longer in the Imperial palace to accept the invitation of other families.

Arthur also did not leave and silently performed his work by her side.

“Where are you going today”

“I’m supposed to go to the Jamar family.”

“Well… If it’s the Jamar family.”

Perhaps because of so many invitations, she couldn’t think of the family for a moment, so she took a break.

She couldn’t sleep for a few days, studied about the family, and learned about their work, so her head was pounding.

“He’s a baron, but he has a pretty big mine.

He is known to own a famous diamond mine in the Sate Territory.”

Only then did he remember, and nodded.

Sate, a small land in the south, was lined with different sized mines.

Among them, diamonds sometimes came out, which were mined in the largest mine.

The mine, which was not being purchased because they thought nothing would come out, was purchased at a cheap price by the Jamar family, and it was a hit.

“Are you ready”

“It’s over.

All you have to do is start.”

“Okay, get out of here.

I’ll be out soon.”

After sending out the maid, she took out a glass bottle from her arms.

It’s been three days since she had to drink again.

She’d been drinking it as soon as she received it, but this time she somehow hesitated.

What if she gets used to the medicine and she can endure it without taking it Wouldn’t it be longer than 3 days


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