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Selfish Mind (4)

She didn’t take the medicine he gave her, but she didn’t feel the pain.

She was also watching that point strangely.

However, she couldn’t point it out because she saw the pain relieved after taking the medicine.

‘Why is there no pain even though I didn’t take medicine’

It wasn’t all better.

She could feel it.

That she was just fine for a moment.

Still, her body was in danger and unstable.

The pain felt from time to time was telling her.

‘It’s not that the medicine is ineffective.

But why am I okay even though I didn’t eat it’

As he said, after the three-day duration, she had to feel the fear of death with pain again.

But she was fine.

No, there was no pain that bothered her every day.

She felt her appetite returning little by little, and her body was also lighter.

It was night, but she didn’t sleep.

Looking out the window, she was watching when Arthur was coming.

As the clock passed midnight, she fell sleepy little by little.

She waited for him, trying hard to lift her eyelids that were getting heavy.

‘I guess you put little effort into it today.’

A little later, she could see the carriage he rode in.

What in the world did he do that he came into the castle only at dawn after sunset She sat on the bed looking out the window.

He, who seemed to enter the bedroom immediately, did not take long to come.

Somehow it felt strange, and as soon as she got up from her seat and opened the door, Arthur opened the door and faced her.

“I warned you not to go out at night.”

“I woke up while waiting for you.”

It was a visible lie.

He was fine, considering that she woke up from sleep.

Nevertheless, she shamelessly continued to talk.

“I felt like I heard a scream.”

She looked up at him.

She didn’t hear a scream today.

Of course, she couldn’t hear it from her room.

It was said that it was only a little heard on the side where Carl was, so this was also a lie.

Arthur looked at her and smiled, stroking her face.

He didn’t say anything else to her.

He just walked past her and went to the table and put down a pile of documents.

“I’m tired from a lot of work today, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Oh, I’m scared.

Am I hearing hallucinations”

He shook his body pretending not to know and wrapped his arms around his hands.

He bowed his head and approached him anxiously.

He bowed his head to Arthur’s back and closed his eyes still.

“The fear of death still doesn’t let me go, and you always make me nervous.”

“…Do I make you nervous”

“Grand Duke, you hide a lot from me.”

His hand, which was organizing the documents, stopped for a moment.

But it was Arthur who moved slowly and did his job.

She hugged him from behind and said in a trembling voice.

“So if you love me, get rid of this anxiety.”

“Mary, as long as you love me, that anxiety will go away.”

“… Is that really so”

What happens if she really falls in love with Arthur She was afraid.

Just in case she really fell in love with him, he was still questionable and unbelievable.

But she knew that her heart was moving little by little.

‘I may fall in love with him even if I don’t want to.’

When she was with him, she always thought like that.

Even if she refused and pushed him out, she became more and more interested in him, and every time she tried to find out with doubts, she had to be swept away by unknown emotions.

Maybe she’s being pulled in by him.

It was said that she was ahead of him and that she was secretly holding what Arthur wanted, but she felt like he knew everything.

“Mary, I’ve always told you.”

Arthur soon turned around and looked at her.

His eyes looking down at her shone dimly in the dark.

It’s like the eyes of that time.

When she saw his eyes swaying as if he were going to eat her at any moment, she felt dizzy, as if she would be sucked in.

“You just have to give me your heart, and you just have to love me as you are led.”


He exhaled his repressed hot breath and soon hugged her.

He bowed his head and said with his face on her shoulder.

“It’s a pain for me to be around you like this.”

“What does that mean”

“I want you to know how much I’m holding it in.”

Arthur’s breath touched her neck and tickled.

When her body flinched without realizing it, Arthur’s hands were tense, and soon his lips touched the back of her neck.

She thought he was breathing deeply, but soon his lips slowly drew near her collarbone and pressed against her neck.

As if his composure, which he tried to control, collapsed, he swept the back of her neck with a hot breath.


She was so nervous that she could hear her heart beating.

At the same time as his sudden action, his lips touching her were so hot that she moaned without realizing it.

He hugged her hard enough to crush her.

It looked precarious as if trying to endure it.


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