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Selfish Mind (13)

After being taken by the guards, the atmosphere was not just chilly, but frozen.

The nobles were in a hurry to read the room, and music had stopped for a long time.

Now that she got what she wanted, it was time to find what she wanted to know.

In a quiet atmosphere, she raised her hand and looked at the band.

“Everyone, you should enjoy it, alright”

She looked at the stage with a smile on her face.

She started moving one by one to catch her eyes for a while, even though no one was coming forward.

Some danced with their partners without hiding their puzzled expressions.

“You won as you wanted, so will you give me the award I want”

Arthur pulled her waist and whispered in her ear.

“What you want is me, right I think it’s enough to be next to you.”

She smiled, gently pushing his chest away.

Looking around, she couldn’t see a silver-haired man.

Again, she felt nervous and rolled her eyes.

“Don’t think about anything else in front of me.”

Arthur pulled her close to him as if he couldn’t tolerate a little distance.

At this moment, his eyes didn’t fall off her as if he could see what she was thinking.

‘At this rate, I can’t even have a short meeting, let alone find him.’

She shrugged with a look that she didn’t understand what he was saying and hugged Arthur’s shoulder.

His hand, clinging as if he would not let go, hugs her again.

“I want to rest because I’m dizzy…… There’s a terrace over there.

I’ll take a break there.

Can you take a look after the others here”

Perhaps because she acted so much in pain, her facial expressions and actions that she was struggling with came out soon enough.

Originally, her body was weak, but she felt a little headache, perhaps because she paid attention after a long time.

If she believes that she’s sick, it really feels like her body is sick.

Arthur stared into her eyes silently.

She also looked at him in his arms without avoiding his eyes.


He seemed to not want to allow it, but he gently grabbed her shoulder and took her to the terrace.

Quiet silence welcomed her with open air.

“Come on.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were there where I wasn’t to check the situation You know what you want, right”

“Of course, but you know I will receive compensation accordingly.”

“Whatever you want.”

She didn’t care.

He smiled as if he would give anything.

It wasn’t the mind that mattered to me.

She wanted more, farther away.

Today was the first step.

‘How can I meet that guy now’

Don’t say that he’s already escaped in the meantime.

She bit her lips well at an invisible appearance.

She leaned against a chair, closed her eyes, and agonized over how.

In the end, should she be satisfied with only the agenda today She sighed automatically, out of disappointment.

She didn’t know how much she could come out in the future.

Of course, in order to strengthen her position, she had to show off her influence, but Arthur also had to give permission.


He had medicine to save her, so she was weak to him.

With her head tilted back, she opened her eyes and looked at the sky.

With the blue clouds, she frowned in the dazzling sunlight.

As soon as she raised one hand and opened her hand to cover the light, she could see red eyes at first glance through her fingers.


Surprised, she removed her hand, and the face of the man standing behind the chair and looking down at her came in.

With an interesting smile, the red eyes bent beautifully.

She didn’t know he’d come to her himself.

Was he interested in her, too Or did he notice she was watching him all the time

‘Do you know what I want’

What is he going to ask, and why was he looking for her

The long silver hair reflected in the sunlight and sparkled.

In a word, it was beautiful.

“It’s you, right The one who took the medicine that day.”

She hid her embarrassed look and asked in a calm voice.

She turned around and faced him.

She was confused about the difference from what she vaguely saw, but the red eyes remained the same in her memory.

Bloody eyes shook little by little.

“Did you find me because of that”

He blinked still at the disappointing voice from her mouth.

The eyes glistened as if they were someone who wanted her for another reason.

As if waiting for another answer to come out of her mouth, he looked at her still and not carefully.

With a calm smile on his chin, leaning his arm against a chair.

‘I will not give you the answer you want.’

That way, he’ll be more interested.

He doesn’t want an obvious answer.

She thought she could get what she wanted only when he liked the answer from her mouth.

“Do you know this story Rumors about people with red eyes.”

“Red eyes”

“The devil who is possessed by a person to make it their own and then take their life.

Anyone as beautiful as you would fall for it.

Not me.”

He was such a beautiful person.

She was almost possessed, too.

The moment she faced him, she thought he was really a devil, so maybe the rumor is true.

His eyebrows wriggled slightly when he said no.

He reached out and swept down his hair.

Thin silver hair flowed down between his fingers.


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