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Selfish Mind (5)

“Ah… Arthur.”

When he heard his name, he lifted his face from her body and separated her.

He didn’t get drunk on her anymore.

“…Mary, don’t test my patience.”

“Then don’t hold it in.”

“Didn’t I say it I will no longer have a relationship without your heart.”

He turned his head as if he were stubborn.

After separating from her, he sat at the table and unwound his shirt in frustration.

She also sat on the bed and looked at him because she was slightly relaxed.

“Oh well, thanks to you.

I’m wide awake.”

“Then come here.

I’ll explain the documents I brought.”

Nodding at his words, she sat in a chair and looked at him.

Arthur opened the document and said.

“With this, it will be easy to manipulate them.”

At Arthur’s words, she carefully examined the documents.

At the same time as the main families were listed, it was written how they built up the family’s wealth and status.

They were concrete and accurate evidence.

It was less than 10 days.

“How did you find out so much information”

“Mary, don’t I also belong to one evil you speak of”

“Does that mean you’re also related to what they’re doing”

“I won’t deny it.”

He shrugged as if there was no reason to hide it.

As she read the contents written in the document, her face was distorted little by little.

It was disgusting to see with her eyes the dirty things they had done to get there.

‘There’s no way the Imperial family wouldn’t know this.’

The moment she thought of this, she thought of her father.

Maybe he knew, but condoned.

In order to solidify his throne, he needed the support of the aristocracy, and in order to do so, he might have to pretend not to know even though he knew their work……

“The Imperial power was not strong.”

“Mary, nothing in this world is eternal, without a price.”

Nothing lasts forever…… was right.

Her father did not even have a successor to succeed.

She was on a time limit to die, and no matter who she married, it was not the blood of the imperial family that is to inherit the throne.

So it would have been even more anxious.

“What are you going to do now”

“What am I going to do”

Arthur asked her.

Seeing that she was curious about his eyes, he seemed to look forward to her answer.

She was then and remained the same.

She has to get rid of things that interfere with her.

“They should all be crushed.”

She closed her eyes and smiled, collecting the documents and putting them in an envelope.

In her answer, Arthur had one corner of his mouth raised as if he had expected.

He nodded to her, asking her to talk at any time.

“Whatever you say will come true.”

“I can trust what you say.”

“Can’t you trust how I feel about you”

He came at her without missing a gap.

Despite his remarks, she laughed lightly, as if she had gotten used to it.

Since he gave her what she wanted, it would make sense if she told him what he wanted to hear, too.

“I think the feelings you have for me are also sincere.”

“That’s a relief.”

“So I trust you, I love you.”

If she believes it, it will look like that.

If this was love, it would be love.

It may not be the form of love he wants, but she needs him and she loves everything he has.

Above all, if she really believed so, she may be in love like him.

She hoped not, but she’s not confident because she can’t clearly define human emotions one way or another.

‘You can think about what happened then.’

She just didn’t refuse because he said she could use himself.

She didn’t want to miss the opportunity that rolled into her hands.

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

“I, too, look forward to our engagement.”

Arthur stood up from his seat with a smile and kissed her forehead.

She looked at him without smiling.

“It seems dangerous today, so I’ll sleep separately.”

“Are you avoiding it I won’t eat you up, so sleep with me.”

“Yes, I’m running away.

If I stay here with you, I might want to hold you in my arms like before.”

She couldn’t catch him anymore.

She turned her head away from the feeling reflected on his face.

It was like she was tormenting him.

Knowing other people’s feelings and moving freely between, she may be more of a villain.

There will be nothing more evil than trying to get what she wants by hurting and using those around her.

‘Come to think of it, he said nothing when he looked at the carpet.’

There’s no way he doesn’t know about the change in his room.

He didn’t ask her.

Since he came straight into the room without facing the maid, it was impossible to hear about the carpet.

Suddenly, goosebumps creeped up on the back of her neck and spread all over her body.

He couldn’t have not seen it.

It was next to the bed, so he could see it when he entered the door.

Why didn’t he ask her The maid had already gone to bed.


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