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A Man Called the Devil (8)

“It’s fun.

They must have read the memorandum, but they still believe it’s manipulated, right”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“The prestige of the royal family is ridiculous, right They can’t believe what the Princess says.

My reputation is obvious without looking at it.”

Apparently, there is one more thing that needs to be sorted out.

They need to make the cheeky nobles kneel at their feet.

“If they want it that much, I should give it to them.

Carl, find out the opposing noble families.

The source of the rumor about me, too.

In addition, tell my father that I will take part in the banquet with Arthur.”

“Princess, then I must go to the Empire.”

It was natural.

In order to find out, he had to go where the rumors were floating, and there was a limit here.

She didn’t make him do it without knowing it.

She was a little anxious that Carl was not next to her right away, but she didn’t mean to ignore those who were making fun of her and keep silent.

She had to remind herself of what kind of evil woman everyone said she was and who is the only Princess in the country.

“So you have to take care of it quickly and come back.

Carl, you know.

That you are the only one I can trust.”

She got up from her seat and hugged Carl slightly and whispered.

“Come back for me.

I’ll be waiting.”

She slightly kissed Carl’s cheek, nodding slowly, and smiled.

Carl looked at her smile and kissed the back of her hand and left the room.

As she pounded the table and pondered, left the room and headed to Arthur.

It was easy to go to his room because she remembered the way after following the maid the other day.

She knocked on the familiar door and waited for it to open.

“I have something to discuss.”

“I was about to have dinner, so we can eat together.”

She didn’t mean to eat, but she followed him because she had something to say.

It was her first time to come here and eat with him because she ate in her room every time.

The place was too big for two people to eat.

It’s not as colorful as the Imperial Palace, but she thought the drawing room was also a perfect space.

‘It’s simple and nice.’

She really liked the appearance of nothing unnecessarily colorful and only what it needed.

Somehow, she thinks she has adapted too much to this place.

“I didn’t expect to eat together, so I don’t know if it would suit your taste.”

“It’s okay.”

That’s what she said, but everything that came out of here was perfect for her.

It may not be because it’s a sudden situation now, but now that her appetite is much better than before, she doesn’t know what to eat.

“I’ll tell them to prepare again.”

“It’s okay.

If it doesn’t suit your taste, you can eat it separately later.”

Soon after, food was placed on the table.

She moved it to a plate because she could see some things that suit her taste.

She didn’t visit him to eat, so she brought it up first.

“First of all, I sent Carl to the Empire for a while.”

“Is something wrong You sent the child you love so much.”

Ignoring his sarcastic tone, she smiled and put the food in her mouth.

It tasted good.

While savoring, she wiped her mouth with a napkin and looked at Arthur.

“You seem to be jealous, but it’s cute, so let’s move on.”

Arthur’s eyes turned fierce at what she said.

It would hurt his pride to say that he was jealous of the person he called a toy.

“I had to send it because I had something to do.

It’s a different matter to discuss.”

“Say it.”

“I think I should attend a banquet officially announcing our engagement.”

She looked at his expression still.

It was rather her who was embarrassed by his calm face.

She thought he would say no, but he didn’t say anything to her.


Let’s attend as soon as the date of the banquet is set.”

“Why don’t you say no”

“Why do you think it won’t work Don’t you think I wanted to be officially known”

Arthur glanced at the food on her plate for a moment, and then he added softly cooked mushrooms and wholesome vegetables to a new plate.

Soon after, he took her plate and put a plate full of vegetables instead.

She frowned at the vegetables piled up on the plate.

It was clear that he didn’t want to go.

He must be really a devil to bully people with food.

She let go of the fork from her hand because she lost her appetite.

Arthur, who was slightly raising one corner of his mouth while looking at her, said.

“You’re officially announcing that you’re mine, so there’s no way I’ll reject it.”

Rather, she lost what to say when she saw him talking as if he had been waiting.

Somehow, he seemed to be in a good mood.

It was her who brought it up, but she felt uncomfortable.

“No, you definitely look happy, but your actions are the opposite.”

It was clear that he didn’t like it.

As Arthur said, if it is officially announced, it would be like informing everyone, but the engagement could not be broken because she had already signed a contract.

As long as she didn’t die suddenly, as long as she didn’t get over her illness, it was valid.

Nevertheless, Arthur’s expression felt an unexpected joy.


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