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Selfish Mind (3)

Carl left and the maid came in.

Seeing that she didn’t bring others, it’s clear that he’s a pretty smart kid.

She stayed still and watched what she was doing.

First of all, she came up to her and looked at her feet.

Her face was a little distorted when she saw the bottom of her feet stained with blood with glass everywhere.

She used to entrust treatment, but she was also wondering if it would be treated.

“I think it’s stuck more than I thought.

Will this be cured”

It would be the maid who was nervous.

It’s only her who can gloss over that she made a fuss when he comes, but this maid had to take responsibility for it.

She took something out of her arms and soon poured it on her feet.

Strangely enough, pieces of glass escaped and fell to the floor.


She was speechless.

The medicine that healed her hand right away was clear.

When she woke up after sleeping on a cut from a knife, it disappeared without a scar.

When the medicine that she thought only Arthur would know came from the maid, she became more suspicious.

A maid has this kind of medicine What is the secret she doesn’t know about this castle

“Where did you get the medicine”

“I’m sorry.

I can’t tell you.”

“Hmm, I don’t even know if I got a scratch like this.

I thought only the Grand Duke would have it.”

The maid’s hand trembled.

She calmly put her hand on and held the maids’ chin.

She carefully looked at her and tried to catch the change of emotion.

“I made a promise, so please keep silent about this medicine.”

“I guess it’s difficult when the Grand Duke finds out.”

“…I can’t tell you more.”

The maid has since closed her mouth.

She looked determined, as if he would no longer be drawn in.

It was a shame, but not that there was no harvest, so she decided to stop here.

Considering that she came in alone, it was clear that other maids received the same order.

“Let’s get along well.”

“Yes, Princess.”

Her mouth trembled.

She smiled and put her feet on the floor.

The pain she felt earlier slowly decreased.

“Oh, what’s your name”

She asked her name now.

This was the first time since she came here and asked a maid’s name.

Embarrassed by her question, she couldn’t keep a straight face.

Waiting for her answer, she tilted her head to the side.

“My name is Delia.”

“Yeah, Delia.

Can I ask you one more question”


He looked unhappy.

His eyes shook as if he were anxious.

The maids here always had a constant face as if they had no emotions.

However, Delia had lost her composure to the point where her expression showed to her.

She also understood that it was not normal for her to do so.

“If you’re scared like that, I’m sorry to ask.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Sometimes, I hear screams at night.

Do you know about the screams”

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about because I can’t hear it.”

As expected, she shook it off.

She expected her not to tell her right away, but she didn’t know she would answer right away.

She still fixed the corners of her mouth with a smile on her face.

“That’s weird.

I heard it again.”



What she chose this time was silence.

She asked again as she saw her still rolling the carpet.

“Then, do you know about the locked room at the end”

“I’ll bring you a new carpet.”

“Delia, you have to look at me when I talk.”

She got up from her seat and stood in front of the maid.


Her body trembled.

She bowed her upper body and made eye contact with her, drawing a brighter smile on her face.

“Otherwise, I might get angry again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Then I’ll change the question and ask.

You just have to answer yes or no.”

Delia’s lips are tightly closed.

As if she could no longer answer, Mary grabbed her chin with her hand and fixed it towards her.

“If it’s hard to answer, you can do this.

If it’s right, nod or shake for no.

That’s the only answer you can give.

You don’t have to open your mouth, so just move your face.

That’s easy, is it”

Delia’s gaze shook.

She asked, letting go of the hand that held her chin.

If she didn’t answer again this time, she couldn’t step down as she was.

That was the only maid she had in her hands here.

She never knew how it would change if the Grand Duke returned.

She had to get what she wanted to know before that.

“Let me ask you again.

What’s happening in the locked room”

When Delia’s head did not move, she stroked her cheek gently and approached her ear and whispered.

“Delia, you’re afraid of the Grand Duke.

But in front of you, I might do something worse.

So move your stiff head and give me the answer I want.”


“I’m not a very generous person.

As you know, I’m not in a position to take care of other people.

It’s simple.

All you have to do is move your head, right I won’t tell anyone.”

Delia’s eyes changed from fear to resignation and soon nodded slightly.

When she heard the answer she wanted, she put her hand on the maid’s shoulder and erased the murderous intent.

“Thank you.

See you later.

He’ll be suspicious when he finds out that the carpet has been changed, so tell him I asked you to take it out.”

“Yes, I see.”

“Oh, by the way.

Don’t let him know I didn’t take medicine.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Delia’s expression carrying out the carpet was disastrous.

But Mary didn’t mean to hurt her.

She was the only one who could tell her about this place, but from Delia’s own point of view, it would be a shame if she disappeared.


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