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“But Mary, you disappeared for as long as two hours.

Considering what happened today, it was enough for someone to decide to harm you.”

“Wasn’t it dangerous in the past Then and now, I am the same time-limited Princess.

Is there anyone who will get blood on their hands when I’m known as a Princess who will die even if they don’t kill her They’ll be crushed like a noble family who’ll die tomorrow.”

“Don’t look down on them too much.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.

But it won’t happen, so relax.”

It was clear that no one would touch her for a while if they saw the state of the families who would die tomorrow.

At a time when they were put to death for treason, there will be no crazy person to touch the mad, dying Princess.

If they’re not a fool, they’ll watch the situation quietly for the time being.

“I’m tired.

I’m going to sleep now.”

“Mary, but where have you been”


The place she went to was a maze garden.

However, there was a high risk of hastily spitting it out of the mouth because she had to check whether it was real tomorrow during the day.

If it was a space created by Knox, it would not exist in the Imperial Palace from the beginning.

Is there anything he can’t do when he covers everyone’s eyes except her

What she got was the answer she already knew, and the deal failed.

She had to organize her thoughts and situations enough before she called him again.

If she speaks without noticing the answer he gave, he will immediately lose interest in her.

So she has to make him keep his eyes on her so that he can’t let go of her.

“Father, where would I go in the Imperial Palace”

“Next time, tell someone and go.

Isn’t everyone going crazy looking for you”

The reason why she didn’t talk was because she didn’t know it would take time.

Above all, she didn’t know she would call Nox without realizing it.

‘I didn’t know he’d show up just by calling out his name.’

When she peeked at Arthur, his red eyes were back to their original state.

His face was so peaceful that she couldn’t believe it even if she told everyone that he grabbed her.

What kind of expression would he make if he found out she met Nox What will he say to her She was so curious, but she decided to hold it in.

Because she can’t ruin everything over a small curiosity.

‘He cried and held on like that, and now he’s got lasers coming out of his eyes.’

She’s already tired because she thought they’ll continue to nag next to her before she goes back to her room.

She was quite surprised when she looked back on today when the expression that had not changed every time and the mask he had not taken off was broken.

She felt unknown that he was reeling and unable to control his feelings because of her.

But what is more certain about today’s work is that the momentum has tilted toward her.



Arthur’s violent action made her trapped in his arms without even taking a breather.

She blocked it with her mouth because she didn’t want to hear the nagging, and he immediately overpowered her and laid her on the bed.

‘He’s furious.’

She swallowed laughter inside his usual kiss.

Where was Arthur, who was sweet, who showed his claws and bit her without hiding his feelings

As if reprimanding or resenting, he constantly dug into her.

He put his two hands over her head and held it with one hand so that she couldn’t escape as if he would never let go.

“…I told you not to disappear from my sight.”

“Well, I don’t remember that.”

His gaze fluttered as he looked down at her.

It was a dark room.

Why are his black eyes so visible

Arthur buries his face on the back of her neck with a careful glance.

Whenever a shallow breath touched, her body flinched and twisted without realizing it.

“Hmm… I’d rather scold you.

Or get angry.

Oh, I’m angry right now.”

Arthur’s hand brushed her cheek and slowly bent down.

His touch, which slightly stroked his back, shook again.


His hands went down on her thighs and soon stopped.

She also looked at Arthur with a strange look at his sudden stop.

“Why did you stop”

Arthur covered her clothes, that were disorganized without a word.

He loosened his strength in the hand that secured her wrist and lifted himself up and fell off her.

Rather, it was her side that was embarrassed.

‘No way, is he really trying to keep what he said Why’

The words that he said he would sleep with her when she fell in love.

She guessed he didn’t just spit it out.

Unknowingly, the corners of her mouth went up as she was fed up with his stubborn look.

He’s stubborn in a weird place.

“If it’s a warning like this, I’ll want to do it again next time.”

“Don’t even kiss me first from now on.

If you’re holding it in, don’t touch me for nothing.”

“Why are you holding it in I said it’s okay.”

She had to make him want more.

Always look at her, lose reason in front of her, so that he can continue to step up in her work.

It may seem cruel to others to see her trying to live using his love, but it was Arthur who first said it was okay to do so.


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