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A Man Called the Devil (11)

People are so pathetic.

It was easy to put things down when there was nothing, but now she doesn’t want to give up at all.

“I will make everything you think, see, remember, everything.”

“Isn’t it enough in your heart”

His eyes gave her goosebumps.

She really thought Arthur would do that.

He sometimes showed a strong obsession with her.

“Why didn’t you lock me up”

“Then you’d be like a living doll.”

Indeed, he answered quite seriously.

Perhaps he had thought of doing so.

Her forehead was narrowed without even realizing it.

“If I could do that, I would have already done that if you had just followed me.

If you hadn’t cut yourself with a knife to die on the first day, I might have already.”

She was speechless at Arthur’s words.

But the reason why she couldn’t ignore what he said was because she seemed to be a person who had to stay.

“…Did you find a way to live without the medicine”

“I haven’t found it yet.”

She needed Arthur continuously unless she found a way.

Only after taking his medicine did the pain disappear and her face became lively.

Suddenly, she thought of that.

Maybe he doesn’t let her know, even though he already knows.

“Arthur has already found a way.

Don’t you mean to not tell me”

She tried hard to hide her trembling voice and asked him.

“Can’t you trust me”

“Yes, I do.”

She confessed honestly.

What she believed was Arthur’s medicine, not him.

There were too many strange things about him to trust him.

Arthur, who she thought would be angry, smiled as if he were in a good mood.

“Then keep doubting and be wary.”


“So that you can think of me a little bit more.”

It was clear that he knew how.

There was a little time before the engagement ceremony.

She has been trying not to leave Arthur’s side.

He said he was looking for a way, but she couldn’t believe it.

Carl also tried to find out about the castle every night, but he failed repeatedly.

So she can’t help but be suspicious.

‘What the hell is he hiding’

She stared at Arthur, who was processing the documents.

He didn’t care about her gaze.

He was slow, but he still couldn’t stop handing over the documents.

It’s been a while since she came here.

Still, she was dying, and she had to endure through the medicine he gave her.

It’s fortunate that there’s no pain that’s been bothering her every day.

‘It doesn’t suit him whenever I see you working.’

She somehow didn’t like why he was so sincere, even though he was a villain.

She jumped up from her seat and tried to leave the office.

“…are you here”

Arthur hinted at her.

It’s already been two hours since she’s been like that.

She snorted and opened the door and came out.

As soon as she came out, she called in Carl and suggested that they walk together.

“It’s been a while since I walked like this.”

“Yes, but I’m glad that your body seems to have improved.”

On the surface, it was.

It’s just a life that lives in medicine.

“Have you looked around the castle”

“I’m trying again and again.”

“I can’t do anything about it.”

She thought she’d leave it to Carl and take care of other things first, but she thought there would be no end.

Maybe she can’t help it because he’s holding the key.

“Oh, but I think I heard one strange thing.”

“Strange thing Like what”

“I think it was a scream…… I didn’t hear it closely because it was a wind-breaking voice.”

Scream There was no screaming in this castle.

The maids also did not come out when they had time, and except for them, she was the only woman.

Still, he didn’t see silver hair, so Carl said nothing about it.

She kept feeling nauseous, and she was nervous.

It seems like she’s constantly missing something, but she can’t figure it out.

“Anything else besides that”

“The maids enter the room before dawn and leave the room after dawn.”

“Is it the same as falling asleep and waking up”

Carl nodded silently.

Can everyone fall asleep at once No, that was impossible.

Maybe someone is putting them to sleep on purpose.

Then you might think it’s weird, but there was no one to ask except for the maids.

In addition, they didn’t tell her anything as if they had promised.

“It’s no use looking at the castle.

I think you should stop doing this.”

“Can I do that”

“You said you heard the same sound as screaming, right”


He didn’t hear it.

He couldn’t sleep at night, but he couldn’t hear anything.

It was highly likely that other maids also heard what Carl heard.

“You don’t even know where you heard it from”

He nodded again this time.

As expected, he just heard the wind wrong….

“Are the banquet preparations going well”

“They are probably preparing quickly.

Above all, they seem to watch the families that the princess cares about.”

“Yeah, I hope that day comes soon.”

The garden was also beautifully decorated in the castle.

It didn’t go well with the atmosphere of the castle, but she felt like she was going to live because she was able to breathe like this.

Arthur hasn’t taken her downtown since that day.

She often left the castle, but she’s never seen him go out these days.

“I… I don’t want that day to come.”

Carl’s voice was full of emotions that could be known without having to say.

She was surprised by the sincerity that came out from time to time, but it wasn’t that she was okay with it.

“Whether or not that day comes, it’s the same for you and me.”

“I know.

I made a mistake.”

He apologized to her immediately without raising his head properly.

She knows.

He also knows that hiding emotions does not hide easily.

If she didn’t really care about Carl for a moment, she would have ignored this, too.

But she wasn’t in that position, so she just swallowed a bitter smile.

“Yes, I want you to be by my side.”

“I’ll be careful.”

She raised his hand and gently put it on Carl’s shoulder.

In order to deceive Arthur, even he has to be deceived.

And now it was time to deceive everyone.

To make them believe she is in love with Arthur, she has to show that her engagement with him is not false.

Again, people may dismiss it as just her whim.

There were too many people hoping so.

When she opened her eyes and looked around, there was no one on her side.

She envied Mary, but maybe she was alone, too.


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