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Selfish Mind (14)

Red eyes that contrast with the white face.

Even though it was a color that she hated so much, she didn’t hate his eyes.

“Are you really a devil”

“What if”

“Are you going to eat me up”

He grabbed his face by drawing a smile around his mouth.

Go ahead and speak, whether he’s the devil or is it just a coincidence

“Unfortunately, there’s someone who’ll get mad if I eat you.”

“Is there something that the devil is afraid of”

“I don’t want to ruin fun things myself.

Well, I’ve seen something fun today, so let me tell you at least one thing.”

He grabbed her hand, removed it from her face, and covered her eyes with one hand.

At that moment, she could see Arthur’s castle in front of her.

Screaming, and a tightly locked door that appears straight.

“What are you doing Aren’t you curious”

At the voice of the man whispering in her ear, she reached out to the door that was firmly locked.

Her heart pounded.

The door, which seemed unlikely to open, creaked open with an old metal sound.


Her vision brightened sharply, so she exhaled with a hot breath.

As soon as she lost strength, she leaned against the chair and took a rough breath.

“What was it What was that”

She definitely saw it in the door, but she couldn’t remember.

She turned her head to ask again and looked for a man, but he was nowhere.

He disappeared like a person who didn’t exist before.

When she opened her palms with a tingling feeling, she could see the name.


His name was clear.

As soon as she read it out loud, the name fell off her palm and scattered in the air.

He hid his existence with the words see you.

Did he say that if she calls his name, he’ll appear at night The reason he let her know is because he wanted her to call him.


Arthur’s voice was heard with good timing.

Maybe it’s because of Arthur that he vanished.

She wanted to ask about the medicine, but in the end, she got nothing.

‘Does it mean that there’s something in the castle It’s about the door, too.’

It didn’t matter to me whether he was a demon that ate people or just a wizard.

Her intuition says he knows everything.

Maybe he knows everything about her.

He is interested in her.

It was obvious.

She doesn’t want to die either.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have shown up and saved herself.

Arthur didn’t seem to enjoy knowing that he had contacted her.

No, he acted as if she shouldn’t.

“Is the banquet over already”

“That’s not true.

It’s just that I don’t feel good.”

Arthur narrowed his forehead while looking around.

She looked through every corner persistently, like a person looking for something.

He seemed to look for traces of Nox, but unfortunately, he completely disappeared.

The banquet was scheduled to be held for about two days.

It seemed to have ended today, but she had to stay one more day.

Her father was the only one who welcomed this, but today’s incident will lead to a distinct atmosphere at tomorrow’s banquet.

‘Now the force is moving toward me.’

Those who are quick will try to impress her.

And it was a great opportunity tomorrow.

She was about to return to Arthur’s territory, and they, too, would try to seize the opportunity because it was extremely rare to see Arthur outside.

Standing on her side and having the power comparable to that of the Imperial family, she will be busy calculating by looking at herself who moved to seize the Imperial power.

It remains to be seen how the remaining aristocrats would move.

“Looking at it, I think some families will move.”

“Really Did you expect that”

The aristocracy would have felt threatened by this incident.

Since there was no successor, the Imperialists had also stayed still and watched the trend.

But now they will move as well.

It was clear that they would come into contact with her.

“We’ll have to wait and see what direction they’ll come out, but I hope they’ll move as expected.”

“Why If it doesn’t go as I expected”

“I’m going to make it that way.”

Arthur was convinced that it would be.

This time again, he was unshakable.

He just said as if everything would work out as he wanted, no, as she wanted.

She also doubted nothing about what he said.

Until now, he is not a person who talks nonsense.

He was a great person to have if it didn’t work out.

If it’s about her work, he’ll make it happen no matter what she does.

“That’s the answer I want.”

“Let’s stop here.

His Majesty asked to see you for a while.”

“My father”

He must have been shocked by today’s work.

There must be something he wants to hear from her.

She nodded as if she knew.

When she tapped Arthur with her hand as if to sit on a chair, he sat next to her silently.

“It’s a perfect day for the red sunset.”

“Tomorrow will also be a good day for you.

At the time the sunset embroidered the sky, the imperial palace will also turn red.”

“Tomorrow’s view will be more worth seeing.”

She leaned her face against Arthur’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

She hoped they wouldn’t walk along the path she laid down, and she hoped they could see the blue sky together.

She just hoped people wouldn’t disturb her on her way.

It’s never pleasant to put blood on her hands.


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