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She looked at the Grand Duke and thought without saying a word.

While rolling her eyes and thinking about this and that, she forgot about the gaze focused on her for a moment.

“Princess Anastasia.

If you have nothing to say, please get out of my way.”

Arthur’s patience must have ended, he told her in a sharp voice.

Only then did she stop thinking, and she took the wine glass he put down into her mouth.

“Ah, I really hate red.”

She tilted her drink with her eyes fixed.

Surprised, Carl tried to approach her.

When her father saw her like that, he put his hand on his forehead and closed his eyes.


It was as if the bitter alcohol was running down her throat and running through her body.

The wine glided into her mouth, wrapped around her tongue, and passed gently behind her neck.

“Princess! Dr, drink!”

The maid who was watching was surprised and called her urgently.

Her father raised his hand as if it was okay and blocked it.

He seemed to know that it was useless to stop it.

She felt sorry for the maid who rolled her feet and looked at her.

But she drank as if she wanted to see.

“I think I’m going to die whether I drink or not anyway.

Don’t make a fuss.”

It became quiet as if everyone was solemn about what she said, which made her feel worse.

She can hear the whispers and sympathetic looks toward her.

She was annoyed.

The wine that Grand Duke was drinking seemed to be quite strong.

Along with the scent, she could feel alcohol entering the body.

The Grand Duke’s intriguing smile shone through the glass, which was emptied of a creepy red wine.

She gave up drinking more than she thought.

“Grand Duke Arthur Douglas.

I am interested these days.”

She turned the wine glass gently and saw a fluttering wine.

The wine shaking in her hand is like the eyes of those around her.

Oh, and Gray’s shaking body.

“Does that interest mean me”

“Hmm, aren’t you curious if I’m interested in the Grand Duke or your land”

The banquet hall was buzzing, and the wine circled the glass.

She felt better for no reason, smirking and smiling.

Gray approached her with an urgent step.

Seeing that both hands are full of strength, it must be quite effective.

She can’t believe he’s this angry.

She knew Gray’s dirty heart fully well.

It may be less ugly to reveal the dark inside like her.

Think carefully; his end is her decision.

Arthur’s eyes turned to Gray.

He gently bowed his head to her, and his breath touched her ears and tickled.

Her body flinched without realizing it.

“You must have something you want from me.”

It was a pleasant voice to hear.

There was a strange feeling that was calm and heavy, indescribable.

She smiled slightly at him and shed her eyes on him.

A neat yet angled tailcoat caught her eye.

The bangs came down slightly and covered his eyes.

His dark black hair and eyes were opposite her.

His dark eyes were firmly covered as if he would not reveal anything.

“It’s nice that you catch on quick.”

She honestly expressed her feelings.

It was just because there was no reason to hide it.

Arthur straightened his back and took away the wine glass in her hand.

The slightly leftover wine flapped in his hand.

The transparent glass had marks from her lips.

Arthur put his mouth on it as if looking at it and emptied the remaining alcohol.

“Whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter.”


Her head was pounding because the alcohol was quite strong.

As expected, it must have been too much to drink.

She bit her lips as her forehead narrowed.

This is a little dangerous, but she felt her body loosen.

She thought her face was heating up, but soon her whole body was hot.

Her eyes kept getting blurry.

As soon as Arthur put down the glass, he put his hand on her staggering waist and firmly supported it.

Gray approached Arthur and spoke politely.

“Grand Duke Douglas, I’ll help you.”

“Ha ha! Hahaha.”

She laughed at what he said without realizing it.

While laughing, she immediately hardened her face.

In Arthur’s arms, she turned her head and looked at Gray with loosened eyes.

The face was distorted and red.

Without getting out of Arthur’s arms, she tilted and pulled Gray’s arm.

She whispered to Gray with an unmistakable smile.

“Gray, do you know what you look like now”


Gray glanced at her with surprise.

She smiled deeper than before and slowly opened her mouth so that she could hear better.

“You’re like a **ing dog.”

An analogy is appropriate to be anxious about losing one’s owner.

Others glanced at her with a face that wondered if the princess was finally crazy.

It was reasonable to say this from her mouth, busy praising and hanging on to him every day.

“…haha, I can’t believe you look like a cute puppy.”

Gray smiled and shrugged at the surroundings.

He understood her correctly, but he avoided the situation by interpreting it at his disposal.

Gray acted as if there was nothing wrong with his affection for her.


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