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Selfish Mind (12)

When the guards let go of Duke Hermann’s hand, he lay on the floor and read the documents down.

She could see his hands shaking.

No more excuses could be refuted.

“Hey, honey, take it.


Duke Bartis’ wife, who came to her senses after fainting, urgently shouted for an antidote.

Funny enough, people must feel pain as they believe it.

“Can you stop and wake up Because what he ate wasn’t poisonous.

Or maybe he believed it was because he thought it was really poisonous.”

Not that she couldn’t get her hands on poisonous plants.

However, she thought she would be satisfied if she revealed everything properly and they suffered the pain when their mind was fully present.

The important thing they thought about her and didn’t think of, was not on herself.

And they were not on the side of the Imperial family or the side of other nobles.

They are only on their side.

Foolish people who were blinded by desire and did not even know if they were walking on the right path.

“Hahaha! Of course!”

Hermann, who smiled like a madman, wrapped his face and soon washed his face dry.

But when he saw her still looking at him with unwavering eyes, he seemed to realize that this was just a show.

“Just because the poison you brought is a lie, isn’t this also poisonous”


I want you to stop playing around like this.”

“The Duke of Hermann.

I can’t believe you think this looks like a joke.

You’re a funny person.

If you can’t believe it, eat it.”

She smiled gently, sticking out the remaining poison in front of him.

Duke Hermann’s expression quickly changed and distorted.

He won’t be sure if it’s false or real.

If he could think properly in this situation, it deserves a compliment.

However, seeing that he has lost his soul, he must not be the one to do so.

“I think I have to end it now.

Thank you for the engagement banquet, it was quite interesting, but I don’t think the faces of the viewers were very pleasant.”

The guards were instructed to trap them.

Arthur smiled from time to time watching her do it from the side from the beginning to the end.

Taking the child standing next to her, she looked at the wound and looked through the sinners with sad eyes.

‘Arthur would kill me even if it wasn’t me.’

Perhaps the child will return and receive Arthur’s treatment.

It’s luck that came by chance for the child, but if it didn’t happen from the beginning, he wouldn’t have to go through it.

So she didn’t dare to conclude that this was luck, either.

“You deceived the Imperial family and abandoned your honor as a nobleman.

I will be put to death tomorrow because you have wealth and power in various ways, but not enough to do what you should not have done.”

“Hwa, Princess! What do you mean death penalty We are still for the imperial family!”

“The couple must want to rip their mouths together.

I understand the heart of your wife who loves the Count, so I’ll do what you want.”

The Count’s wife was frightened and covered her mouth with her hands.

She drew her eyes and continued to talk.

“You can look forward to it.

I’ll kill you most painfully and slowly.”


“Didn’t you expect this to be the end Oh, that’s possible.

If I died, this would have been your world.”

“… anyway! The Princess will not be the Emperor! This is the law!”

The guard’s sword was pulled out and placed next to the wailing Duke’s neck.

The heavy sword shook her hands.

But she supported the sword with all her might.

How they say it, if that’s the problem, it’s enough to change it.

“Law, law…….

Then, it’s enough to change it from today.

Why do you think I can’t be the Emperor, unlike you, the enemy of the Imperial family”

“It’s no use crying! The Arpen Empire that came down from generation to generation! Argh!”

“Say more.

Because I’m looking forward to how long your big mouth will flutter.”

Her father had no other children.

Because he loved her mother, he silently endured public opinion and that of other nobles.

The concubine existed, but it was the same as none.

So she was the only one who had the blood of the Imperial family.

A legitimate heir and only lineage, no matter what anyone says.

“I am the Imperial Princess of this country.

Are you denying my blood Is it okay to understand that I didn’t inherit my father’s blood”


“Ask everyone.

Who am I Father, who am I”

She asked the nobles who gathered here loudly.

Everyone held their breath in her calm but honest voice.

“You are the only Princess Mary Anastasia of the Arpen Empire.

No matter what anyone says, you  are the legitimate heir to the imperial family and the only undeniable lineage.”

Carl bowed his head and knelt down and told her.

Her father’s eyes looked a little wet.

It was tears of relief that he was no longer worried.

“You are the only Princess Mary Anastasia of the Arpen Empire.”

“You’re a legitimate successor.”

Everyone bowed their heads to her and said.

It was only then that she folded her eyes and smiled beautifully, picking up the sword that aimed at the duke.

“Everyone says so.”

The Duke lowered his head with a puzzled look.

She put the sword on the floor and drew a smile of victory on her face toward them.

This is power.

She said she’d correct it, but no one can refute her.

If they did, they might sit in the seats of the family who were waiting for death.


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